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Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?
02-12-2009, 12:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-12-2009, 12:10 PM by nietzscheansuperman.)
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?

A couple of guys on another forum are going at it over this orgone stuff, personally it has always sounded a little whacky to me so I never gave it much thought, but these guys are both ECG technicians, the conversation has just started but it could get interesting, here is a link to the thread

I did a search for information on it on this forum and surprisingly turned up next to nothing, If anyone is in a position to contribute any information it would be much appreciated, however only solid scientific research would be considered valid as they are a very skeptical bunch over there,

02-21-2009, 01:30 PM,
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?
I doubt it
02-21-2009, 04:38 PM,
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?

I'm still waiting on evidence it actually exists. LOL
02-22-2009, 11:41 AM,
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?
Quote:I did a search for information on it on this forum and surprisingly turned up next to nothing

but you must have heard of Wilhelm Reich.

Alright, the simplest explanation goes like this: you have a layer with organic material (like sheep wool), and a layer of anorganic material (like steel wool), a layer of organic, anorganic, etc. About 5-10 layers. With this you build a body to put the food into, a bigger body to sit in, etc. That's it. What is collected, if it is orgone, chi, prana, I don't know, I quit using names for invisible things.

The website looks like, I'm afraid to say, shit. Since when is fiberglass organic? Absolute nonsense! And there are many other things that are not proven.

Simply read some texts from Reich and build your own orgone-accumulator. Personally I find that it is not necessary to build such things, but I recommend to use at least one wollen cloth when you are wearing synthetic fabrics.
I am my savior
02-24-2009, 04:38 AM,
Orgone - Any Evidence That It works?
does it work,
I sure do not know, but I find this interesting -

Quote:How does Orgone help? By sucking in the DOR field into the Orgone unit and pumping out a healthy Orgone energy dispersing the HAARP grid within a few miles. There are claims by Carol Croft that a Chembuster / CloudBuster that clear a 50 mile radius, I am a little more conservative in these estimates. The Chembuster / CloudBuster is essentially a radionic machine, it will amplify thought-forms, it is a magical weapon in the fight against the New World Order.
Ron Paul has recently stated that there is a plan to create a Global Government with a single worldwide currency. The end goal is to place a chip in every person that can be controlled by satellite in conjunction with the HAARP project. The technology is getting to the point where dissidents will be killed by a projected beam from a satellite. Human thoughts run at 350 hz-400hz according to Preston Nichols of the Montauk project.

You can pump in thought forms on those carrier frequencies to influence an individual or steer a population to a desired outcome. Stay silent, pay your taxes and rat on your neighbor, oh yea just die when we tell you. The good news is Orgone will break up the HAARP grid and allow positive influences into your life. Buying a Chembuster is not only helping yourself it is also helping your neighbor and Humanity as a whole.

Why do I find it interesting ?
Because when you look at the plans of building these devices, they are basically just a big old speakerless crystal receiver/radio.
Hmmm I wonder if they could help you to get the subliminal messages, instead of helping you to avoid them.
&Alice laughed, &There's no use trying,& she said: &one can't believe impossible things.& &I daresay you haven't had much practice,& said the Queen. &When I was your age I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.&
- Lewis Carroll

&Things are seldom as they seem ... Skim milk masquerades as cream.&
- Gilbert and Sullivan (Pinafore)

At NASA, it really is rocket science, and the decision makers really are rocket scientists.
But a body of research that is getting more and more attention points to the ways that smart people working collectively can be dumber than the sum of their parts. .. Irwin Janis? &Groupthink:& is a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity override realistic appraisals ? It is the triumph of concurrence over good sense, and authority over expertise.&
-John Schwartz & Matthew L. Wade

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