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Chemtrails on Mars or Mars Rover in Nevada?
11-25-2012, 03:25 PM,
Chemtrails on Mars or Mars Rover in Nevada?
Chemtrails On Mars? Or what do the cloud stripes on the Curiosity pictures mean?

English version:

German Version:
11-27-2012, 09:54 PM,
RE: Chemtrails on Mars or Mars Rover in Nevada?
Very interesting! What is more likely, that there is a secret terraforming project underway on Mars, or that the shots are fake and are being taken on Earth in Mars-like location?

Something smells. IMO its the latter and these shots are NASA fakes taken in Nevada or Utah or similar... Does this mean that there really is no rover on Mars at all?

Personally I'd like to hear of any more evidence or rumors that TPTB have already started Geo-engineering Mars to make it inhabitable for humans. That would be pretty incredible! That NASA is faking press photos is pretty par for the course and a little ho-hum, to me. This was a great find nonetheless and I hope it picks up enough coverage that NASA is forced to explain away the chemtrails in the "Martian" sky.

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