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The double standard for the holiday season
12-10-2012, 02:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-10-2012, 03:03 PM by sitra11ahra.)
The double standard for the holiday season
I havnt posted on here in a while but since I couldnt think of anyplace else to share this I figured here would be as good of place as any. This is a short essay I wrote about why you see menorahs in public places during christmas time but yet no nativity scenes. enjoy.

Well for 2 Christmases now Ive been observing the holiday decorations with somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. All around me I see the same things; christmas lights, decorated trees, reeves, images of santa, and of course menorahs. The thing that struck me as odd was that while all the chirstmas decorations are secular in nature having nothing to do with the birth of jesus or christianity (except for maybe the tree that has its roots in the protestant reformation. I think) - the minorahs seem to directly correlate with judaism. In fact, the menorah is a traditional symbol of judaism just as much as the star of david. According to the torah the first use of the menorah was not to celebrate honakkuh, but instead used in the set up of the tabernacle. And while the hanukkah menorah is 9 pronged and the temple menorah only 7 that still doesnt make the hanukkah minorah a secular object by any means.
But anyways, seeing this made me think to myself, "this must be a mistake. I thought we werent allowed to have anything that correlated with religion in public places." I went home and looked it up and found that there was an actual court ruling on this very issue(1). The Basic summary of what happened is that a lawsuit was filed in Pittsburgh by a chapter of the aclu in the district court to have the nativity scene and menorah that was set up by the county court house removed. Interestingly enough, however, a chasidic group known as chabad was allowed to intervene on behalf of the menorah. The depiction of baby jesus, however, had no special interest intervene on it's behalf. The district court ended up ruling that both the menorah and nativity scene were perfectly fine and that they wouldn’t be moved. As you could have guessed the aclu filed to have the case turned over to the supreme court. What you may not have guessed is that CHABAD also filed with the aclu to have it seen before the supreme court. To be clear on what this means I will explain. The district ruling was in favor of BOTH the menorah and the nativity scene staying up so as a result chabad won with that ruling because the menorah wasn’t going anywhere, but that wasn’t enough for them because as you can see they still filed with the aclu to have the case seen before the supreme court so that the nativity scene could be ruled as unconstitutional which it ultimately was. The ruling decided that instead of nativity scenes - Christmas trees and images of santa could be put up during the holiday season, but the menorahs could stay up unchanged. Their reasoning for this was that both the menorah and Christmas tree didn’t correlate with any religious concept directly and were therefore regarded as secular by nature. The funny thing is the group chabad’s whole purpose is to infuse jewish teachings with modern society as well as usher in the jewish messiah. If you know anything about the torah then you know that in order for the messiah to come some very specific things need to occur first - such as all jews need to be living in israel as well as ALL NATIONS AND PEOPLES MUST EMBRACE THE TORAH!!! Why was a group with a confessed purpose of spreading the word of Judaism allowed to intervene on the behalf of the menorah in first place?? Why do you think that even after they won they still went on to have the nativity scene taken down?? Especially since the whole point of separation of church and state is to make sure that no one dogma is being pushed on a people or approved of over another.
It should also be taken into account that hanukkah itself can be celebrated between November and December, but for some reason we only see menorahs at Christmas time, seems a little passive aggressive doesn’t it? Also hannukah isn’t nearly as holy of a holiday as say yom kippur or roshashana, but you never see jewish decorations out during this time period, do you? The double standard my friends is fucking disgusting.

whenever there is a truly intelligent man a confederacy of dunces will conspire against him

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