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Canadian Federal Cell Phone Registry to be used to Selectively Disable Phones?
09-14-2012, 09:31 PM,
Canadian Federal Cell Phone Registry to be used to Selectively Disable Phones?
Here's the nitty gritty on this .. another reason I'm glad I didn't fall into the cell phone co-dependance trap. Didn't they confiscate phones on 9/11/2001? This would save some time. This technology could be utilized to cover up crimes, business espionage etc.. as well. It also points towards that long predicted open relations between enforcement and corporate cell phone companies in allowing this exploit; an exploit that may leave cell phones vulnerable to other nefarious action - in and outside of law enforcement.

.. and this points more to a whitelist of cell phones not so much the blacklist to combat "bad" people or even zones controlling telecom gateway access at the device level.

Quote:Federal Cell Phone Registry? Phones disabled?
September 13, 2012

Privacy concerns?

Governments and police want access to technology that would permit disabling phones? Remember Apple patent could remotely disable protesters’ phone cameras and Your iPhone could be disabled during the next protest you attend ?

September 13 2012 Toronto Police Services Board Public Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Toronto Police Services Board calls for new measures to prevent cell phone robberies August 10 2012 | InsideToronto

Cellular phone providers should be required to install technology that lets phones be deactivated after a theft, the Toronto Police Services Board has decided – and in September, the national association of police services boards will be asked to endorse the position.

Councillor Nunziata’s Motion to Curb Cell Phone Robberies Passes July 25 2012 | Councillor Frances Nunziata

Police board seeks federal action on stolen cellphones July 20 2012 | Toronto Star

Police launch cell phone registry February 12 2012 | InsideToronto

The actual ScibD Document is private to 404systemerror but you can view it on the article link ^

Posted on July 25, 2012
For Immediate Release
July 25, 2012


(Toronto Police Services Board) – Last week, Ward 11 Councillor Frances Nunziata’s motion to introduce legislation that would curb cell phone robberies passed with unanimous consent of the Toronto Police Services Board.

Nunziata introduced the motion, which calls on the Toronto Police Services Board to correspond with the Federal Minister of Public Safety and the Minister of Industry to introduce legislation. The legislation would compel cellular phone service providers to provide technology that would permit the disabling of stolen cell phones.

The Ward 11 Councillor said that while this was a city- wide problem, she has had a lot of personal experience with this issue in her Ward. Nunziata spoke about her efforts within the community, 12 Division Police and the local MPP in order to try and minimize the robberies of cell phones, but that a greater solution was needed.

“Disabling cell phones once they are stolen will curb the activity of resale of the device and help to deter theft as there is no financial gain,” said Nunziata. “A robber doesn’t gain from stealing an empty wallet and I want to ensure that they will no longer gain from stealing a cell phone.”

A similar piece of legislation was introduced in the United States and cellular phone providers in Australia and many European nations have already taken advantage of the technology that disables phones when they are stolen.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair supported the motion and also spoke about the necessity of moving forward with this initiative. “We are seeing a concerning increase in cell phone theft,” said Chief Blair. “The technology exists to stop this problem. We should be pushing for action that requires providers to use this technology as soon as possible.”

“I am delighted that the Board supported the motion with unanimous consent,” said Nunziata. “We will move forward in sending the recommendations to the Federal Government in hopes that the necessary legislation will be introduced.”

TPBS Agenda for September 13th, 2012: (Scribd) (PDF)
There are no others, there is only us.
09-15-2012, 06:38 PM,
RE: Canadian Federal Cell Phone Registry to be used to Selectively Disable Phones?
switch out my burner every 6 months or so, or when I move to a new locale and switch to a local number. I also wipe out call logs and texts periodically. Never been a fan of the electronic leash, and this seems to be a good way of removing possible yanks by the oligarchy, at least until they outlaw burners.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]

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