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source of older C2CAM/Art Bell/Dreamland shows?
08-20-2012, 03:09 AM,
source of older C2CAM/Art Bell/Dreamland shows?
Does anyone know anywhere, whether in private trackers, private Direct Connect groups or elsewhere that has alot of the OLDER Art Bell shows? I mean things approaching a complete archive, back into the 90's and earlier type stuff.. i'm aware there's some nicely larger archives up here for the later 2000's. (I mostly did a quick search by size) I actually came to concen originally hoping someone would have more Art Bell.. Other than the Matrix CD's which I assume(?) is not everything stuff that used to be up on the interwebs no longer seems to be around...

Case in point - here's a monster file 14 gigs big which has been dead for years. As far as I can tell shows shared there (from long dead sites like mininova) have NOT been reshared in other sites like demonoid (now gone itself but it wasnt up when I saw it) and similar, and i'm wondering if anyone has a secret archive somewhere that they got when the getting was good years ago that could be reshared or something.

Are there any places other than concen which have "conspiracy" type radio like this?
08-21-2012, 04:26 AM,
RE: source of older C2CAM/Art Bell/Dreamland shows?
try , if you have ng access

seems a few poster's are uploading some old shows at the mo , there helpful on requests to.
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