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GMO Ticking Time Bomb
10-05-2012, 12:30 PM,
GMO Ticking Time Bomb
GMO Ticking Time Bomb

The first in an upcoming series of mini-documentary videos about GMOs, this Gary Null production delves into the reality of GMO health risks. Gary Null calls it a "GMO ticking time bomb."

This video reveals some of the health problems caused by GMOs, including infertility, accelerated aging, organ damage, immune malfunction and more.

Uploaded by with permission from Gary Null.

Senior Executive Producer, Writer, Director: Gary Null
Executive Producer / Co-Director: Richard Polonetsky
Producers: Paola Bossola, Richard Gale
Editors: Patrick Thompson, Richie Williamson
Camera Operators: L.A. Jones, Tarun Mathur, Greg Russ, Valerie Van Cleve, Richie Williamson
Special Thanks to: Dr. Joel Bakan, Dr. Shiv Chopra, GMO Free Zone, Institute for Responsible Technology, International Center for Technology Assessment, Lens Eye (India), Dr. Don Lotter,, Natural Solutions Foundation, Navdanya (India). Dr. Arpad Pusztai, T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Support YES on California Proposition 37 for Labeling GMOs

Learn More About the Science and Risks of GMO

How to Avoid GMO Foods and Products
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