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02-13-2009, 04:45 PM,

Updated: 02/13/09 10:06 AM
By Phil Fairbanks, Brian Meyer and Charity Vogel
News Staff Reporters
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A commuter airplane carrying 49 people into Buffalo crashed into a home in Clarence Center shortly after 10:15 p.m., bursting into flames and casting a sickly glow into the air that could be seen for miles.

Everyone on board Continental Connection Flight 3407 died in the crash. One man inside the home was also killed.

The death toll included "many" Buffalo-area residents, officials confirmed early today morning. Names of the passengers were not being released immediately.

National airplane safety officials were on their way from Washington to the region.

So was Gov. David Paterson, who planned to travel to the crash site for a first-hand view of the smoldering wreckage, sources said.

The 50 dead included four on-duty crew members on the Continental plane, one off-duty crew member, and 44 passengers.

Click here for video

Listen to the last radio transmission from the plane, call sign Colgan 3407.

Click here for a photo gallery

Audio of the 4 a.m. news conference


Among the crash victims was Beverly Eckert, the widow of Sean Rooney, who was killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Eckert was traveling to Buffalo for a family celebration of what would have been her husband's 58th birthday.

Family members and friends identified two people believed to be on the plane as Ellyce Kausner, a graduate of Clarence High School and Canisius College, and Maddy Loftus, a Buffalo State College graduate who lives in New Jersey.

The crew members were identified as Capt. Marvin Renslow, pilot of the plane; Rebecca Shaw, first officer of the flight; and flight attendants Matilda Quintero and Donna Prisco.

Another employee of the airline, Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto, a Jamestown resident who was off-duty at the time, was also killed.

The fiery crash — which stunned onlookers by its intensity and heat — is the nation's deadliest airline crash since 2001.

Family members and close friends who were at the airport or arrived from out of town were taken to the Cheektowaga Senior Citizen Center early this morning.

"We're trying to do everything we can for these people," Cheektowaga Police Capt. John Glascott said. "Right now they're grieving."

Friends said Loftus was heading here for a weekend reunion of Buffalo State women's hockey players. One friend said she may have been flying with other young women heading here for the same reunion.

"You never think this is going to happen to you," Kausner's aunt, Susan Leckey, also from Clarence, said at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. "It always happens to somebody else, and you see it on TV."

Kausner's family lives roughly a quarter-mile from the crash site.

Eyewitness accounts of the crash aftermath

There was little communication between the plane, Flight 3407, and the tower before the crash, according to Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority spokesman C. Douglas Hartmayer. Crew members aboard the flight from Newark Airport had not reported mechanical problems as they approached Buffalo.

"I was told by the tower the plane simply dropped off the radar screen," Hartmayer said.

The crash occurred at 6038 Long St., not far from the Clarence Center Fire Hall on Clarence Center Road. Three people were in the home at the time of the crash — including one man who was killed.

About 12 other nearby homes were evacuated. Several sustained fire damage, and witnesses reported that the acrid smell of burning fuel permeated the crash scene.

"We had a significant amount of fuel left in the aircraft," said Dave Bissonette, emergency coordinator for the Town of Clarence. "It was a hazmat situation."

"Unfortunately, there was a town resident in one home that perished, and two people escaped from that home with minor injuries," County Executive Chris Collins said.

Erie County voting records list Douglas C. Wielinski, 61, as the only adult male at that residence. Authorities at mid-morning said they weren't absolutely certain that he was the one resident killed.

The two who escaped, Karen Wielinski, 57, and her daughter, Jill, 22, were taken to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, where Kaleida Health officials said they were in stable condition in the emergency room.

"They confirmed they were in the house when the plane hit," Kaleida communications chief Michael P. Hughes said.

Two volunteer firefighters also were being treated at Millard Fillmore Suburban, with injuries not believed to be serious.

"The site right now is too hot for anyone to start the investigation," Collins said during a 4 a.m. news conference.

At 3:15 a.m., the wreckage continued to smolder. Several parts of the site were burning hot and dangerous.

Goodrich Road resident Tony Tatro, 35, was driving east on nearby Clarence Center Road just before the crash. He saw the plane, just above him, heading north, which seemed to be in the opposite direction it should have been heading.

"It was [flying] nose down, hardly above the treetops, and its left wing was tilted slightly down," Tatro said. "I did not see any landing gear. I saw the underbelly of the plane fairly well. There was nothing burning on the plane and no physical damage. Nothing seemed wrong, except it was on a bad path."

The sound of the plane was labored and unusually loud just before the crash, some witnesses said.

Tatro didn't see the crash, but he had no trouble hearing it, even with his car windows closed.

He immediately feared the worst — that no one would survive such a deep impact and fiery inferno.

"No chance," Tatro replied. "It was a bad, bad impact. It was hot, and the explosion was massive. I couldn't see anyone surviving it."

Chris Kausner, of Clarence, whose sister Ellyce was aboard the flight, said that after he heard about the crash, he called another sister who had gone to pick her up at the airport to see if her plane had landed.

"She said that they told them the plane had landed and was taxiing, but that was not the case," he said.

Kausner said Ellyce was a law student at Florida Coastal University in Jacksonville and was coming home to visit.

A nurse at Erie County Medical Center said the hospital's second shift had been ordered to stay late, in order to treat survivors. They were finally sent home, at midnight, when the bodies didn't come in.

Once the investigation begins on the ground in Clarence, Lorenda Ward will serve as chief investigator.

While the agency's investigations usually take months to complete, the agency said it would hold a news conference to discuss the accident in the Buffalo area today.

Clarence resident Kathleen Dworak lives about a quarter mile from the crash scene. Her home is beneath an airplane flight path, so she said she's accustomed to hearing planes all the time. But the noise she heard Thursday night was quite different.

"It sounded like an airplane sputtering. It was a totally different sound," she said.

A short time later, she went outside and saw nearby trees lit up.

"There were flames 50 to 100 feet high. It was just a massive ball of fire. And you couldn't even tell there was a plane on the ground," she said.

Dworak added that it's amazing the plane didn't do damage to more homes. Emergency services officials say the one home at 6038 Long St. was destroyed, and only one other nearby home sustained some damage.

David Luce, who lives with his wife Mary Jane about 150 yards from the crash scene on Goodrich Road, said he wasn't surprised to learn that there were so many deaths.

"I can't imagine that anyone survived it," he said. "If you heard that explosion, and you saw how fast the whole area was on fire, it was pretty clear that it was jet fuel burning.

"I would guess that everything disintegrated on impact," he added.

Just before the crash, Luce heard the plane and noticed that it sounded a little funny.

"It sounded quite loud, and then the sound stopped," Luce said. "Then one or two seconds later, there was a thunderous explosion. I thought something hit our house. It shook our whole house."

"There was the initial boom, and then these cannon shots … these loud secondary explosions, and they went on for about 10 minutes."

Within 5 to 10 seconds, Luce said, he saw flames 40 or 50 feet high.

One or two minutes after the crash, Luce had walked to a spot that gave him a clearer view of the scene. "The house was already flattened. There was no house, just a pile of rubble and still burning."

His wife Mary Jane Luce said, "There was just a big ball of fire." She said that after she realized how terrible the crash was, her thoughts flew to the families and friends of the victims.

According to the Luces, their tenant saw the plane coming down at a strange angle. The tenants went to call 911, but by that time the crash had already occurred.

David Luce said he heard screams following the crash, but he doesn't know whether they came from injured people or from neighbors.

Almost two hours after the crash, Luce said he still saw flames shooting from the crash site, but they were not as high as before.

Buffalo News Staff Photographer Harry Scull Jr., who lives in Clarence, said he heard a fire alarm at 10:20 p.m.

"Thirty seconds later, the phone rang, and I knew it was something big," he said. "It was my neighbor. He said a plane hit a house, look out your window. I'm two miles from there, and it was a ball of fire."

Scull said he went to Long Street to take pictures and found a chaotic scene as firefighters attempted to run hoses to fight the flames.

02-13-2009, 10:20 PM,
Quote:"It sounded quite loud, and then the sound stopped," Luce said. "Then one or two seconds later, there was a thunderous explosion. I thought something hit our house. It shook our whole house."

"There was the initial boom, and then these cannon shots … these loud secondary explosions, and they went on for about 10 minutes."

Hmmm. Not usual for a plane crash. It will be interesting to see if there were any reports of natural gas being ignited for the additional explosions. Still, it seems that for that many explosions there would be something other than the kerosene jet fuel and possibly natural gas from the house.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
02-14-2009, 05:34 AM,
Quote:So was Gov. David Paterson, who planned to travel to the crash site for a first-hand view of the smoldering wreckage, sources said.
This doesn't really seem neccessary. All I can see is SNL's latest parady of Paterson wandering lost around some smoldering wreckage.
02-26-2009, 03:26 AM,
Flight 3407--The Hijack Scenario

So far no cause has been determined for the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 outside Buffalo, NY on 2--12-09. Though heavy initial speculation has focused almost exclusively on ice buildup as the problem:
"So many ‘experts’ have been put before the American people in just the first day that it is now the accepted wisdom that ice was indeed the cause making all other evidence to the contrary suspect in these poor people's minds."

Though it is clear that the plane was flying normally one minute and then pitching wildly in the sky the next:,7212539.story
"It was instantaneous," Chealander said. "All of the sudden they had a handful [of problems] and then down it came."

It is also clear that the FBI was heavily involved in the recovery efforts, though their official purpose there were as crime investigators:
“We’re conducting a medical and legal investigation; the NTSB is conducting the mechanical investigation, and law enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation,” (County Health Commissioner Dr. Anthony J.)Billittier said.

The FBI is tasked as the lead investigative agency for crimes aboard aircraft in flight, especially in cases of air piracy--aka 'skyjacking.' So let us now look at hijacking as a possible source of the plane crash.

What is the evidence for such? Almost none. However, there is almost no evidence that icing was the cause either. We do know that whatever happened was sudden and catastrophic, which would logically lead away from the 'icing' hypothesis, as one would expect icing to be a slower, more gradual buildup of problems on the plane had it been the cause. Most tellingly, the investigators have not released the cockpit voice recorder(CVR) for the last 30 seconds of flight, the time when the plane began to experience problems to when it hit the ground. What better evidence than the voices of those best positioned to have an informed position to tell us what went wrong--the flight crew in the cockpit?

How about the motive? If this had been an attempted hijacking, what would have been the motive? Have the plane fly to Cuba? No. Hold the passengers for ransom? Unlikely. Have the plane crash into the ground in a politically motivated suicide attack? Possibly, but why not do as the 9/11 attackers did--fly the plane into a high value target on the ground to achieve a greater political impact?

Though at this point a skeptic might ask: why not hijack the plane early and attack another target in Manhattan? Newark airport is right across the Hudson from New York City, after all. To this I can only say it would have looked terribly odd to the American people if yet another administration had to deal with an attack on our nation's financial capital early into the new president's term. Two new wars, restrictions on our liberties at home, just to have the terrorists do it all over again in the same place? No, that could have backfired disastrously, not to mention the effect on a stock market already tottering. So a smaller target had to be chosen, with a smaller airplane, in a smaller city. So what high value targets exist in the Buffalo area?

An Indian(south asian) newsite had this interesting tidbit:
-- Authorities said that the Continental Airlines Flight 3407, operated by Manassas, Virginia-based Colgan Air, was heading towards the Niagara Falls

Did they mean Niagara Falls International Airport--another large airport near BNIA(Buffalo Niagara International Airport)? Or did they perhaps mean THE Niagara Falls?

At this point Hollywood might offer up a clue. Two action adventure movies, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" from 1996 and the more obscure "Extreme Limits" from 2001, involve the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge, connecting Niagara Falls, USA to Niagara Falls, Canada, as a finale. This international crossing is just downstream and within visual sight of the falls. 1996
She(the protagonists played by actress Geena Davis) discovers that her former boss at the CIA has allied with a psychotic ops specialist named Timothy in a false flag plot to detonate a chemical bomb in downtown Niagara Falls, NY to blame muslim terrorists for the crime and thus secure more funding.
"Character development along the way consists of lots of stick figure CIA agents and bad guys working together to screw the taxpayers out of their money. Of course, the President has dirty hands too."
--the film "Extreme Limits" (released on 8-14-01) also features a plane crash scene and the transport of a new top secrect weapon of mass destruction.

Of course, it is unlikely the conspirators would have trusted the 'hijackers' to actually carry out the job. More likely the plane would have been taken over by some technological, remote-control means and then vectored to its intended target. It would have been enough to have a couple of people on the passenger list who 'fit the profile' perhaps aided by planted evidence to be 'discovered' after the fact in their domiciles, cars, or on the net. It is known that one passenger was an ex-member of the infamous South Lebanon Army, and a final passenger remains unidentified. Perhaps he had an even more interesting background.

Or maybe the 'hijackers' were not even on the passenger manifest, ala 9/11.
From a plot synopsis of the "Extreme Limits" movie:
"As the group boards the plane, four suspicious looking men bribe the guards at the security gate, and are allowed on the flight."

The Indian website had this curious note early on:
--At least three Indians(muslims?) are feared to have been killed in an airline crash late on Thursday outside Buffalo, New York, early reports said. [Note: no victims with Indian-sounding names have been identified.]

Could this have been the reason authorities were initially hesitant to keep a victim count going as the recovery proceeded:
Authorities had recovered 15 bodies as of Saturday night, but Billittier announced Sunday that numbers of recovered bodies will no longer be released "out of respect for the families."
"Okay, 15 bodies were recovered. They won't say how many more are recovered. Anyone else suddenly wondering how many people were REALLY on that plane?"

And the fact that the plane was already so close to the bridge(about 20 miles away) would have prevented the air defenses from being activated in time. And maybe the 'pitching and rolling' of the aircraft was also pre-engineered into the scenario, to simulate a fight over control of the cockpit. No more pesky questions about NORAD's failure to respond, no wondering how the perps were able to overwhelm the crew(the fact that the co-pilot was a youngish female probably didn't hurt).

IF my hypothesis is true, then imagine how this would have advanced the agenda of the neo-cons:

--Renewed justification for the AfPak 'surge' and the killing of innocents in missile strikes. The reasoning being, 'if they kill our innocents, we can kill theirs.'

--Turning two thorns in the side of the administration--the Jersey Girl and the genocide expert--into martyrs in the fight against terrorism.

--Bye, bye to "Buy America." The rebuilding of the bridge would have obviously required lots of steel, and just as obviously we would have to share the contract with the Canadians.
Obama to visit Ottawa on 2-19-09
"In Canada's capital, Ottawa, (Obama) said global challenges, including security, required a global response. ....
Mr Obama also assured his country's biggest trade partner that he would not pursue protectionist policies. ...."Now is a time where we have to be very careful about any signals of protectionism," Mr Obama said...
As America's biggest trade partner, Canada is worried about the "Buy American" measures in Mr. Obama's stimulus plan. Under the provision, public works funded by the package should use only iron, steel and other goods made in the US......

Also look at the symbolic value of the target. Niagara Falls is America's traditional honeymoon destination. A terrorist attack there would have signified that "the honeymoon is over" between the Obama administration and the American people.
02-10-2010, 08:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-10-2010, 08:53 AM by starviego.)
Investigators have concluded that the crash was solely due to pilot error, and that the plane had no mechanical problems. Does this sound like pilot error to you?

NTSB Dockets, File 431227--witness statements

pg2 of 131
Vicki Braun
...plane engine had ''echo sound'' then sounded like the engine stopped then heard a ''boom.''

pg6 of 131
Shannon Alessandra
Just prior to the airplane crashing, the engines made a ''weird sound.''

pg7 of 131
Jean Andreassen
Andreassen stated that she heard strange noises from the engines

pg8 of 131
Kristen and Aaron Archambeault
They both described the engine noise as ''sputtering''

pg11 of 131
Michele Beiter
Michele stated the noise 'skipped' and she was relieved it stopped, and then it started again. Michel is positive there was a skip. Michele further described everthing she heard as, 'Noise, skip, noise, loud noise.'

pg13 of 131
Robert Bijak
The engines sounded like a metallic rattle and reminded Bijak of a car engine with no oil in it.

pg14 of 131
Tin Bojarski
The plane did not sound right and sort of sounded like a car with a broken muffler.

pg17 of 131
Ronald Braunscheidel
...he heard a very loud spitting and sputtering sound of a plane engine flying overhead. Braunscheidel described the noise as a car without a muffler.

pg 18 of 131
Sharon Brennan
Brennan believed the plane was maybe in trouble based on the noise.

pg28 of 131
Dan Cizdziel
...heard a sputtering, binging noise....

pg42 of 131
Doug Errick
Errick indicated that as the plane got closer the engines became very rough. Errick thought the engines were coming on and off, almost like engines were trying to come back on, but couldn't remain running. Errick thought the engines were changing RPMs rapidly.

pg49 of 131
Mary Grefrath
Grefrath recalled that the engine sounded like it was spuddering.

pg66 of 131
Jean Larocque
Larocque... stated he heard sputtering plane... Larocque reported that the engines were not making a uniform sound.

pg 77 of 131
Molly Merlo
...she heard the airplane make a ''gurgling'' sound.

pg81 of 131
Marianne Neri
The engine noise did not sound like a normal plane, but more like a helicopter. It was obvious something was wrong with the engines.

pg85 of 131
Angela Pillo
The sound was very loud and ''rough,'' as if the engine was having trouble. The sound was further described as sounding like a ''lawn mower''

pg91 of 131
Lisa Rott
....she heard a consistent low grumbling sound that she believed to be a propeller plane. Rott advised that the sound the plane's engines was not smooth and did not sound like other propeller planes that she has heard in the past.

pg96 of 131
Kenneth Smith
...heard a big bang then continued to hear the sound of airplane engines.

pg89 of 131
Joseph Summers
...heard a plane which was very low and didn't sound normal. Mr. Summers cited a ''rambling noise'' which sounded as if an engine was not running properly.

pg101 of 131
Rick Telfair
Telfair stated he then heard a winding or grinding noise, then a screeching or grinding noise and approximately 20-30 seconds later heard a large boom... Telfair further described the noise of the engine as fighting, almost as though they were trying to go faster but couldn't, not accelerating but distressed.

pg 102 of 131
Denise Trabucco
Trabucco described the sound as a humming, similar to a transformer prior to it blowing. Aafter the humming, Trabucco heard a popping sound. ... About a minute after the humming and popping sound, Trabucco and her family felt a vibration that felt a little like an earthquake.

pg105 of 131
Lorraine Unverzart
The airplane engines made a ''chugging'' sound, similar to a ''spark plug misfiring.''

pg106 of 131
Louis Vitello
...he heard the plane engines sputtering as it approached, and then heard a ''popping sound.'' Immediately after that Mr. Vitello heard ''grinding'' noised, stating that the noises reminded him of gears grinding together, sounding like the gears were missing teeth.

pg124 of 131
David Wolf
...the engines were making an unusual ''shuttering'' sound

pg126 of 131
Melissa Wols
She stated she heard the plane.... grinding and sputtering as it approached and passed over his residence. Wols advised it sounded similar to what grinding metal would sound like.

pg129 of 131
Rita Zirnheld
It ''sounded like sputtering'' and ''engine was coughing.''

pg130 of 131
Barbara Garrett
She said the plane engine was making loud noises, as though metal was banging and clattering.

02-14-2010, 07:16 PM,
02-15-2010, 12:26 AM,
More evidence of engine problems before the plane crashed?

File ID 417219 from the NTSB Dockets, ''Powerplant Group field notes,'' does seem to indicate that the left prop may have thrown three 'counterweight' assemblies right before the crash, which may have caused some of the shaft bearings to disintegrate(or vise versa). Remember a few of the ear-witnesses heard a sound like metal grinding on metal.

No 1 engine-

-Three of the six counterweights remained attached to their respective propeller blade outer sleeve, while the other three had become separated and were not recovered by the Powerplant Group.

The No.15 roller bearing, located on the aft side of the bull gear, was present and the cage was fractured with two(2) of the roller elements missing. ...the No.19 roller bearing rolling elements were visible and one(1) roller was missing. ....The No.2.5 roller bearing cage was still attached to the front of the LP shaft. The cage appeared intact but all the roller elements were missing.

The outer diameter of the PT(power turbine) shaft exhibited circumferential rub mark(s) from the fractured end to almost the shoulder where the shaft diameter changes.

The three(3) blade positions sequentially around about the top(as the propellor was situated on the ground) had complete sets of counterweight assemblies(counter weight arm, counterweight, and rear collar) still attached, while the three(3) blade positions that were buried in the ground were missing their complete counterweight assembly.

File ID 431227
pg4of131, Maha Abdallah
Before the plane impacted the ground, Abdallah noticed sparks coming from the plane.

It should be noted that none of the aforementioned damage was reported for the No.2 engine.

They said they never found the missing counterweights. Maybe they should have looked harder--

pg27of131, Mary Cimato
The Cimato's also pointed out three large holes in a pond located behind their house... ... The previous day the entire pond was frozen over, and the morning after the crash they observed holes in the ice.
02-15-2010, 03:02 AM,
It'd be useful if only we had a member here who used to design jet engines to be able to comment.
02-15-2010, 07:09 PM,
A few thought the plane was on fire as it went down--

pg9of131, Stanley Barnas
...he saw a bright orange flash out of the living room window. ...Barnas is 100percent certain that he saw the bright orange flash before the crash.

pg15of131, Cindy Borgosz
...saw a bright orange glow through the west window.... the orange glow was not flickering. ....the orange glow diminished, then there was a large boom and an orange 'mushroom clould.''

pg22of131, Patricial Burns
...noticed flames coming from the rear of the aircraft..

pg96of131, Kaitlin Smith
...she saw a red/orange light in the sky.... after the flash, the sky darkened and then she heard a big bang.


Also of interest is a text message Capt Renslow sent back to dispatch very late into the flight, probably at some point in the descent.

NTSB Dockets File ID 417472

ACARS Report, pg2of3
AIRCRAFT COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSING AND REPORTING SYSTEM, is mostly a transport network, used to pass short messages back and forth between aircraft and ground facilities. Typically this is the dispatch office of an airline.

A message to ACARS, very late in the flight, is described as


Did this mean the pilot was asking advice on a problem with the aircraft as he was descending?

(this message was transmitted 1 hour, 21 minutes after take-off, though the flight only lasted an hour, according to the Flight Data Recorder)


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