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Terence McKenna trance
08-20-2012, 05:22 AM,
Video  Terence McKenna trance
I recently watched this movie called Strange Attractor its this film with weird scenes of frequent nudity and these guys start to talk about some "blue apple" that is clearly mentioned by Terence in the film. It's visualizer is alot like timothy Leary in his mind formation video with scenes of pure chaos everywhere not really making any sense but its an interesting watch. From the looks of the people on the film they seem to come in and out of what seems to be a trip or trance that sends them spiraling.

Now to my point of this thread I saw something quite interesting in the hand of terence mckenna he features in the film in some sort of trance like state channeling something with what looked like and obelisque in front of him, don't know what this means but i'm curious.

What is the sigil on his hand?

[Image: 30w5xd0.png]

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