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2012: Historic Year for Marijuana Reform on the Ballot
09-29-2012, 08:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-29-2012, 10:22 AM by Swordfish.)
RE: 2012: Historic Year for Marijuana Reform on the Ballot
Quote:I also dont believe that just because there is a slight possibility that some drug becomes legal, everyone and their mother is going to go and abuse it and and all madness and mayhem will occur.

Well do you believe that if something has a market value (and is suddenly legal) that it wont be actively PROMOTED to increase the market share?
And do you believe big pharma only provides "freedom of choice" with their own drugs, or do they actively PROMOTE them to the worried well?
And do you believe that none of those people who died from smoking werent influenced by the cowboy smoking his marlboroughs?

And did your kids really need £200 trainers or did the nice man on the TV tell them that they wouldnt be cool unless they had some?

And do you really believe that it is impossible to influence people using other marketing tactics?

Do I believe in personal choice. YES!
Do I believe that personal choice has to be tempered by the context? YES.
Because whilst some people can make good decisions, a large section of the population are so dumbed down that they will go along with ANY stupid option that is presented to them.
eg Viagra was marketed for men with erectile disfunction and available on prescription. As soon as it was made readily available, "personal choice" for many men was to "try it out". Fine.

In the UK, Viagra is now used by huge sections of the population as a necessary part of their sexual armoury. On a night out, "have I got my condom and my viagra"
Men of 18 years old (who previously did not have ED) and who theoretically are at the peak of their potency are relying on this to give them an erection and causing performance anxiety when they dont use it. Personal choice for them has resulted in a higher risk of erectile disfunction when they dont use it, and the promise of heart related illness in the future due to the bood pressure related effects which cause the erection when using Viagra.

In the UK it is illegal to carry a knife. Perhaps we should make it legal on the grounds of personal choice and see what happens in our schools?

Quote:he's been on my ignore list since I told him he wouldn't hear from me again
Well its good to hear from you again thenIcon_biggrin

Quote:He does nothing but create argument.
No I am creating discussion. An argument is the automatic gainsaying of anything the opposing party says, I am adding information and examples. A discussion happens when 2 or more parties present differing statements intending to establish their proposition.

By sharing in this way you are learning about the mindset and views of someone who doesnt agree with your assessment of a topic, and I am learning about the mindset of those with your viewpoint. Its a win-win!

Quote:he's using COINTELPRO methods to fuck up the actual info in this thread. I don't know if he's just an asshat or a member of law enforcement scared of losing budget padding for drug war operations
No Im adding to the info in this thread by presenting a counter view and examples. Anyone with half a brain could see that. I am assuming you have half a brain?

Quote:he's using COINTELPRO methods to fuck up the actual info in this thread.
Ah, the classic response when someone doesnt like a viewpoint. Ive been waiting to hear one of you come up with the old "Cointelpro" defense, weve already had the "dude hes a troll" put down and the other "asshole" insult tactic, swiftly followed up with the "douchebag" parry. And dare I mention it, the ultimate "fish and chips" bombshell... Yikes
Im just waiting now for the accusation that I am a nazi to get a full house.

Fortunately my extensive training at the Tavistock Institute prepared me for your intellectual onslaught. Oops

Ok you got me bang to rights, Im a member of skull and bones and the Bildeberger group and I have been tasked to infiltrate this thread on the highest orders of ....well, you know who (wink, wink)

Drugs are really cool, everyone should take them, and all research or personal experience which says otherwise is directly from Satan.
Remember you are unique
...just like everyone else.
10-09-2012, 07:31 PM,
RE: 2012: Historic Year for Marijuana Reform on the Ballot
Quote:Because whilst some people can make good decisions, a large section of the population are so dumbed down that they will go along with ANY stupid option that is presented to them.

And heres another example of this - personal choice gone bad. I have heartfelt sympathy for this young woman whos life has now been altered beyond belief because some moron decided to promote drinks containing liquid nitrogen - this is the mentality of idiocy.
Quote:Scientists have warned of the dangers of using liquid nitrogen for culinary purposes after a teenage girl who had drunk a cocktail containing the substance underwent emergency surgery.

Gaby Scanlon is believed to have suffered an adverse reaction after drinking a correctly prepared Jagermeister drink made with liquid nitrogen to produce a steaming “cauldron effect.”

The sixth form pupil was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends in Lancaster city centre when she had the drink at Oscars wine bar on Thursday night.

Police said she had her stomach removed afterwards in an urgent operation thought to have saved her life.
Remember you are unique
...just like everyone else.

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