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Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize ! - John Friend - IMG INT
08-13-2012, 07:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-19-2012, 08:03 PM by Negentropic.)
Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize ! - John Friend - IMG INT

This is an IMAGE & MEDIA INTENSIVE thread, not intended for the meek or those in love with their own dubious notions of 'sanity.' If you do not want to wait a few minutes for the page to load or you have an older junk computer, please do not visit this thread.

Top 10 lies/PSYOPS that you need to recognize!

by John Friend

Editor’s Note: This blog post is intended primarily for family members, friends, and others unfamiliar with the whole "New World Order" conspiracy. It is meant to serve as a guide for those trying to figure out this mess we find ourselves and our world in, and to set the record straight on some important issues. After looking into this "New World Order" conspiracy stuff for 3+ years now, these are the most important lies, in my opinion, that need to be recognized by all people who care about truth, justice, freedom, and dignity – you know, what the United States of America is supposed to represent. Here we go…

I’m certainly not a fan of major Zionist shill Alex Jones, but the slogan of his website is 100% spot on: “There is a war on for your mind.”

There is indeed a war on for your mind, taking place on a daily basis, playing out in schools and universities, popular culture, movies, the media, and all other aspects of society. The American public (really, the world public) is subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda meant to serve a particular agenda. This type of warfare is especially insidious, as an unsuspecting and gullible public often fails to critically think about the seemingly innocuous information they are constantly consuming from their teachers or professors, television, radio station, movies, newspapers and other forms of mass media and “entertainment”. Aptly called psychological warfare,

or PSYOPS, this form of warfare’s only defense is critical and logical thinking, historical revisionism, and vigilance. You know, the types of skills that are (by design)

sorely lacking in our country (and the West for that matter) today… at least on a wide scale.

So with this in mind, I have created a list of the Top 10 Biggest Lies/PYOPS that we all need to recognize in order to understand what is really going on in our world today, and why. And before you immediately dismiss this stuff as “conspiracy theory” nonsense, please understand that the basic definition

of a conspiracy is two or more individuals secretly working together for an illicit end. Conspiracies happen all the time, especially when the government is involved. Don’t be afraid to use that brain of yours to figure out what’s really going on!

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms of this list in the comments section. And remember: the truth shall set us free!

1. Osama bin Laden and his network of Islamic extremists carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and are engaged in a Global Jihad against the West with an end goal of destroying Western civilization and implementing a global Islamic Caliphate.

The official government conspiracy theory

explaining the events of 9/11 posits that a group of 19 fanatic Islamic terrorists hijacked four separate commercial airliners on the morning of September 11, 2001, crashing two into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and one into the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked airliner was overtaken by heroic passengers,

and crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as a result. This story is simply a fantasy folks.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - narrated by James Corbett of

Countless scholars, academics, journalists,

independent researchers, scientists, veterans, architects and engineers,

and other concerned Americans have thoroughly established

that the official myth put forth by the government and media is completely fraudulent.

Anyone with even the slightest bit of intellectual integrity can spend five minutes looking into this subject and immediately discover it’s a major fraud.

All indications point to 9/11 being a staged false flag/PSYOP carried out by an international network of criminals both in and out of government. This criminal network
is almost exclusively Jewish, and has deep ties to the rogue terrorist state of Israel. The entire Global War on Terror is a scam meant to further the Zionist agenda in the Middle East,

while completely destroying the Constitution and other basic principals of Western jurisprudence in the United States and other Western countries. There is simply no other way around this folks, and it’s time to confront this issue head on.

Since 9/11, we've seen our country illegally invade Afghanistan and Iraq, thoroughly destroying those two nations, murdering millions of people in the process. Countless other offensive military operations have been launched based on the fraudulent Global War on Terror paradigm, in which Islamic terrorists are determined to attack America and it's allies both at home and around the world. The United States Constitution has been totally subverted, and an array of illegal, tyrannical policies have been formally institutionalized by the United States government, including torture, drone attacks, extrajudicial assassinations, and other outrageous policies normally considered war crimes. All of these criminal policies and actions have been based on an absurd, laughable lie: that 9/11 was the work of Islamic extremists. Nothing could be further from the truth folks, and it is past time we recognized this basic fact openly and unashamedly.

2. Hijacked airliners crashed into the North and South World Trade Center towers on 9/11, causing WTC 1, 2, and 7 to collapse to dust.

It turns out there is no evidence – ZERO – that any Muslims hijacked any airliners at any point in time on 9/11.

In fact, the entire official conspiracy theory endlessly promoted and reinforced by the government and media has been thoroughly debunked, as indicated above. The phone calls made from the alleged hijacked airliners were all phony.

There are countless issues relating to the planes allegedly hijacked on 9/11,

and their passengers,

not to mention the long list of other falsehoods put forth by the government and media, that I simply cannot go over all the information in this post. I really encourage you to check out some of the links I've provided to truly understand how colossal of a fraud this event was. The entire episode was a staged psychological operation folks, using video fakery, planted witnesses,

September Clues

Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012
9-11 the Great American Psy-Opera - Collin Alexander aka 'Ace Baker'

and a scripted narrative which was put forth immediately after the event to program a traumatized public into accepting Endless War against a made up enemy and a complete and open subversion of the United States Constitution.

No hijacked commercial airliners

crashed into the WTC towers in New York City,

at the Pentagon in Washington, DC,

or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

All of these alleged "crash sites" appear to be fabrications.

Besides, a plane crash and the resulting fire do not cause buildings to pulverize to dust. Some extremely advanced weaponry was used to destroy the WTC buildings, I think that is clear.

3. Hilter was an evil maniac hell bent on world domination who ruthlessly murdered six million Jews in Nazi extermination camps during the course of WWII.

After careful review, the entire history of WWI and WWII taught in Western schools and promoted by establishment historians, academics, and journalists seems to be carefully crafted propaganda serving a particular supremacist global agenda.

Far from being an evil, bloodthirsty monster, Adolf Hilter was a proud, patriotic German nationalist who sought to free his nation from the grips of international Jewry and their destructive agenda of economic domination, media monopoly, and social control. Or maybe he was a puppet of the Jewish bankers that fomented both WWI and WWII, as many people whose opinion I respect and value have put forth?

I used to buy this Hitler was a Zionist Stooge narrative, but have since changed my mind, mainly because of things like this,

to name only a few examples.

But the fact remains that the standard history of WWII is completely fraudulent, especially the Jewish Holocaust myth and the extreme, irrational demonization of Adolf Hitler. During WWII, the Jewish controlled Allies (the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union primarily) were used to destroy the threat National Socialist Germany posed to international Jewry’s parasitic usurious banking scheme that has been imposed on much of the world for centuries now. The Six Million Jews Killed in a Holocaust official narrative is a particularly pernicious PYSOP on the global public, meant to justify the creation of Israel and limit any and all criticism of Jewish power, crime, and subterfuge. There were real Holocausts in WWII, but they were perpetrated by the Jews (through their control of Allied governments) on non-Jews, which I recently wrote about here. In fact, the Six Million myth is more about occult Jewish prophecy rather than the facts of WWII.

Bottom line: the official government approved and Hollywood reinforced narrative about Hitler, WWII, and the alleged Jewish Holocaust is complete bunk, and should be rejected by any clear thinking, rational individual.

The Last Days of the Big Lie

David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary

One Third of the holocaust (full)

4. Jews are a powerless, persecuted minority who are constantly used as scapegoats by racist anti-Semites that irrationally hate all Jews.

Oh boy, the Jews really, really want you, and need you, to believe this one. The official Holocaust mythology has been used to reinforce this lie to a “T”, rendering any form of criticism leveled against Israel, Jews, and Jewish criminals instantly “anti-Semitic” and “hateful”. The “You’re an anti-Semite!” canard is used by Jews to shield their crimes, and Jews have even admitted this.

The Jews are not a powerless, persecuted minority, especially in the United States. The Jews are the most organized, powerful segment of the U.S. population, and have effective control over the government, media, banking system, educational system, Hollywood and many other aspects of society. They run the show here, folks, and they often brag about it. Just consider what Joel Stein, a Jewish pundit who wrote for the Los Angeles Times, said in the conclusion of his 2008 Op-Ed, How Jewish is Hollywood?:

"But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.",0,4676183.column

In fact, I’ve come to learn that the whole "New World Order" conspiracy is actually a Jew World Order conspiracy, in which supremacist Jews actually seek to control all major levers of power throughout the entire world. And they basically do. There is a lot of misdirection, misinformation, gatekeeping, and outright disinformation (Alex Jones!) in the so-called Truth Movement that would have you believe the "New World Order" is all about the Vatican or the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminati, the Globalists, the international corporations, or whatever else is popular these days. They will tell you the New World Order is about anything but the Jews.

But just open your eyes, look around, and tell me what you see?

Do you see our president bowing down and worshipping Jesuits or the Vatican? No, you see him bowing down and worshipping the Jews and Israel.

Do you see our country ruthlessly destroying Muslim countries around the world on behalf of the Masons? No, you see our country fighting all these wars for the Jews and Israel.

Is the media owned and controlled merely by “corporations”? No, the media

and Hollywood,0,4676183.column

is owned and controlled by Jews folks. Jews with a specific agenda they are promoting and have promoted for years now.

Is our government run by the Illuminati? Or is it run by Jews?

Which lobby is the most organized, well funded, and ruthless in their zeal to control all of our politicians? Is it the Vatican lobby or the Jewish lobby?

Just open your eyes and take a look at all the Jews you see in positions of power, whether it is in the media, government, finance, or whatever. It is all about the Jews folks, it's as simple as that.

Think about it: why are you so afraid to say the word “Jew” out loud? Why is anyone of any stature immediately ruined, financially or otherwise, when they speak out against or expose Jewish power or crime? Why are Jews the one group of people we cannot openly, honestly, and frankly talk about or criticize?

You can talk all day about Jesuits, Masons, the Illuminati, the Nazis, or any other kosher approved “conspiracy theory”, but don’t you dare talk about the obvious criminals behind this "New World Order" conspiracy: the Jews.

5. Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East, and is the greatest ally of the United States.

Nothing could be further from the truth folks. Israel is an illegitimate, rogue nation-state founded on lies, terrorism, murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is a supremacist Jewish state that seeks to completely eliminate and destroy the native Christian and Muslim Palestinian inhabitants whose land they illegally confiscated.

Although we are constantly told how great of an ally Israel is to the United States, the facts simply do not support this contention. Israel has repeatedly engaged in espionage operations against the United States, stealing nuclear technologies, military secrets and weapons systems, often times selling this stolen information or technology to third parties. Israel has attacked the United States on multiple occasions, including the USS Liberty in 1967 and on 9/11. I could go on and on here guys, but I think you get the point. If you follow my blog, you will see that I point out examples of Israeli (and Jewish) crimes all the time.

I have said on numerous occasions that the only country the United States has a legitimate reason to be at war with is Israel. If we were living in a just world, the criminal, illegitimate state of Israel would never have even existed in the first place. Israel's repeated and ruthless attacks against Palestinians and other Middle Eastern nations, international visitors, and other supporters of the Palestinian people - the true owners of the land now called Israel - are an outrage and must not be tolerated. The barbaric, genocidal regime now occupying Palestine must be eliminated. It is time the world declare war on Israel for all the crimes she and her criminal network of supporters and agents have committed over the past 60+ years.

6. There is no such thing as organized international pedophile networks that cater to the global power elite, who engage in ritualistic child abuse, sexual debauchery, mind control operations, and Satanic practices.

"Come on now John, this is too far out there," you’ll say. "Don’t you know about False Memory Syndrome?

These ridiculous claims about elite pedophilia and sexual depravity, sex slaves, CIA mind control operations, and Satanic rituals are nothing but 'A carefully crafted hoax,'

as one newspaper described these allegations. This stuff is simply ludicrous!"

Well, it turns out there are multiple instances of this sort of sickness occurring in many different parts of the world involving some of the top people in government, media, and other high profile positions in society. Notorious cases include the Franklin Scandal that took place in Omaha, Nebraska,

the Dutroux Affair in Europe,

and the McMartin Preschool case, to name only a few.

The excellent blogger aangirfan covers this issue quite extensively, as has Dave McGowan and John DeCamp in their must read books on this disgusting subject.

The global power elite are sick bastards people. The Jewish-led and financed criminal network that is behind the "New World Order" is Satanic at its core, and engages in unspeakable crimes against children and other trafficked individuals. Sorry to wreck your day, but this stuff is true, and has been going on for a looooong time now. It needs to be exposed and the perverts need to be executed. Period.

7. We went to the moon!

Sorry folks, it just didn’t happen.

Another Hollywood-style PSYOP

on the American public, meant largely to boost the image of the United States at the height of the fraudulent Cold War. See the following for more on this epic fraud:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (Full Movie) -

Deanna Spingola Interview with Bart Sibrel of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon"

Astronauts Gone Wild

8. President John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hahaha, no one really believes this anymore, do they?

There has been so much extensive research done on this subject,

you would have to be a fool to still believe the Lone Gunman theory.

In all likelihood, Israel, through her Mossad and Jewish crime network, was the prime conspirator in the JFK assassination, in addition to elements of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, organized crime, and local Dallas police officials.

9. There are fundamental differences between the Democratic and Republican political parties in the United States, the greatest nation on earth.

The only fundamental differences between these two completely bankrupt, laughable political parties are their public relations ploys and who they target their propaganda towards. Ask yourself: who funds these political parties? Whose agenda do these parties serve? What issues are they in lock step agreement on (war, Israel, Wall St.!)?

We have to recognize these phony, traitorous political parties for what they are folks. They are controlled opposition owned by the bankers, war mongers, and Israel-firsters. The sooner we all recognize this fact, the sooner we can move forward in our efforts to arrest the crooks and restore our Constitutional Republic.

As for the United States being the greatest nation on earth, a nation of liberty and justice for all... I hope you understand after reading this far how ridiculous this notion is at this point.

10. Global warming and man-induced climate change is the greatest threat to our environment and future on this planet.

I don't think many people buy this lie anymore, what with all those scientists being caught red handed

manipulating their data to support their fraudulent Man-Made Global Warming scam. This is a subject that I honestly haven't researched in great depth, but needless to say, it is a major lie being pushed by the global power elite, and is in fact a central pillar of their "New World Order". I would recommend checking out Dr. Eric Karlstrom's website, for more information on this subject. He can explain this fraud much better than I ever could.

John Friend on The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer Podcast - July 18, 2012

9/11 Truth: Where are we headed? The holohoax, etc.
08-14-2012, 02:43 PM,
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
Good ones.

My top three are:

1. Violence is a good way to solve social problems.

2. Some humans souls are more valuable than others.

3. יהוה‎ loves you.
08-14-2012, 04:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2012, 02:01 PM by Negentropic.)
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
(08-14-2012, 02:43 PM)CharliePrime Wrote: Good ones.

My top three are:

1. Violence is a good way to solve social problems.

2. Some humans souls are more valuable than others.

3. יהוה‎ loves you.

There is no such thing as economic progress based on violence. It's absurd to even think of it.

There is only predation after violence has been curbed enough for production to happen. After which that production is looted through violence and collectivist laws.

All collectivism is enforced through violence because if all the individuals in 2 different groups all agreed to a transaction by their own consent then that is no longer collectivism.

The principle of 'egalitarianim' prepares people through their envy to accept inequality of results as an injustice and demand violence on their behalf to 'right' 'wrongs.'

There should never be a 'collective' righting of wrongs, period !

No tribe should ever hold another entire tribe responsible for the criminality of certain individuals within that tribe. This is not ignoring any general statistics of maybe certain tribes having more criminality, just following sound principle based on natural law and natural law can only ever apply to individuals, since there is no such thing as a 'collective,' there are only individuals that form a group through common interests of individuals within that group.

Someone bombed your neighborhood and killed your mother and three best friends ?

You can't go find his neighborhood now and bomb it yourself, can you ?

No, you're only allowed to go after the guy who did it.

But so-called nations, as soon as some borders are drawn somewhere can collectively punish each other's tribe members and neighborhood for so-called 'attacks' upon their nation. They do this because supposedly one tribe in one geographical location with a different government won't give up the criminal who ordered the massacre and those that pulled it off for him to your government.

So there you have the dilemma of nationalism or tribalism which can create wars out of criminal arrests and that of globalism or removal of national borders which will probably reduce wars created out of criminal arrests between two geographical zones but instead enforce world government tyranny and standardization on everyone in the world.

There is no way out of this dilemma as long as people are programmed from birth to death with collectivist ideas but since America has an individualist, libertarian tradition that goes back 200 years they're happy to have a libertarian shill like Alex Jones out there getting 150,000 suckers downloading his fearmongering podcast every single day and gatekeeping them all from finding out who the real criminals are by using vague terms like 'globalists' etc.' All these fools keep coming back to Alex Jones and NEVER get the full truth, only misdirection whereas the most popular radio shows on Oracle Broadcasting or RBN can't even manage 5000 downloads per show since that fat shill already took most of their potential audience.

"Well, you're right, they do feed vanity. They're trying to enculturate us to a completely sick environment. This is not from me, this is from the top psychologists who've ever had to pick up the pieces from the wreckage of human beings. They're appealing to man's lowest possible drives and now you have to adjust yourself to these false pornographic models that they put in front of you. They have 5 or 10 basic themes of collectivism, of self-sadism, of hive-mentality, of anxiety, of hero-worship or the father figure, etc. that they've been pushing since the 1950s." -- Michael Tsarion on Vantage Point Radio with Michael Vail - 5/16/2010

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.” ―Jim Morrison
08-15-2012, 09:59 PM,
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
Quote:There should never be a 'collective' righting of wrongs, period !

that statement seems oversimplified.
How do you feel (just as one single example,) about class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical or medical suppliers that provide products that (sometimes literally,) cost an arm and a leg, and then destroy the patient's quality of life, or kill them outright?

Quote:Someone bombed your neighborhood and killed your mother and three best friends ?

You can't go find his neighborhood now and bomb it yourself, can you ?

No, you're only allowed to go after the guy who did it.
the emotion you seem to be projecting seems to contradict the previous statement.

I'm not trying to pick a fight, just looking for a little clarity.

also, what would you suggest as an non-collective alternative to things like transportation infrastructure?

I'm down with making flying cars which don't require roads, but in a situation like the neighborhood bombing example, someone could simply use one of those flying cars as a bomb after ejecting. at that point, how would we deal with the vigilante perpetrator?

In my opinion, anti-collectivist rhetoric sounds nice in a vacuum, immediately after humans gained self-awareness. Then again, in that kind of circumstance, any raw philosophy would, including communism.

When one thinks about political philosophies, It's easy to think that almost anything would be better than what we have now - and "grass is always greener" is par for the course.

Its easy to say "if we could wipe out everything and start over again, (insert philosophy here) would work beautifully." the problem is, we can't turn back time, and we would have to fix problems as the transition happened. In any situation like that, we'd have selfish pricks who insert themselfs into that process in order to gain leverage and station, and the whole thing reverts to the problems we have now.

got any ideas on how to break through the catch-22?
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
08-16-2012, 03:35 AM,
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
what about the all time classics?!?!?

1. i won't come in your mouth
2. of course i love you
3. the cheque is in the mail
4. no your bum does not look big in that
[Image: siolflag.gif]
08-16-2012, 10:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2012, 02:27 PM by Negentropic.)
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
Quote: h3rm35 wrote:

that statement seems oversimplified.
How do you feel (just as one single example,) about class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical or medical suppliers that provide products that (sometimes literally,) cost an arm and a leg, and then destroy the patient's quality of life, or kill them outright?

A class action is basically all the individuals that were damaged by that drug or fraud or whatever suing for damages from the individuals that committed the crimes, basically the head individuals of the company they're suing that committed the crime against them. The people working under them are only secondarily responsible depending on how much knowledge they had that a crime was being committed and decided to help commit it. So you do not have to abandon any principles into Dr. Strangelove insanity with class-action. If the whole company goes out of business as a result of the lawsuit and thousands of people who worked for that company end up jobless, then that is the price they pay for working for a criminal company.

The analogy to a government and wars is not the same because you're not suing to get another government out of power, you're not threatening them with a police arrest if they do not go through with the criminal charges against them and absolve themselves of the crimes. You're literally bombing the hell out of them into submission collectively and killing thousands, sometimes millions of 'employees' , because the leaders of the country have a disagreement. This is absurd. Why can't you just sue them for criminality ? Because there is no international police force based on individualistic principles like you have inside the civilized countries to enforce it. The international police force can be just a coalition of more-or-less principled and civilized countries that sues criminals (all the way to the head of the state) in all member countries and tries to bring them to justice on individualistic grounds. However, when you have the foreign policy of a country hi-jacked, where you have individualistic principles inside your country and collectivist punishment outside, people get confused out of their heads and basically abandon all principles beyond a certain point. You don't abandon basic principles, never, unless initiated force is making you do it.

[Image: Dr.-Strangelove.jpg]

When you have a gang of massively wealthy organized criminals running basically every country in the world through central banking usury and fractional reserve counterfeiting (and every country in the world right now, except 3 or 4 has this and surprise, surprise the last 3 Iraq, Syria and Libya that went off it got attacked) like pieces on a chess-board, how can even a leader of a country who WANTS to benefit his country by installing progressive individualist Jeffersonian principles and gradually fading out the tribalism of old, how is this guy, even if he may have used criminal tactics to get in power in the past (such as the Shah of Iran or Saddam), supposed to have a snowball's chance in hell when the very source of finance, the very source of that which substitutes for money or a medium of exchange is fully controlled by a gang of criminals with a gigantic stick to hit him over the head with ?

Quote:excerpts from The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976

The Hidden Tyranny

"Our power has been created through the manipulation of the national monetary system. We authored the quotation. 'Money is power.'

As revealed in our master plan, it was essential for us to establish a private national bank. The Federal Reserve system fitted our plan nicely since it is owned by us, but the name implies that it is a government institution.

From the very outset, our purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver, replacing them with worthless non-redeemable paper notes. This we have done!"

"Prior to 1968, the gullible goy could take a one dollar Federal Reserve note into any bank in America and redeem it for a dollar which was by law a coin containing 412 1/2 grains of 90 per cent silver.

Up until 1933, one could have redeemed the same note for a coin of 25 4/5ths grains of 90 per cent gold. All we do is give the goy more non-redeemable notes, or else copper slugs. But we never give them their gold and silver. Only more paper,"

"The examples are numerous, but a few readily apparent are the stocks and bonds market, all forms of insurance and the fractional reserve system practiced by the Federal Reserve corporation, not to mention the billions in gold and silver that we have gained in exchange for paper notes, stupidly called money.

Money power was essential in carrying out our master plan of international conquest through propaganda."

"At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands.

The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies."

"There is no such thing as the silent majority because we control their cry and hue. The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain, as long as their escape from our rigorous service is the opiate of our entertainment industry.

By controlling industry, we have become the task masters and the people the slaves. When the pressure of daily toil builds to an explosive degree, we have provided the safety valve of momentary pleasure.

The television and movie industries furnish the necessary temporary distraction. These programs are carefully designed to appeal to the sensuous emotions, never to the logical thinking mind. Because of this, the people are programmed to respond according to our dictates, not according to reason. Silent they never are; thinking they will remain."

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled.

As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal."

"We have been successful in dividing society against itself by pitting labor against management. This perhaps has been one of our greatest feats, since in reality it is a triangle, though only two points ever seem to occur.

In modern industry where exists capital, which force we represent, is the apex. Both management and labor are on the base of this triangle. They continually stand opposed to each other and their attention is never directed to the head of their problem.

Management is forced to raise prices since we are ever increasing the cost of capital. Labor must have increasing wages and management must have higher prices, thus creating a vicious cycle.

We are never called to task for our role which is the real reason for inflation, since the conflict between management and labor is so severe that neither has time to observe our activities. It is our increase in the cost of capital that causes the inflation cycle.

We do not labor or manage, and yet we receive the profits. Through our money manipulation, the capital that we supply industry costs us nothing.

Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit, which we create from nothing, to all local banks who are member banks. They in turn extend book credit to industry.

Thus, we do more than God, for all of our wealth is created from nothing.

You look shocked! Don't be! It's true, we actually do more than God.

With this supposed capital we bring industry, management and labor into our debt, which debt only increases and is never liquidated. Through this continual increase, we are able to pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia.

We are the necessary element since we expend nothing. Management can create its own capital — the profits. Its business would grow and profits increase. Labor would prosper as well, while the price of the product would remain constant, the prosperity of industry, labor and management would continually increase.

We Jews glory in the fact that the stupid goy have never realized that we are the parasites consuming an increasing portion of production while the producers are continually receiving less and less."

Harold Wallace Rosenthal (November 2, 1947 – August 11, 1976), was a senior aide to then-Senator Jacob K. Javits when Rosenthal was murdered in a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rosenthal graduated from Cambridge University and Harvard University graduate school, both on scholarships. After working for Congressman Hugh Carey (D-NY) he moved to the office of Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN) where he directed the senator's legislative agenda. After a stint at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rosenthal returned to the Senate to work as a senior aide to Jacob K. Javits of New York. On August 11, 1976, Rosenthal was murdered in a terrorist attack at the El Al gate in Istanbul, Turkey. The attack was blamed upon the Palestine Liberation Organization.

In his honor, the Harold Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations has been established. Each year 9 to 13 qualified students are given the opportunity to spend the summer in professional fellowships with a member of Congress or in a government department

Murdered in a 'terrorist attack,' read likely Mossad assassination during a false-flag

Each year 9 to 13 'qualified' brown-nosers are given the fabulous opportunity to be part of this douchebag's honorable legacy, how nice !

Is Denmark, which has the lowest murder rate in the world, THAT much more civilized than the middle class sections of Orange County California ? No. If certain states of the U.S. could secede and kick the ghetto trash low-lives and third-world illegal immigrants out into their own geographical areas and call it Little Mexico or Little Zaire and police the borders, you would have many 5 million to 6 million populated Denmarks right here in the USA. When was the last time Denmark or Switzerland was accused of carrying out mass-murdering invasions for the sake of Jewish bankster world hegemony ? But when mass media programs you for collective blood-letting and collective revenge and tribal insanity every time 'our country' is mentioned, what happens ? Fear that individual rights, the source of all prosperity in all civilized countries, is under attack and is about to disappear under a horde of medieval tribalism and so in order to protect that 'freedom' (even if more an illusion than a reality), we must not only collectively unite as individuals in a police force to go arrest the criminals but we must abandon all principle, turn into medieval tribal lunatics ourselves and just firebomb entire neighborhoods of entire cities in self-righteous retaliation until the most savage tribe of ruthless motherfuckers wins and builds an individualist civilization back up from the rubble again.

Look at what happened to National Socialist Germany in WWII. Some people think they were just another form of collectivism.


They were the nationwide collectivist police force freely elected by their individual citizens and given the rights to arrest the criminals who had raped their country for 15 years (since the Versailles treaty) in order to protect what was left of their individualist traditions. Granted German individualist traditions were not as extreme as those in the USA (and 50% of the population of the U.S. during WWII was from German stock) but they were very strong enlightenment individualist traditions nevertheless, since no civilization is possible without individual thinking and individual creation in individual minds. To say that the high culture of a country that produced so many great philosophers, artists, writers, scientists and engineers was 'collectivist' simply because National Socialism was tired of taking hyper-inflationary rapes and unemployment and starvation and was voted in to take the dual criminal bull of Jewish communistic subversion AND predatory bankster capitalism by the horns and kick its ass into a prison or labor camp (until they could be relocated) or straight out the country, to say that this high culture is suddenly overnight collectivism is ridiculous !

How in the hell did Germany under Hitler with a so-called 'collectivist' country manage to invent the Jet engine, the first programmable computer, the first binary calculator, the helicopter, night vision technology, nuclear fission, guided missiles, the stealth bombers, 3-D 35mm film, magnetic tape, etc. just to name a few. How did it go from a hyper-inflation and 8 + million unemployed to full employment and zero inflation in just 3 years ? How did it manage to have 300,000 patents or copyrights stolen by Stalin's allies at the end of the war without compensation? Do tribalist, collectivist countries manage to produce 300,000 patents and copyrights ? Do tribalist countries produce 50% of the original genetic stock for the United States, the so-called most free or individualistic country that ever was ?

Quote: WITNESS TO HISTORY - by Michael Walsh - CHAPTER 4


75 Million Germans say "YES" to One Nation, One People, One Leader.

"No democratic Government in the world can submit itself to a popular vote in greater trust and with greater confidence than can the National Socialist Government of Germany." -- Adolf Hitler, 30th January, 1935.

The election on July, 31st, 1932 was a victory for the National Socialists. They polled 13,574,000 votes and with 38% of the total votes cast legitimately and democratically became the largest Party in the Reichstag with 230 seats. The Social Democrats had 133 seats and the Communists 89. On January 30th, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.

At the polls of March, 5th, the NSDAP polled 17,277,180 votes; an increase of 5.5 million bringing their voting percentage up to 44%, which when placed in coalition with the Nationalists led by Franz von Papen and Alfred Hugenberg who had polled 3,136,760 votes, showed an overwhelming majority of Germans had in free and open elections made their preference for German nationalism clear.

Immediately after his appointment as Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, in his first appeal to the German nation on February, 1st, 1933, asked to be allowed just four years in order to carry out the task of national reconstruction. He repeated the same request when a few days later, when at a speech in the Berlin Sportpalast, he said:

"During fourteen years the German nation has been at the mercy of decadent elements which have abused its confidence. During fourteen years those elements have done nothing but destroy, disintegrate and dissolve. Hence it is neither temerity nor presumption if, appearing before the nation today, I ask: German nation, give us four years time, after which you can arraign us before your tribunal and you can judge me!

"Allow me four years, and I swear to you, as truly as I have now undertaken my duties, I will depart. It is not for any reward or benefit that I have taken office, but only for your sake. It has been the greatest decision of my whole life.

"I cannot rid myself of my faith in my people, nor lose the conviction that this people will resuscitate again one day. I cannot be severed from the love of a people that I know to be my own. And I nourish the conviction that the hour will come when millions of men who now curse us will take their stand behind us to welcome the new Reich, our common creation born of a painful and laborious struggle and an arduous triumph -- a Reich which is the symbol of greatness, honour, strength, honesty and justice."

True to his word, on March 29th, 1936, the German nation was given as promised the opportunity to express their approval or disapproval of the National Socialist state. It was an entirely free election without fear or intimidation with adequate provision made for monitoring by neutral observers.



TOTAL VOTES CAST: 45,001,489 (99%)


VOTES FOR HITLER'S NSDAP: 44,461,278 (98.8%)

Small wonder that of all the books written and documentaries produced on the Third Reich, none dare to publish facts such as these. As someone wisely said; 'history is the propaganda of the victors.'

Read the rest here:

Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP - Veronica Kuzniar Clark

[Image: judea_declares_war_on_germany_2.jpg]

"Freud did not understand the Germanic psyche any more than did his Germanic followers. Has the formidable phenomenon of National Socialism, on which the whole world gazes with astonishment, taught them better? Where was that unparalleled tension and energy while as yet no National Socialism existed? Deep in the Germanic psyche, in a pit that is anything but a garbage-bin of unrealizable infantile wishes and unresolved family resentments." ~ Carl Jung - The State of Psychotherapy Today ( 1934)

Quote: Under Two Flags

[Image: wp%7D00001.gif][Image: nsdapmem.gif]

by Heinz Weichhardt

Heinz certainly has had an unusual perspective of the Twentieth Century. A supporter of Hitler who left Germany as an unwanted non-Aryan, he became an enemy alien in America. As the years passed, Heinz became successful in his field of physics (electron-optics), retiring from IBM as a manager in its research division. As his article reveals, he never wavered in his support for National Socialism, even if he had himself been rejected by it.

Read "Under Two Flags," the memoirs of Heinz Weichardt here:


Living in Hitler’s Germany

by Hans Schmidt

Living In Hitler’s Germany

A letter from Hans Schmidt of GANPAC

Published in the Hoskins Report, Dec. 1993

Richard Kelly Hoskins, publisher

Dear Dick: You asked for someone who had lived in Hitler’s Germany to tell what it was like. Permit me, someone who lived under the Swastika flag from 1935, when the Saar was reunited with Germany, to 1945, to give a short answer.

To be a boy or girl at that time was wonderful. In the Hitler Youth the differences between Christian denominations or the different German states didn’t count. We all truly felt that we were members of one body of people – one nation. Youth hostels were opened all over the Reich, enabling us to hike from one beautiful town to another seeing our fatherland. Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer (or authority) pressure. In peacetime, NO military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership; scouting yes. Incidentally, to “snitch on our parents” was frowned upon.

At the very time when America’s allies, the Soviets, destroyed most of the Christian churches in Russia and Ukraine, about 2500 new churches were built in Germany. NOT ONE Christian church was closed. It was the law that school and church had priority over service in the Hitler Youth. As late as the fall of 1944, the Waffen SS barracks in Breslau supplied two buses to take youth to either the nearest Catholic or Protestant church every Sunday. To be a registered member of a Christian church did not prevent advancement in the National Socialist Party.

Germany was National Socialist, but free enterprise flourished during the entire Hitler years. No company was nationalized. No small businessman was stopped from opening up his own store. I myself worked during the war for a company that can only be called part of international capitalism. If you owned shares, nobody confiscated them, like the allies did in 1945.

The accomplishments of the ‘Nazis’ were incredible. Starting without money and with six million unemployed (a third of the workforce), they constructed the entire German Autobahn road network in a short span of 6 years – almost without corruption – while seeing to it that the new road system did not unnecessarily destroy either the German landscape, or wildlife habitats and forests. Two years after the NS [National Socialists] were elected to power, conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker’s shortage in Germany. Germany was booming while Britain, France and the US were in the depths of depression.

To help the workers get cheap transportation, the VW was designed and a factory was being built for their manufacture when the war started. Also, for the common people, villages of small single-family homes were erected. The monthly payments were set so low that almost anyone could afford his own house. In Hitler’s Germany there were no homeless; no beggars. Crime was almost nonexistent because habitual criminals were in concentration camps. All this was reported in the newspapers and was known by everybody.

The German press during the Third Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today. The only taboo I can think of evolved around Hitler, and, during the war, there was a law that prohibited “defeatism”. This was because of the negative role the German press played in the German defeat of 1918.

It bears remembering that the “European Economic Community” was first coined by the Third-Reich government. I remember many articles, both pro and con about this subject. One should also not forget that during the war at least seven million foreign nationals (nearly 10% of the population) worked in Germany, either as voluntary workers (Dutch, Danes, French, Poles, Ukrainians come to mind), or as forced laborers or as prisoners. I know of no instance where foreigners were attacked or molested (much less killed) because they were foreigners. Speaking of the press, I have an article from 1943 in my possession that spells out how necessary friendship is between the German and Russian peoples.

Between 1933 and 1945 there was a tremendous emphasis on culture: theatres flourished; the German movie industry produced about 100 feature films per year. (Of which not one was anti-American. Only 50 of them can be considered pure propaganda movies.) Some of the best classical recordings still extant were made in Hitler’s Germany. Actors from all over Europe, but mainly from France, Sweden and Italy were stars in German movies.

Germany always loved sports, and there was no lack of opportunities to partake in any sport one liked. The 1936 Berlin Olympics was merely a showcase of what transpired all over the Reich. In a book on these Olympics issued by the Hitler Youth that is still in my possession, Jesse Owens is shown several times and mentioned favorably. During the Schmeling boxing fights, we kids all knew of Joe Louis, the brown bomber. Nowhere did I ever read derogatory remarks about other races. Certainly the accomplishments of Germany and the Germans were given prominence, similar to the ad nauseum statements of today that the U.S. is the land of the free, etc. In my ten years in the Hitler Youth (actually 8, since I obviously couldn’t attend while a soldier), the Jews were never mentioned. Other sports that gripped our attention were flying (there was Hitler-Youth flying training with their own sail planes), car races (British and Italian drivers dominated) and riding.

Frequently I am asked about gun control during the Hitler era. Claims are made that Hitler could take power because he disarmed the German people. That is nonsense. In Germany gun ownership was never as prevalent as it is in America. I would say that for hundreds of years one needed a gun license in order to keep a weapon. On the other hand, my father owned an old pistol clandestinely (about which we children knew), and there were gun clubs all over the Reich. Furthermore, Germany was always a country with many excellent gunsmiths. It is doubtful that they could stay in business if the laws were too stringent. I would surmise that while Germany was Germany (before it was ‘liberated’ by the allies) gun ownership probably was far more widespread than is acknowledged today. Laws on the books were mainly to give the police a handle to arrest criminals with guns, not the ordinary citizen. Incidentally, just as Hitler had forbidden so-called ‘punishment exercises’ in the army (the brutal methods still employed in the American army), so had he forbidden the use of clubs by the police. He considered it demeaning to the German people.

Finally this: I don’t believe I’ll ever see again a people as happy and content as were the great majority of Germans under Hitler, especially in peacetime. Certainly some minorities suffered: former parliamentary politicians – because they couldn’t play their political games; the Jews – because they lost their power over Germany; the gypsies – because during the war they were required to work; and crooked union bosses – because they lost their parasitical positions. To this day I believe that the happiness of the majority of a people is more important than the well-being of a few spoiled minorities. In school there should be emphasis on promoting the best and the intelligent, as was done in Germany during the Hitler years – a fact that contributed after the war to the rapid German reconstruction. That Hitler was loved by his people, there can be no question. Even a few weeks before the war’s end and his death, he was able to drive to the front and mingle among the combat soldiers with only minimum security. None of the soldiers had to unload their weapons before meeting with the Führer (as was required when President Bush met with American soldiers during the Gulf War).

Germany under Hitler was quite different from what the media would have you believe.

[Image: image-7.jpg]

[Image: 71P1yZwcZ9L.png]

[Image: 41ZS8GJ9QFL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

Hitler's speech on Palestine 1939

Hitler calls the Jewish settlers in Palestine “Jewish invaders”
And the Palestinians he calls a “freedom loving people”!

"In the same way, the fact has obviously escaped Mr. Roosevelt's notice that Palestine is at present occupied not by German troops but by the English. And that the country is having its liberty restricted by the most brutal resort to force, is being robbed of its independence and is suffering the cruelest maltreatment for the benefit of Jewish interlopers. The Arabs in that country will therefore certainly not have complained to Mr. Roosevelt of German aggression but they do voice a continuous appeal to the world deploring the barbarous methods with which England is attempting to suppress a people which loves its freedom and is just defending it. This too is perhaps a problem which would have to be resolved at the conference table, that is in the presence of a judge, and not by physical force, military force, mass executions, burning down villages, blowing up houses, and so on. For one fact is in no doubt. In this case England is not defending herself against a threatened Arab attack. But as interloper, and without being called to do so, is endeavoring to establish her power in a foreign territory which does not belong to her.
~ Adolf Hitler on Palestine, in reply to Roosevelt, 28 April 1939 -- Roosevelt had asked Hitler in an absurd telegram, among other things, 'not to attack or invade' the independent nation of Palestine despite the fact that it was the English that had already invaded, occupied and brutalized that country on behalf of Jewish intruders

[Image: 81ecQDEQVdL.png]

The question is how do these criminals get that gigantic stick ?

The answer is: since they gave themselves the legal right to counterfeit money in almost every country in the world, they have most of the actual wealth of the world in their control, including most of the gold and silver that was ever produced.

This kind of control cannot be circumvented except with non-compliance with this all-encompassing diseased corrupting force and how can somebody not comply when non-compliance means they have to not only give up their comfortable standards of living gained at the expense of principles, self-delusion and rationalization and rough-it out a bit until they become independently middle class or at least self-sufficient, like it was still possible in 1950s to 1980s America, but to literally starve in a trailer park somewhere or live in their car (like Eric Hunt, the maker of the film "Last Days of the Big Lie" did for a period of time, after they threw him in prison for pulling on Elie Wiesel's lapel) ?

What has to happen is for non-compliant individuals, those for individual rights and therefore those for civilization, to come together as 'collectives' as they have in this little collective of individuals on this very forum and others like it WITHOUT demanding any particular party-line except that of respect for individual rights. The right to disagree is part of individual rights but the right to violate individual rights, the right to violate the very basis of civilization in favor of tribalism and group warfare and 'democracy' of majority, mob rule, that is the 'right' of criminals to their loot, and that is not something this anti-collectivist collective would promote.

Following that line of logic, the less collectivist a nation is, the more individual rights it has, the more of a moral high ground it has.

Quote:"It is a notorious fact that the morality of society as a whole is in inverse ratio to its size; for the greater the aggregation of individuals, the more the individual factors are blotted out, and with them morality, which rests entirely on the moral sense of the individual and the freedom necessary for this. Hence, every man is, in a certain sense, unconsciously a worse man when he is in society than when acting alone; for he is carried by society and to that extent relieved of his individual responsibility. . . . Any large company composed of wholly admirable persons has the morality and intelligence of an unwieldy, stupid, and violent animal. The bigger the organization, the more unavoidable is its immorality and blind stupidity. Society, by automatically stressing all the collective qualities in its individual representatives, puts a premium on mediocrity, on everything that settles down to vegetate in an easy, irresponsible way. Individuality will inevitable be driven to the wall. This process begins in school, continues at the university, and rules all departments in which the State has a hand. In a small social body, the individuality of its members is better safeguarded; and the greater is their relative freedom and the possibility of conscious responsibility. Without freedom there can be no morality." ~ Carl Jung (from The Relations Between the Ego and the Unconscious, p.169)

This concept is valid in that, if you were not a wife beater or child-abuser yourself, you certainly wouldn't respect or deal with your neighbor if he was. You certainly wouldn't work for or try to have business dealings with a slave-plantation if you could help it because your benefit in that case becomes the slave-driver's benefit and contributes to the driving of his slaves.

The validity of this concept is EXACTLY why politicians exploit it to say: those guys over there are a bunch of tribal wife-beaters and maniacs, let us go in there and 'free them' for 'democracy,' let us go force 'freedom' down their throats with bombs lest they come here and force wife-beating and proletarianism down our throats with their big bad exploding things. Of course, the second part of that rhetoric is true, they are 'freeing' people for 'democracy' or 'the dictatorship of the majority which is dictated by the dictatorship of the mass-media in their hands.' So yes, democracy is what they want because this democracy can never be the democracy of INDIVIDUALISTS but only those of collectivists coming together in groups to steal from this or that group and most specifically all individuals who do not conform to any group or 'union,' giving this or that rationalization.

So a collective of individuals for individualism and individual rights or at the very least uncompromisingly and with full adherence to principle in that general direction is the only 'moral' collective possible since by its very nature it neuters all group force except that dedicated to protecting the individual, the smallest minority of human.

Quote: h3rm35 wrote:

Its easy to say "if we could wipe out everything and start over again, (insert philosophy here) would work beautifully." the problem is, we can't turn back time, and we would have to fix problems as the transition happened. In any situation like that, we'd have selfish pricks who insert themselfs into that process in order to gain leverage and station, and the whole thing reverts to the problems we have now.

got any ideas on how to break through the catch-22?

Well, to do that you have to defeat the fully Jewish dominated and owned mainstream media. You have to become a non-hi-jacked alternative media on the internet and any other channels open to you and get them all to come together as a massive collective of individuals for individual rights

Alex Jones has an army of 150,000 more-or-less libertarian oriented people all over the world who download each and every one of his podcasts but he gives them the wrong message. By ignoring the head of the snake himself and by constantly and relentlessly bashing the guy who most succeeded in defeating the head of the snake in the past century, namely Adolf Hitler, he basically tells them all to ignore how the head of the snake was actually defeated in the recent past and instead concentrate on the body. The head of the snake is the vastly powerful and historically proven Jewish criminal network led by immensely wealthy Jewish banksters, the same ones Hitler and Mussolini fought against, the same ones Jackson and Jefferson fought against a century before, not the freemasonic and other traitorous gentiles who collaborate with them. You could say that the American presidents were all freemasons and also collaborated but I don't think so. What matters is that the United States was extremely prosperous and free and this was not the doing of collaborators, this was the doing of those who fought against collectivist forces to the best of their ability and backed off the usurpers to the best of their ability for a hundred years.

So basically, you have to get all these morons still in the Alex Jones, Gatekeeping Cocksmokers Network, to basically jump his fence, stop making him over a million dollars a year or whatever he makes, and in vast numbers to name the head of the snake, to hack at the root instead of the branches.

That's the awakening that has to happen, the awakening out of controlled opposition into genuine opposition or else you can spend a hundred years hacking at the branches of a thicker and thicker and stronger tree, Sisyphus personified.
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RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
(08-16-2012, 03:35 AM)pax681 Wrote: what about the all time classics?!?!?

1. i won't come in your mouth
2. of course i love you
3. the cheque is in the mail
4. no your bum does not look big in that

Spoken like a true gentleman.

Those dingleberry psyops of people's retarded relationships aren't in the top 10 though they do qualify in the general category of politics trumping logic, saying what will get you what you want.

[Image: dccb12a75cfdca57f8c45a8d352b689d.gif]

[Image: dingleberry.jpg]
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RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize !
Quote:h3rm35 wrote:

also, what would you suggest as an non-collective alternative to things like transportation infrastructure?

People make such a big problem of out 'transportation' and 'roads' as if it's the most complicated thing in the world and only a some big retarded slimy disgusting puke-inducing douchebags sitting inside a governmental office can solve it ?

Since when ?

Keepping strictly out of the realm of science fiction and down-to-earth. You can easily privatize roads and make them work much better than any government ever could.

But first you have to completely eliminate 2 things:

1) Central Bank USURY
2) Central Bank Fractional Reserve Counterfeiting

Without those first 2 things accomplished you might as well be bashing your head against a brick wall because NOTHING will ever work in your favor since ALL important assets in the entire society will be owned wholesale in a very short time by a bunch of Jews who will then only use this vast power held in property to their own benefit and at the disadvantage of everyone else. Whatever benefit anyone ever gets out a Jew Bankster run country is only what benefits the Jews first and NEVER the greatest benefit of the greatest number of people, much less that of the individual in a republic like Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

So assuming those 2 steps are accomplished, then the third step is to re-establish natural law:

3) Natural Law or Science of Justice: wherein only acts of initiatory coercion (fraud being indirect force) against individuals and their property are considered illegal -

This means that all taxes are made voluntary on principle (non-initiation of force or fraud against any individual being the basic principle). Instead they are incorporated into the price of products of those individuals who believe in charging more for their products to fund their government. Others may choose not to do this, tough shit, it's their free choice, all the other voluntary government funders will have to live with it. Then you will have a country restored to a Jeffersonian republic of more-or-less Laissez-Faire non-mercantilist, non-parasitic, non-predatory win-win capitalism. This is not a utopia, this is just getting back on track and riding the same train that we rode before but doing it by strict principle this time and eternal vigilance. Once you compromise on principle, you have already poisoned yourself.

Quote:"The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body - working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." -- Thomas Jefferson

“The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them - except force.”
-- John “the Birdman” Bryant 1943 - 2009

You will then have road-building companies. The roads they build, they will own and can charge a toll on if they choose, or incorporate the price of their up-keep in other sales of products they make in that neighborhood.

Obviously it would be much more logical not to have a toll-booth in every neighborhood since then it would be a pain-in-the-ass for people to go in-&-out of your neighborhood and they will naturally prefer to freely go to other neighborhoods where there's a much more free-flowing, unrestricted atmosphere. Or since we're living in a high-tech age, you can have two entry points. One where you just slow down and enter through a booth and a machine automatically charges you a small amount like a few cents or something by reading a small strip on the side of your car just like you have on your ATM or Credit Card. Or if you want to be old fashioned you can go put some coins into another booth.

Or you can just make the products sold in that neighborhood a few cents more expensive to pay for the better roads, same as what happens when you drive from a bad neighborhood to a good neighborhood, you automatically will have to pay MORE for whatever goods and services you buy in that better neighborhood even now. It's just an economic law. A premium is always paid for quality and that includes quality roads and neighborhood.

When companies own the roads then it's to their BENEFIT to keep them in great condition or they LOSE MONEY.

Since they CANNOT INITIATE FORCE through government against individuals or smaller consortium of individuals in smaller companies not as financially powerful as them then THEY ARE CASTRATED from colluding into enforced monopolies.

They are welcome only to monopolies established by MERIT and productive ability

And any monopoly of MERIT is no monopoly at all, just superior service to the most number of people freely accepted

That's the basic Libertarian doctrine

and I think it makes a lot of logical sense

but like I said

Only if those absolutely crucial 3 steps I mentioned I taken care of first by self-defense force.

[Image: 4557180706_a9899ba4e3_z.jpg]


Lysander Spooner (January 19, 1808 – May 14, 1887) was an American individualist anarchist, political philosopher, Deist, Unitarian abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, legal theorist, and entrepreneur of the nineteenth century. He is also known for competing with the U.S. Post Office with his American Letter Mail Company, which was forced out of business by the United States government.

Spooner advocated what he called Natural Law – or the "Science of Justice" – wherein acts of initiatory coercion against individuals and their property were considered "illegal" but the so-called criminal acts that violated only man-made legislation were not.[2]

Although he denounced the institution of slavery, Spooner recognized the right of the Confederate States of America to secede as the manifestation of government by consent, a constitutional and legal principle fundamental to Spooner's philosophy; the Northern states, in contrast, were trying to deny the Southerners that right through military force.[23] He "vociferously opposed the Civil War, arguing that it violated the right of the southern states to secede from a Union that no longer represented them."[19] He believed they were attempting to restore the Southern states to the Union, against the wishes of Southerners. He argued that the right of the states to secede derives from the natural right of slaves to be free.[21] This argument was unpopular in the North and in the South after the War began, as it conflicted with the official position of both governments.[24]

Views on economics and self-employment

Spooner believed that it is beneficial if people are self-employed so that they could enjoy the full fruits of their labor rather than having to share them with an employer. He argued that various forms of government intervention in the free market made it difficult for people to start their own businesses. For one, he believed that laws against high interest rates, or "usury" prevented those with capital from extending credit because they could not be compensated for high risks of not being repaid: "If a man have not capital of his own, upon which to bestow his labor, it is necessary that he be allowed to obtain it on credit. And in order that he may be able to obtain it on credit, it is necessary that he be allowed to contract for such a rate of interest as will induce a man, having surplus capital, to loan it to him; for the capitalist cannot, consistently with natural law, be compelled to loan his capital against his will. All legislative restraints upon the rate of interest, are, therefore, nothing less than arbitrary and tyrannical restraints upon a man’s natural capacity amid natural right to hire capital, upon which to bestow his labor....The effect of usury laws, then, is to give a monopoly of the right of borrowing money, to those few, who can offer the most approved security." [25]

Spooner also believed that government restrictions on issuance of private money made it inordinately difficult for individuals to obtain the capital on credit to start their own businesses, thereby putting them in a situation where "a very large portion of them, to save themselves from starvation, have no alternative but to sell their labor to others" and those who do employ others are only able to afford to pay "far below what the laborers could produce, [than] if they themselves had the necessary capital to work with."[26] Spooner said that there was "a prohibitory tax --- a tax of ten per cent. --- on all notes issued for circulation as money, other than the notes of the United States and the national banks" which he argued caused an artificial shortage of credit, and that eliminating this tax would result in making plenty of money available for lending[26] such that: "All the great establishments, of every kind, now in the hands of a few proprietors, but employing a great number of wage labourers, would be broken up; for few or no persons, who could hire capital and do business for themselves would consent to labour for wages for another."[27]

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

by Lysander Spooner
can be read here:

Audio File:

"I have listened with great interest to discussions regarding decentralization and centralization and I have thought that the question of whether it is valid to decentralize or centralize is unanswerable because it deals with one one-way sign in two-way traffic. It is a static question in a dynamic universe.

Man was invented a mobile device and process. He has survived through his ability to advance or retreat as his mortal requirements have dictated. Of his two primary faculties, quickness is of great importance but intellect is first.

He recognized that vital quickness may be momentary reflex but that satisfactory continuities are proportional to his degree of comprehension of the consequence of his initiative. Degree of comprehension he measures in the terms of the complex integration of all individuals' all-time experience, as processed by intellectual integrity. His quickness would be a spontaneous servant to that integrity.

Despite intermittent submissiveness to runaway momentums of residual ignorance, man guards most dearly and secretly his freedom of thought and initiative. Therefrom emanates the social-industrial relay, from self starter to group starters.

Out of this freedom alone understanding may be generated. Man recognizes understanding as an activated circuit of mutual comprehension by individual minds. Understanding must be plural. However, because individual experience is unique, understanding can be developed only in principle out of the compounding significance of plurality of experience. Thus, man knows that the voluntary interactions of understanding dealing in fundamental principles will always master involuntary mass actions, and that individual freedom ever anticipates and ultimately masters mutual emergency."
~ from "Ideas and Integrities" by Buckminster Fuller (1963)

25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives !

The great thing about this is that it will only take around 25 seconds to a couple of minutes of their 'oh-so-precious' time away from watching the crap on their TV, so they will almost always do what you say even to just get rid of you.

Have them watch this 25 second clip:

let them watch it a few times if they want and then ask them what the video is asking which is

"If this happened tomorrow, would you believe it ? "

and see what they say.

It should be good for lots of laughs because if they have the brains to recognize this 25 second clip for the complete media fakery and forgery that it so obviously is (by the video maker - complete with fake F18 plane getting swallowed by building, fake headlines and CNN logo - CNN: Breaking News - F18 hijacked by Hamas terrorists - Iran is supporting terrorism on U.S. soil, a non-event, & audio transposed from the 9-11 newscasts in the background) then you can just tell them:

Well, this is what you saw on 9-11 as well, so why do you believe that ?

After which you can show them one of the ridiculously fake 9-11 clips such as this one:

[Image: no_plane.gif]

and ask them why in the world would they not believe the one they just saw & believe the others from 9-11 ?

Then try not to laugh at the look on their faces as they try every lame excuse in the book to deny their own eyes and logic. Icon_biggrin

Ricefoot's The Real Truth Behind The Illusion Of 9/11

Truth Militia Radio with Rich & Keith - 10 / 28 / 2012 - Guest: John Friend

Truth Militia Radio - John Friend Interviews Deanna Spingola - 10 / 30 / 2012 - topics: the holohoax; the amenities and facilities of the German work camps vs. Eisenhower's 200 German starvation death camps, the brutality of the Poles and Russians; the torture of Germans to get confessions at Nuremberg, etc.
11-18-2012, 02:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-28-2012, 12:31 AM by Negentropic.)
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize ! - IMG INT
Truth Militia Radio with John Friend - 11 / 16 / 2012 - Guest: Zan Overall

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we'll be joined by activist Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man. Zan is a 9/11 and holohoax activist, and he will be on to discuss his recent experience at a pro-Palestine, anti-Islamophobia rally and some of his other outreach efforts.

[Image: 1.jpg]

Zan Overall's you tube channel:

[Image: funny-America-Economy-cartoon.jpg]
[Image: Cartoon_LOL_04_rothschilds.png]

[Image: IMG_0153.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0156.jpg]
John's recent meeting with David Irving in San Diego
11-28-2012, 12:49 AM,
RE: Top 10 lies / PSYOPS that you need to recognize ! - John Friend - IMG INT
Truth Militia Radio with John Friend 11 / 27 / 2012 - Guest: Thomas Goodrich

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we'll be joined by Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of National Socialist Germany, 1944-1947. We'll be discussing the systematic Jew-controlled allied annihilation of Germany, including the joint British and American fire-bombing campaign of German cities and industrial centers, the targeting of German civilian ships evacuating German refugees from Eastern Europe, the mass rape, torture, and murder of German men, women, and children, and the role of Jewish propagandists in instigating the war and inciting hatred of Germans in the West and Soviet Union. Signed and numbered hard copy from (Aberdeen Books, 2010), 303-795-1890, purchase soft cover book from Tom for $20

Siegfried joins the discussion in the second hour.

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: dead-german-soldier.jpg]

[Image: brandenberg-gate-berlin-1945.jpeg]

[Image: german-women-killed-herself-berlin-april-may-1945.jpg]
German woman who killed herself in Berlin, circa April / May-1945 rather than face rape by the marauding armies of Stalin & his allies.

[Image: Eisenhower-death-camp.JPG]
Eisenhower renamed surrendered German pow's 'disarmed combatants' so he could starve them, dehydrate them, expose them to the elements and genocide them.

[Image: 400px-reemagen_enclosure.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m6v0mbQjyx1rubozqo1_1280.jpg]

Thomas Goodrich's non-history blog:

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