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Dispatch from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
03-05-2013, 07:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2013, 09:17 PM by mexika.)
Dispatch from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
What you are about to read has happened before. When the drum beat of the war on terrorism started, the U.S.A regime wanted Mexico to be part of its terrorist acts that are now happening in the Middle East, Africa, and even Asia. MEXICO REFUSED to be part of such a parasitical behavior. Many so called Latin Americans understand, more so than U.S zombies, what exactly the Bush-Bug mother Fug'r Regime was asking. The Bush Criminal Family Syndicate was asking Mexico to be Partners as in "Pirate Partners" to loot the middle east, Africa, and Even Asia.

MEXICO REFUSED. Mexican Blood shed and at fault is not part of what Bush Nazi party offered. When Mexico Refused, there started happening strange events through out Mexico. One Incident was when two Mossad Demons from Israel, most likely in coalition with the the Dick Cheney and his chicken hawks, were found with semi-automatic weapons and grenades during a Mexican Congressional Session.

It was by no accident that these Israelite devils were about the commit terrorism on a sovereign nation as payback for refusing the sick mentalities of the bush family agendas. Bush also, and open and blatantly, said that if the French had been made examples of not joining "plan annihilate the Middle East, so would Mexicans be an example as well for refusing to join "the Pirate Team" of looting the middle east. Another Incident happened when some strange entity threw several grenades into a crowd of people who were community celebrating an event. Several people died and the Government Of Mexico was made aware of terrorism tactics being initiated by unforeseen forces.

The Government tried to Investigate, but no conspirator was ever found. Incidentally the two Mossad Israelite were set free after they had been found out, obviously they had a full political backing somewhere in the U.S.S.A and pressure from the terrorist state of Israel. Now, this incident has happened where some masked man created an incident that caused several youth causalities. This is most likely is a case to confiscate guns from the American People, especially those same guns that are sold worldwide to fanatics, drug dealers, and tyrannical leaders of which the U.SS.A has used deceitful tactics to take down sovereign nations. They not only sell to tyrants, but the other side of the fence, its a win win situation, both make a huge profit, institute puppets, and cause genocide of those the U.SS.A and Israel wish to exterminate.

What happens in Mexico, soon will find its way back to the U.SS.A, and now some are screaming that Dianne (F) Einstein (Jew or Zionist with Aipac), wishes to disarm all Citizens in California and the U.S and most likely is connected with what happened with the Youth Causalities in the name of profits and genocide. By he way, Sandy hook could have been another sacrifice...

The Fellowship of Reconciliation organized a delegation of pastors, students, activists and artists to Ciudad Juárez and El Paso from February 9 to 16. Here is one person’s report.

They drove in four SUVs on the single entrance into the neighborhood, a cold night, their faces hooded in black, then blocked off the street and stopped at a house with the lights on. Diego had given them an order to eliminate people they believed were rival drug sellers working on their turf.

Their weapons were semi-automatic, made for releasing many bullets in seconds, and at least three weapons had been purchased not long before at a gun shop in Arizona or Texas. Federal agents reportedly saw the guns purchased, but prosecutors in the state were reluctant to prosecute unless guns were witnessed crossing the border, and the agents lost track of them. In any case, the men were only a couple miles from El Paso, in a Juárez barrio called Villas de Salvárcar.

The gunmen entered the party, where some 50 teenagers from three different schools were gathered to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of the boys. They asked who the drug sellers were, but found none. Still, they opened fire, and 11 students died, as well as four adults who came when they heard the shots.

We met the women and men whose sons and daughters and husbands were murdered in January 2010, and who still feel their lives broken. More than that, their families were a community - they were connected, they watched over each other. Several of the students gathered at the party were avid team members of a local high school football team. Many were dedicated students.

So when President Felipe Calderón, speaking while in Japan, said the killings were a “settling of accounts between gangs,” the families were indignant. One of the women we met, Luz Maria Davila, mother of two boys killed that night, spoke up when Calderón visited Juárez after the massacre, challenging his statements and saying he wasn’t welcome.

The night after the massacre, in Mexico City, twitter activists called for a vigil, lighting candles each hour for each of the students and adults killed in Villas de Salvárcar. The massacre moved many people around the world, and led to an unusual, practically unprecedented action: government authorities conducted a forensic investigation of the weapons used. The finding that the guns were sold under the eyes of US agents was subsequently denied by the Mexican defense secretary - so victims and the world still do not know if US agents could have stopped the guns from crossing the bridge into Ciudad Juárez.

But what we do know is that 70% of guns recovered at crime scenes 1380 Sign at El Paso-Juárez bridge. Photos: Ryan Bellin Mexico in the last three years (2009-2011) and traced came from the United States. We know that firearms, which cannot be purchased legally in Mexico, have been used in a large number of the homicides that have taken some 100,000 lives in Mexico since 2006, more than 20,000 disappearances, and many other crimes.

We also know that assault weapons, AK-47s and AR-15s (the kind that Adam Lanza used in the December 2012 Sandy Hook massacre of 20 children and seven adults) are the kind most desired by organized crime in Mexico, in order to combat rival organizations and police, and to coerce ordinary people victimized by their weapons. These guns are bought freely and in numbers in the United States by any person without a felony record. The purchased weapons are easily transported over the border, which in many places has virtually no controls on commerce and people crossing from the US to Mexico. Some 50,000 AK-47s and AR-15s were recovered in Mexico from 2006 to 2010, more than half of the total firearms seized, according to a Woodrow Wilson Center study (pdf file).

Before the eruption of drug war violence in Juárez, before the 2004 lapsing of the previous assault weapons ban, Ciudad Juárez was a focus of indignation because of the killing of hundreds of mostly younger women, murders that were never solved. Some respond to the attention to the hundreds of feminicides in Ciudad Juarez by saying, “The men who are killed also matter.”

Similarly, while we respond with outrage and action to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre in December which has received focused response, we say, “Mexicans also matter.”

This is why we support legislation to strengthen US gun laws, including the proposed ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein. We urge you to support it also.

1381 Father Oscar Enriquez, one of many brave people we met Ciudad JuárezAfter meeting with a wide variety of Mexican families, children, police, activists, politicians, journalists, widows, priests, lawyers, ranchers, academics, recovering addicts, youth, artists - we are compelled to value their lives. We see the same devaluation of Mexican life that is expressed in the punitive enforcement and use of force against immigrants as in the rationalizations for a gun industry that is feeding the nearly genocidal organized crime in Mexico, an attitude that Mexican citizens don’t matter, deserve less than US citizens.

A correlate of this devaluation is the idea that persons breaking a law can be treated in any manner, even murdered with impunity. This is a death squad approach to law-breaking. For both laws that are just as well as laws that need revision, we reject it. Instead, we urge our communities and elected officials and appointed law enforcers to consider the needs of people for health, education, housing, work, and justice as the basis for policy and for individuals’ actions.

Dispatch from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

John Lindsay-Poland

Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 9:21am
Dispatch from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

By John Lindsay-Poland
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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