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Via Iran's PressTV: US soldier accused of trying to kill Obama, overthrow government
09-26-2012, 01:31 AM,
Via Iran's PressTV: US soldier accused of trying to kill Obama, overthrow government
US soldier accused of trying to kill Obama, overthrow government
[Image: naderian20120924083253010.jpg]
A US soldier is accused of forming a militia as well as leading plots to assassinate the country’s president and overthrow the government.

The prosecution says Army Pvt. Isaac Aguigui had formed a militia, which he had named F.E.A.R. (Forever Enduring Always Ready). The 21-year-old and two fellow soldiers are being prosecuted in Georgia's Atlantic Judicial Circuit, The Associated Press reported on Monday.

Earlier in the week, prosecutors said the three harbored plans to kill the president and overthrow the government. The group is also accused of hatching plots to bomb a park fountain in nearby Savannah, poison apple orchards in Washington state, and take over the Fort Stewart Army post along the Canoochee River in southeastern Georgia where they were stationed.

Aguigui had bought USD 87,000 worth of semi-automatic assault rifles, other guns, and bomb-making materials, prosecutors say.

He and the two soldiers were to turn up in court on Thursday for arraignment on charges including illegal gang activity.

Aguigui arrived at Fort Stewart in November 2010 as a private, working as an intelligence analyst in the Army's 3rd Infantry Division.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]

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