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The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
07-14-2012, 04:14 PM,
The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
07-21-2012, 08:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-25-2012, 09:23 AM by Negentropic.)
RE: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
(07-14-2012, 04:14 PM)icosaface Wrote: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Quote:Our Uncle Bucky – everyone called him Bucky — believed that meat was the best way for us earthlings to get good nutrition, and for long periods of time he ate only steak, prunes, Jell-O and strong tea three or four times a day.

He made a habit of napping for 30 minutes after every six hours of work, falling asleep instantly.

Almost total carnivore just like Owsley Stanley. Had a massive coronary at 88 years of age. Too much sugar from all that Jello must have done him in.

like the music; amplified upright bass sounds great

“Buckminster Fuller
friend of the universe
bringer of happiness.
liberator.” Ezra Pound (June 29, 1971)

"I have listened with great interest to discussions regarding decentralization and centralization and I have thought that the question of whether it is valid to decentralize or centralize is unanswerable because it deals with one one-way sign in two-way traffic. It is a static question in a dynamic universe.

Man was invented a mobile device and process. He has survived through his ability to advance or retreat as his mortal requirements have dictated. Of his two primary faculties, quickness is of great importance but intellect is first.

He recognized that vital quickness may be momentary reflex but that satisfactory continuities are proportional to his degree of comprehension of the consequence of his initiative. Degree of comprehension he measures in the terms of the complex integration of all individuals' all-time experience, as processed by intellectual integrity. His quickness would be a spontaneous servant to that integrity.

Despite intermittent submissiveness to runaway momentums of residual ignorance, man guards most dearly and secretly his freedom of thought and initiative. Therefrom emanates the social-industrial relay, from self starter to group starters.

Out of this freedom alone understanding may be generated. Man recognizes understanding as an activated circuit of mutual comprehension by individual minds. Understanding must be plural. However, because individual experience is unique, understanding can be developed only in principle out of the compounding significance of plurality of experience. Thus, man knows that the voluntary interactions of understanding dealing in fundamental principles will always master involuntary mass actions, and that individual freedom ever anticipates and ultimately masters mutual emergency."

~ from "Ideas and Integrities" by Buckminster Fuller (1963)

[Image: resize__575__575__5__edu_images__Lake-Michigan.jpg]
From left to right: Buckminster Fuller with daughter Allegra Fuller and wife Anne Fuller. July, 1928.

[Image: 105_6Lg.jpg]
Dymaxion Car outside the Bridgeport factory, 1933
Buckminster Fuller
© Buckminster Fuller Institute
07-22-2012, 05:14 PM,
RE: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
He was visiting his wife, Anne, she was in a coma in a hospital and he abandoned ship there at her bedside. She never came out of the coma and followed suit a couple of days later.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
11-15-2012, 02:01 PM,
RE: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
Quote:At all times nowadays, there are approximately 66 million human
beings around Earth who are living comfortably inside their mothers'
wombs. The country called Nigeria embraces one-fourth of the
human beings of the great continent of Africa. There are 66 million
Nigerians. We can say that the number of people living in Wombland
is about the same as one-fourth the population of Africa. This 66
million Womblanders tops the total population of either West
Germany's 58 million, the United Kingdom's 55 million, Italy's 52
million, France's 50 million, or Mexico's 47 million. Only nine of the
world's so-called countries (China, India, Soviet Union, United
States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, and Brazil) have individual
populations greater than our luxuriously-living, under-nine-monthsold

Seemingly switching our subject, but only for a moment, we note
that for the last two decades scientists probing with electrodes have
learned a great deal about the human brain. The brain gives off
measurable energy and discrete wave patterns disclosed by the
oscillograph. Specific, repetitive dreams have been identified by
these wave patterns. The neurological and physiological explorers
do not find it extravagant to speculate that we may learn that what
humanity has thus far spoken of mystifiedly as telepathy, science will
have discovered, within decades, to be ultra-ultra high-frequency
electro-magnetic wave propagations.

All good science fiction develops realistically that which scientific
data suggests to be imminent. It is good science fiction to suppose
that a superb telepathetic communication system is inter-linking all
those young citizens of worldaround Wombland. We intercept one of
the conversations: "How are things over there with you?" Answer:
"My mother is planning to call me either Joe or Mary. She doesn't
know that my call frequency is already 7567-00-3821." Other: "My
mother had better apply to those characters Watson, Crick, and
Wilkerson for my call numbers!" And another of their 66 million
Womblanders comes in with, "I'm getting very apprehensive about
having to 'go outside.' We have been hearing from some of the kids
who just got out— They say we are going to be cut off from the main
supply. We are going to have to shovel fuel and pour liquids into our
systems. We are going to have to make our own blood. We are
going to have to start pumping some kind of gas into our lungs to
purify our own blood. We are going to have to make ourselves into
giants fifteen times our present size. Worst of all, we are going to
have to learn to lie about everything. It's going to be a lot of work,
very dangerous, and very discouraging." Answer: "Why don't we
strike? We are in excellent posture for a 'sit-down.'" Other: "Wow!
What an idea. We will have the whole population of worldaround
Wombland refuse to go out at graduation day. Our cosmic population
will enter more and more human women's wombs, each refusing to
graduate at nine months. More and more Earthian women will get
more and more burdened. Worldaround consternation— agony. We
will notify the outsiders that, until they stop lying to themselves and to
each other and give up their stupid sovereignties and exclusive
holier-than-thou ideologies, pollutions, and mayhem, we are going to
refuse to come out. Only surgery fatal to both the mothers and
ourselves could evacuate us."

Another: "Great! We had might as well do it. If we do come out
we will be faced with the proliferation of Cold War's guerrillerized
killing of babies for psycho-shock demoralization of worldaround
innocent communities inadvertently involved in the abstruse
ideological warfare waged by diametrically opposed, equally
stubborn, would-be do-gooder, bureaucratic leaders and their
partisans who control all of the world's means of production and
killing, whose numbers (including all the politically preoccupied
individuals around the Earth) represent less than one per cent of all
humanity, to whose human minds and hearts the politicos and their
guns give neither satisfaction nor hope. Like the women in Lysistrata
who refused intercourse with their men until they stopped fighting, we
Womblanders would win."

Until yesterday, what are now the 150 member nations of our
planet's United Nations were tiny groups of humans who for two
million years had been regenerating around our globe so remotely
from one another that each colony, nation, or tribe was utterly unaware
of one another's existence. Only through telepathy, as
supposedly operative in the previous paragraphs, could those remote
cells of precariously-surviving human beings have been aware
of one another throughout those two million years. In the last few
split seconds of overall history, there emerged a dozen millennia ago
from the womb of tribal remoteness a few sailors and overland
explorers who began to discover the presence of other humans
scattered around the mysterious world. Finding the tribes to be each
unaware of either the surprising resources or the vital needs and
desires of the others, they kept the whereabouts of these surprise
demands and supplies secret and thus were able, through monopoly
of commerce and middle-manning, to exploit to their own special
advantage the vital needs, ignorance, and the wealth of life-support
to be generated by expediting or slowing the physical resource
interactions with humanity's available time to work the resources into
higher advantage tools, environment controlling devices, and
metabolically regenerative sustainers.

Throughout all the two million years up to the Twentieth Century,
the total distance covered by an average man in an average lifetime
disclosed to him less than one-millionth of the surface of our
spherical planet. So tiny was a human and so relatively large is our
planet that it is not surprising that humans as yet cerebrate only in
terms of a "wide, wide world— a four-cornered Earth," situated in the
middle of an infinite plane, to which all the perpendiculars are
parallel to one another and lead only in two directions— UP and
DOWN— with sky UP there and earth DOWN here. Don't think it is
only an illiterate unemployee who is misoriented and ignorant; even
now the senses and brains of all the Ph.D. scientists are so
reflexively misoriented that they too see the sun go down, plunging
into the infinite plane at a mysterious and never-discovered place
called the West, to rise mysteriously from it again next morning at a
never-identified place called East— and Astronaut Conrad bursts out
spontaneously from his moon advantage talking about being " … up
here on the moon..." and the President of the United States
congratulates the astronauts on "...going up to the moon and back
down to earth." Scientists not only admit but assert that there are no
locales in the Universe to be identified as UP and DOWN. None of
the perpendiculars to our spherical Earth's surface are parallel to one
another; they lead in an infinity of directions.

No matter how you may look upon the matter morally and
ideologically, the assumption that humanity could or could not own a
piece of land with all the earth vertically below it and all the air
vertically above it is not only scientifically invalid— it is scientifically
impossible. The scheme is geometrically possible only as an up-anddown
make-believe flat world.

To understand the scientific impossibility of such a scheme, let us
consider a cube inside of a sphere, with the cube's eight corners
congruent with the surface of the sphere. Let the cube's twelve edges
consist of steel structurals. A light is at the common center of the
cube and sphere and casts a shadow of the twelve structural edges
of the cube outwardly upon the surface of the translucent sphere. We
will now see that the total spherical surface is divided symmetrically
by great circle arcs into six equilateral four-edged areas. Though
each of the four-sided symmetrical areas has 120-degree corners
instead of 90-degree corners, each is called a spherical square.
Altogether they constitute a spherical cube.

We will now suppose the spherical cube to be the planet Earth.
We will suppose that war and treaties have resulted in the total
Earth's being divided equally amongst six sovereign groups— each
empowered by its laws to grant deeds to properties within their
respective spherical square surfaces on the planet, regardless of
whether covered by water or not. We will suppose that, as at
present, each of the world's major sovereign nations assumes the
authority to deed or lease the titles to subdivisions of each of their
respective lands to corporations, sub-governments, and individuals.
All the legally recognized deeds to property anywhere around our
Earth date back only to sovereign claims established and maintained
exclusively by military might.

Now that we have the model of a cubical subdivision of the
sphere, let us color our cube's six faces, respectively, red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, and violet. Let Russia sovereignly possess the
red face of the cube. Consider all the perpendiculars to the red face
of the internally positioned cube as being the up and down perpendiculars
defining the property claims to all the land below the surface
and all the air above the surface. Under these conditions, it will be
seen that the red square owns all the interior of the cube which
occurs perpendicularly below that red surface square. Therefore,
each of the six countries would be claiming exclusive possession of
the same "whole" cube, which obviously invalidates each and all of
their claims to only one-sixth of the cube. This realization is mildly
reminiscent of Portia's admonition to Shylock that he must be able to
cut loose his pound of flesh without letting a drop of blood.

"Alright," you say, "I will concede it is impossible to demonstrate
the validity of the claims to the lands lying perpendicularly below my
surface map without invalidating all other land owners of the world.
Therefore, I will try to live on the surface of my land and just claim it
and the air space vertically above me." "Alright," we say to you,
"what air are you talking about, because it just blew away." You retort
testily, "I don't mean that nonsense... just the air geometrically above
me. That is what I refer to when I say you are violating my air
space— you are violating my overhead geometry." "Alright," we say
to you, "which stars were you looking at when you said, '...that space
above me'? Our Earth has been revolved away from those stars.
Other stars are now above us. Not only are we revolving, but we are
simultaneously orbiting around the sun, while all the planets and
stars are always in swift motion, but are so far away from us and our
lives so short that we are unable to perceive those motions. The
distances involved are so great that the light from the next star to the
sun takes four and one-half years to come to our solar system while
traveling 700 million miles per hour and the distance across our
galaxy is more than 300,000 light years, while the next nearest of the
millions of galaxies are multi-millions of light years away from our
galactic nebula. With those kinds of distances in the heavens, the
amount of star motion that you and I can detect in our lifetime is
humanly unrecognizable. Most of the star speeds within their
galaxies are in the order of only 100,000 miles per hour, which is a
negligible speed beside light's speed of 700 million miles per hour."

Because all the stars in the Universe are in motion, our planet
orbits rotatingly in an ever-changing, omni-circus of celestial
events. There is no static geometry of omni-interrelationship of Uni
verse events. Some of the stars you are looking at have not been
there for a million years— Some no longer exist. As Einstein and
Planck discovered, "Universe is a scenario of non-simultaneous and
only partially overlapping, transformative events." One frame in the
scenario of caterpillar does not foretell the later scenario event of its
transformation into butterfly. One frame of butterfly cannot tell you
that the butterfly flies; only large time-sequence segments of the
scenario can provide meaningful information. Cogitating on the
myriads of stars apparently scattered in disorderly spherical array
about the heavens, individuals often remark, as may you, "I wonder
what is outside outside?"— asking for a one-frame answer, which is
as unintelligent as asking, "Which word is the dictionary?" You know
the order of the dictionary to be alphabetical, but its words do not
read sequentially. Just hearing them read aloud, they make an only
apparent, disorderly array. This is typical of the manner in which
nature hides her orderliness in only apparent disorder.

Back to little Space Vehicle Earth and that question of property.
The most that the individual could be entitled to own would be the
inside of an infinitely thin blueprint of his land, because there is no
geometry of space outside it and no exclusively occupiable land
below. Our planet Earth is the home of all humans, but scientifically
speaking it belongs only to Universe. It belongs equally to all
humans. This is the natural, geometrical law. Any laws of man which
contradict nature are unenforceable and specious.

Without the infinitely-extended lateral plane, the words up and
down are meaningless. The airman initiated the correct descriptive
terms "coming IN for a landing and going OUT." It is meaningful to
say "INSTAIRS and OUTSTAIRS." Say it for a week and your
senses will discover and notify that you are living on a planet.
What do you mean, "astronaut?" We are all astronauts. Always
have been— but really! Never mind your "Never-mind-that-spacestuff,
let's-be-practical, let's-get-down-to-Earth" talk— brain-talk as
undisturbed by knowledge as is a parrot's brain-talk by any
awareness born of thought. Brain is physical— weighable; thought is
metaphysical— weightless. Many creatures have brains. Man alone
has mind. Parrots cannot do algebra; only mind can abstract. Brains
are physical devices for storing and retrieving special case experience data. Mind alone can discover and employ the generalized
scientific principles found holding true in every special case

Universe has disclosed to astrophysics an elegantly orderly
inventory of ninety-two regenerative chemical elements, each with its
unique behaviors, all of which are essential to the success of
Universe. All are in continual interexchange within the total
evolutionary process of Universe. Ignorant humans aboard Space
Vehicle Earth are now screaming, "Pollution!" There is no such
phenomenon. What they call pollution is extraordinarily valuable
chemistry essential to Universe and essential to man on Earth. What
is happening is that the egocentricity of omni-specialized man makes
him ignorant of the value with which his processing is confronting
him. The yellow-brown content of fume and smog is mostly sulphur.
The amount of sulphur going out of the smokestacks around the
world each year is exactly the same as the amount of sulphur being
taken from the Earth each year to keep the world ecology going. It
would be far less expensive to catch that sulphur while concentrated
in the stack, and to distribute it to the original users, than to do the
original mining AND to get it out of human lungs, et cetera, when all
the costs to society over a deteriorating twenty-five years are taken
into account. But humanity insists on holding to this year's profits,
crops, and elections. World society is lethally shortsighted.

Subconsciously reflexing to the as yet mistaken concept of an
infinite plane, men have felt that they could dispose of annoyingly
accruing substances with which they did not know how to deal by
dispatching them outward in some cosmic direction, assumedly to be
diffused innocuously in infinity. "I spit in the ocean. So what?"
Humans as yet cerebrate secretly and hopefully that— inasmuch as
yesterday's exhaustion of customary resources has always been
followed by discovery of alternate and better resources— the great
infinity is going to keep right on taking care of ignorant carelessness
and waste. "So what the hell?" say the "down-to-earth" statusquoers.
"Pump all the fossil fuel energy-depositing of billions of years
out from the Earth's crust. Burn it up in a century. Fill all your bank
accounts with ten-place figures. To hell with the great grandchildren.
Let them burn up our Space Vehicle Earth's oceans with hydrogen
fusion. Let them do the worrying about tomorrow."

Just as biological protoplasmic cells are colonized into larger
organisms, the most complex and omni-adaptable of which is the
human, so too do humans colonize and inventively externalize the
same organic tool functions for their mutual metabolic regeneration.
We call this complex mutual tool externalization by the name
industrialization, in which each of us can use the telephone or the
electric light in our special, unique tasks, all of which require
increasing development of worldaround access to the total resources
and worldaround distribution of the advantages comprehensively
produced in total metabolic regeneration.

The world population which, after the cell-colonizing within its
controlled environment, has been emitted from the thin,
protoplasmic, tissue-sheathed, human womb into planet Earth's
larger biosphere-sheathed, industrial organism womb, goes on
colonizing, integrating, and specializing locally as innocently and
ignorantly as did the protoplasmic cells within the woman's womb, all
the while mistrusting one another as they evolve their utter
interdependence around Earth, as do the individual protoplasmic
cells of the residents of human Wombland gather together
selectively, finally to form a whole child. In due course, we will
realize a one world human integrity and with each degree of physical
integration a new degree of metaphysical freedom will be attained.
Earthians in their more roomy biosphere are as yet provided-for,
despite their utter ignorance of the infinitely-exquisite reliable
interactions of cosmic mechanics. Mothers don't have to invent a
breast to feed the baby or invent oxygen for it to breathe. Nor do they
have to tell the child how to invent its cell growth. Humans are utterly
ignorant of what goes on, how, and why.

The Universe is a self-regenerating and transforming organic
machine. Human womb graduates now gestating within the
biosphere's world industrial organism womb are discovering and
employing a few of the principles governing micro-macro cosmic
mechanics, all the while ignorantly speaking of their accomplishments
of the generally-disregarded obvious as "inventions" and
"creations." Now humans have become suspicious of their little
machines, blaming them for the continual disconnects of the
inexorable evolutionary processes of cosmic gestations which—
transcendental to their brain detecting— ever and again emit them
into a greater, more inclusively exquisite spherical environment of
automated mechanical controls that progressively decontrol humanity's
thought and action capabilities— ever increasing humanity's
options— emancipating it from its former almost total preoccupation
with absolute survival factors.

Assuming erroneously that their day-to-day positive experiences
should be rendered perpetual and their negative experiences
eliminated, humans try to freeze the unfreezable evolution at specific
stages. They try to make "plastic flowers" of all momentarily
satisfying events and paraphernalia. In the past, they tried to do it
with stone. Separated from the familiar, confronted with the
unfamiliar, and reflexed only by the brain's mechanical feedback,
unthinking humans— not realizing that there are no straight lines, only
wavy ones, and not realizing that waves can only be propagated by
positive-negative oscillating— find their straight linear strivings
forever frustrated by the wave system realities of Universe.
Ignorantly they speak of the evolutionary waves' regeneratively
oscillating complementaries as "good" and "bad," though the
scientist can find no such moral and immoral qualities in the electron
or its complementary opposite, the positron.

Humanity as a whole is indeed being emitted from a two-millionyear
gestation within the womb of permitted ignorance, for which
infantile period cosmic mechanics have been making ample
provision not only to offset ignorance and waste but also to permit
humanity's gradual trial-and-error experimental discovery of the
relatively negligible effectiveness of its muscle— which it had at first
employed not only exclusively but savagely— and the concomitant
discovery of the infinite apprehending and comprehending
effectiveness of the human mind, which alone can discover and
employ the Universal verities— and thereby realize comprehensively
the potential, progressive, non-wasteful, competent, considerate
mastery of the physical environment by the metaphysical intellect.
The metaphysical integrities manifest throughout the everywhere
inter-transforming Universe's omni-inter-accommodative cosmic
organic system apparently are from time-to-time emulated in meager
degree by the intellect of the human passengers who are gestating
within the spherical womb sheath of planet Earth's watery, gaseous,
and electro-magnetic biosphere.

Humanity's most recent sorties to the moon from within Space
Vehicle Earth's womb-like biosphere sheath have been tantamount
to a premature, temporary surgical removal of a baby from its human
mother's womb, skillfully enclosed within a scientifically-controlled
environment, still attached to the mother, and after successful
surgery being returned into the human mother's womb to loll-out its
remaining gestation days to the successful detached-action launching
outwards in Universe which we ignorantly identify as "birth."

Sovereign nation "landing cards" require answers to ridiculous
questions: "When were you born?" "Where do you live?" Answer: "I
am immortal. I check in here and there from celestial-time-tocelestial-
time. Right now I am a passenger on Space Vehicle Earth
zooming about the Sun at 60,000 miles per hour somewhere in the
solar system, which is God-only-knows where in the scenario
Universe. Why do you ask?"

Humanity's sorties to the moon have been accomplished only
through instrumental guidance of their controlled-environment
capsules and mechanical-enclosure clothing by utterly invisible
electromagnetic wave phenomena referenced to instrument-aligned
star bearings, with the invisible mathematical integrations accomplished
by computers, uncorrupted and incorruptible by ignorantly
opinionated humans. Thus has man been advantaged by the few
who have thought and acted to produce the instruments, as yet
relieving the vast majority of humans from the necessity of having to
think and coordinate their sensings with the realities of cosmic

Humans still think in terms of an entirely superficial game of static
things— solids, surfaces, or straight lines— despite that no things— no
continuums— only discontinuous, energy quanta— separate event
packages— operate as remotely from one another as the stars of the
Milky Way. Science has found no "things"; only events. Universe has
no nouns; only verbs. Don't say self-comfortingly to yourself or to me
that you have found the old way of getting along with false notions to
be quite adequate and satisfactory. So was the old umbilical cord to
your mother. But you can't re-attach it and your mother is no longer
physically present. You can't go back. You can't stay put. You can
only grow and, if you comprehend what is going on, you will find it
ever more satisfactory and fascinating, for that is what evolution is
doing, whether you think, ignorantly, that you don't like it or do.

To each human being, environment is "all of Universe that isn't
me." Our macrocosmic and microcosmic "isn't me-ness" consists
entirely of widely dissynchronous frequencies of repetitions of
angular changes and complex inter-actions of waves of different
lengths and frequencies of repetition. Physics has found a Universe
consisting only of frequency and angle modulations.

Our environment is a complex of frequencies and angles. Our
environment is a complex of different frequencies of impingement—
from within and without— upon the individual "me-nesses." We are in
a womb of complex frequencies. Some of those frequencies man
identifies ignorantly with such words as "sight, sound, touch, and
smell." Others he calls "tornadoes, earthquakes, novae." Some he
ignorantly looks upon as static things: houses, rocks, and human-like

Very, very slow changes humans identify as inanimate. Slow
change of pattern they call animate and natural. Fast changes they
call explosive, and faster events than that humans cannot sense
directly. They can see the rocket blasted off at 7,000 miles per hour.
They cannot see the hundred-thousand times faster radar pulse
moving 700 million miles per hour. Humans can sense only the
position of pointers on instrument dials. What they call "radio"—
electro-magnetics— they learn of through scientific instrumentation.
Of the total electro-mechanical spectrum range of the now known
realities of Universe, man has the sensory equipment to tune in
directly with but one-millionth of the thus far discovered physical
Universe events. Awareness of all the rest of the million-fold
greater-than-human-sense reality can only be relayed to human ken
through instruments, devised by a handful of thought-employing
individuals anticipating thoughtfully the looming needs of others.

The almost totally invisible, nonsensorial, electro-magnetic
womb-sheath of environmental evolution's reality-phase into which
humanity is now being born— after two million years of ignorant,
innocent gestation— is as yet almost entirely uncomprehended by
humanity. 99.9 per cent of all that is now transpiring in human activity
and interaction with nature is taking place within the realms of reality
which are utterly invisible, inaudible, unsmellable, untouchable by
human senses. But the invisible reality has its own behavioral rules
which are entirely transcendental to man-made laws and evaluation
limitations. The invisible reality's integrities are infinitely reliable. It
can only be comprehended by metaphysical mind, guided by
bearings toward something sensed as truth. Only metaphysical mind
can communicate. Brain is only an information storing and retrieving
instrument. Telephones cannot communicate; only the humans who
use the instruments. Man is metaphysical mind. No mind— no
communication— no man. Physical transactions without mind— YES.
Communication— NO. Man is a self-contained, micro-communicating
system. Humanity is a macro-communicating system. Universe is a
serial communicating system; a scenario of only partially
overlapping, nonsimultaneous, irreversible, transformative events.

As yet preoccupied only with visible, static, newspicture views of
superficial surfaces of people and things— with a one-millionth
fraction of reality which it has cartooned in utter falsehood— society
fails to realize that several hundred thousand radio or TV
communications are at all times invisibly present everywhere around
our planet. They permeate every room in every building— passing
right through walls and human tissue. This is to say that the stone
walls and human tissue are invisible and nonexistent to the electromagnetic wave reality. We only deceived ourselves into reflexing
that the walls are solid. How do you see through your solid
eyeglasses? They are not full of holes. They are aggregates of
atoms as remote from one another as are the stars. There's plenty of
space for the waves of light to penetrate.

Several hundred thousand different wide-band radio sets can at
any time be tuned in anywhere around our biosphere to as many
different communications. Going right through our heads now, these
programs could be tuned in by the right crystals and circuits. Crystals
and circuits consist of logically structured atomic arrays. Such arrays
could operate even within our brains. Tiny bats fly in the dark by
locating objects ahead in their flight path by ever more minuscule
radar sending and receiving, distance-to-object calculating
mechanisms. Right this minute, five hundred Earth-launched satellites
with sensors are reporting all phenomena situated about our
planet's surface. Tune in the right wavelength and learn where every
beef cattle or every cloud is located around the Earth. All that
information is now being broadcast continually and invisibly.
For humans to have within their cerebral mechanism the proper
atomic radio transceivers to carry on telepathetic communication is
no more incredible than the transistors which were invented only two
decades ago, and far less incredible than the containment of the
bat's radar and range-finding computer within its pin-point size brain.

There is nothing in the scientific data which says the following
thoughts are impossible and there is much in the data which
suggests that they are probable. The thoughts go as follows: The
light of a candle broadcasting its radiation in all directions can be
seen no farther than a mile away in clear atmosphere. When the
same candle's flame is placed close in to the focus of a parabolic
reflector and its rays are even further concentrated into a beam by a
Freznell lens, its light can be seen at ten miles distance. The earliest
lighthouses were furnished with such reflectively concentrated beam
lights of tiny oil lamps.

What we speak of as light is a limited set of frequencies of the
vast electro-magnetic wave ranges. All electro-magnetic waves can
be beamed as well as broadcast. When beamed and lensingly
concentrated (as with the laser beams refracted through rubies), their
energies are so concentrated as to be able to bore tunnels in
mountains. The shorter the waves, the smaller the reflector and
refractor may be.

We know that the human has never seen outside himself.
Electromagnetic waves of light bounce off objects outside him and frequencies are picked up by the human eyes and scanningly relayed back into the brain. Because the light is so much faster than touch,
smell, and hearing, men have tended to discount the billionth of a
second it takes light to bounce off one's hand and to get the
information back into one's brain. All sensing is done by humans
entirely inside the brain, with information nerve-relayed from the
external contact receivers. The human brain is like a major television
studio-station. Not only does the brain monitor all the incoming, live,
visible, audible, smellable, and touchable 3D shows, it also makes
videotapes of the incoming news, continually recalls yesterday's
relevant documentaries and compares them with incoming news to
differentiate out the discovered new and unexpected events from the
long-familiar types, and to discover the implications of the news from
those previously-experienced similar events, in order swiftly to
design new scenarios of further actions logically to be taken in
respect to the newly-evolved challenges.

So faithful has been the 4D, omni-directional, image-ination within
the human omni-sense transceiving studio-stations of human brains
that the humans themselves long ago came to assume
spontaneously that the information received inside the brain made it
safe to presume that those events were, in fact, taking place outside
and remote from the seeing human individual. The reliability of all
this imagining has been so constant that he now tends to think he
sees only outside himself.

The shorter the electro-magnetic, air, water, sand, or rocky
earthquake wavelengths, the higher their frequency. The higher the
wave frequencies, the more the possibility of their interfering with
other high-frequency, physical phenomena such as walls, trees,
mountains. The nearer they approach the same frequencies, the less
do they interfere with one another. For this reason, the very high frequency
electro-magnetic waves of radio and television get badly
deflected by obstacles. As a consequence, man learned to beam
short wave television programs from horizon to horizon. He
developed parabolic transceiver reflectioning cups that took in and
sent out waves in parallel beam-focused rays. At the transceiver
relay stations on the horizons, additional energy is fed into the
signals received and their projection power is boosted so that, when
they arrive at final destination after many relayings, their fidelity and
power are as yet exquisitely differentiated and clearly resonated.
It may well be that human eyes are just such infra-sized parabolic
transceiver cups. It may be that our transceiver eyes adequately
accommodate the extraordinarily low magnitude of energy
propagating of the brain as electro-magnetic wave pattern
oscillations to be picked up by others.

Early photography required whole minutes of exposure. As film
chemistry improved, exposure times decreased. Yesterday, one-thousandth of a second was fast. Today's capability makes one
millionth of a second a relatively slow electro-astrophotography
exposure. Pictures taken in a millionth of a second today are clearer
than those of yesterday which took minutes. The scanned-out picture
signals travel 700 million miles per hour. The effect in terms of man's
tactile, hearing, and smelling senses is instantaneous.

Speakers who appear frequently before large audiences of
human beings over a period of years have learned that the eyes of
the audience "talk back" so instantaneously to them that they know
just what their audiences are thinking and they can converse with
their audiences, even though the speaker seems to be the only one
making audible words. The feedback by eye is so swift as to give
him instantaneous, spontaneous reaction and appropriate thought

The parabolic reflector-beamed, ultra-ultra high frequency,
electro-magnetic waves— such as can be coped with by transceivers
with the infra-diameter of the human eye— are such that they would
be completely interfered with by walls or other to-us-seemingly opaque
objects. However, when they are beamed outwardly to the
sky in a cloudless atmosphere, no interference occurs. Ultra short
wave radio and radar beams which are interfered with by mountains
and trees can be beamed into a clear sky and bounced off the moon,
to be received back on Earth in approximately one and three-fourths
seconds. In a like manner, it is possible that human eyes operating
as transceivers, all unbeknownst to us, may be beaming our thoughts
out into the great night-sky void, not even having the sun's radiation
to interfere mildly with them. Such eye-beamed thoughts sent off
through the inter-celestial voids might bounce off various objects at
varying time periods, being reflectively re-angled to a new direction
in Universe without important energy loss. A sufficient number of
bouncings-off of a sufficient number of asteroids and cosmic dust
could convert the beams into wide-angle sprays which diffuse their
energy signals in so many angular directions as to reduce them
below receptor-detection level. Eye-beamed thoughts might bounce
off objects so remote as to delay their 700 million mile per hour
travel back to Earth for a thousand years, ten thousand years, a
hundred thousand years. It is quite possible that thoughts may be
eye-beamed outwardly not only from Earth to bounce back to Earth
at some later period from some celestially-mirroring object, but
also that thoughts might be beamed— through non-interfering space
to be accidentally received upon Earth— from other planets
elsewhere in Universe. There is nothing in the data to suggest that
the phenomenon we speak of as intuitive thought may not be just
such remote cosmic transmissions. Intuitions come to us often with
surprising lucidity and abruptness. Such intuitions often spotlight
significant coincidences in a myriad of special case experiences
which lead to discovery of generalized scientific principles heretofore
eluding humanity's thought. These intuitions could be messages to
the Earthian brain receiving it to "Look into so-and-so and so-and-so
and you will find something significant." Intuitions could be thoughts
dispatched from unbelievably long ago and from unbelievably far

As Holton wrote in the American Journal of Physics and as
reported on the "Science" page of Time magazine, January 26, 1970:

To fully recognize the extraordinary intellectual daring of Einstein's equations,
we note the great scientist’s own explanation of their origin: "There is no logical
way to the discovery of these elementary laws. There is only the way of

Because humans consist of a myriad of atoms and because atoms
are themselves electro-magnetic frequency event phenomena— not
things— it is theoretically possible that the complex frequencies of
which humans are constituted, together with their angular interpositioning,
could be scanningly unraveled and transmitted beamwise
into the celestial void to be received some time, somewhere in
Universe, having traveled at 700 million miles per hour, which is
approximately 100 thousand times faster than the speed of our moon
rockets a minute after blast-off. It is not theoretically impossible in
terms of the total physical data that humans may have been
transmitted to Earth in the past from vast distances.

Retreating from such a speculative mood, we come now to
consider closer-range possibilities and probabilities. We recall that
humans, who to our knowledge arrived on Earth at least two million
years ago, have been regenerating aboard that small, 8000-mile
diameter, Space Vehicle Earth throughout all those years without
even knowing that they were aboard a space vehicle. They are now
emerging, however, from the womb of permitted ignorance of their
early, subjective, taken-care-of phase and are now beginning to
become comprehensively aware of all the matters we have
discussed so far. They are beginning to understand that they are
within a limited biosphere life-support system whose original
excessively-abundant living supply was provided only to permit
humanity's initial trial-and-error discovery of its anti-entropic function
in Universe. Humans are coming swiftly to understand they must now
consciously begin to operate their Space Vehicle Earth with total
planetary cooperation, competence, and integrity. Humans are
swiftly sensing that the cushioning tolerance for their initial error has
become approximately exhausted.

Each child emerging from its mother's womb is entering a larger
womb of total human consciousness which is continually modified
and expanded by subjective experiences and objective experiments.
As each successive child is born, it comes into a cosmic
consciousness in which it is confronted with less misinformation than
yesterday and with more reliable information than yesterday. Each
child is born into a much larger womb of more intellectually
competent consciousness.

I was seven years old before I saw an automobile, though living in
the ambience of a large American city. Not until I was nine was the
airplane invented. As a child I thought spontaneously only in terms of
walking, bicycling, horse-drawn capability. Trips on railroads and
steamships were dream-provokers learned of through a few older
people who traveled. My daughter was born with cloth-covered-wing
bi-planes in her sky and the talkie radio in her hearing. My
granddaughter was born in a house with several jet transports going
over every minute. She saw a thousand airplanes before she saw a
bird; a thousand automobiles before a horse. To children born in
1970, trips to the moon will be as everyday an event as were trips
into the big city to me when a boy. There was no radio when I was
born. Television came when I was what is called "retiring age." The
first Berkeley dissident students were born the year commercial
television started. They have seen around the world on the hour ever
since being born— they think world. The total distance covered by an
average human being in a total lifetime up to the time I was born was
30,000 miles. Because of the great changes since my birth, I have
now gone well over one hundred times that distance. The astronauts
knock off three million miles in a week. The average airline hostess
is out-mileaging my hundred-fold greater mileage than all the people
before me. All this has happened in my lifetime. My lifetime has been
one of emerging from the womb of human-being remoteness from
one another to comprehensive integration of worldaround humanity.
But all the customs, all the languages, all laws, all accounting
systems, viewpoints, cliches, and axioms are of the old, divided,
ignorant days. The corollary of "divide and conquer" is "to be divided
is to be conquered." To be specialized is to be divided. The
specialization which humanity perseveres in was invented by
yesterday's armed conqueror illiterates. The separation of humans
into more countries made them easy to manage. Nations may unite,
as at present, without success. Strife is proliferating. Not until
specialization and nations are dispensed with will humanity have a
chance of survival. It is to be all or none.

In my first jobs before World War I, I found all the working men to
have vocabularies of no more than one hundred words, more than 50
per cent of which were profane or obscene. Because I worked with
them, I know that their intellects were there, but dulled and deprived
of the information of visionary conceptioning. They had no way of
expressing themselves other than by inflection and shock.
Conquerors invented gladiatorial wrestling, self-brutalizing games,
slapstick and illusionary drama to keep their illiterate masses
preoccupied when not at work. This was not changed by any
scheduled system of education— it was changed by the radio. The
radio broadcasting employees were hired for their vocabularies and
diction. The eyes and ears of human beings were able to coordinate
the words of the radio and the graphic words of the newspaper.
Literacy accelerated. In a half-century, worldaround man's vocabulary
has been expanded to the equivalent of yesterday's scholar.
Television's scientific invention and underwater and space exploration
have accelerated this process of freeing humanity from its slave
complex to an extraordinary degree. The young realize, as their
elders do not, that humanity can do and can afford to do anything it
needs to do that it knows how to do.

Those who ignorantly think of themselves as a well-to-do conservative
elite are, in fact, so slave-complexed that they are shocked
when the younger generation throws aside their clothes and cars of
distinction and— abandoning their make-believe mansions which only
are their old conquerors' castles— congregate in hundreds of
thousands in shameless, innocent bands on vast beaches and
meadows. It is not an unspannable generation gap that has occurred,
but an emancipation of youth from yesterday's slave-complex
reflexes. This has been brought about solely by the proliferation of
knowledge. "The medium is the message" is the message only of
yesterday's middle-class elite. It said, "Never mind the mind. It's the
body that counts." or "It's the physical that can be possessed— To
hell with the metaphysical. You can possess a physical brain but not
the universally free mind and its thoughts. Leave that to the
intellectuals. Look out for those dangerous free thinkers." Higher
education was an adornment— a mark of distinction— not something
to be taken seriously. The problem of man's being born into the new
womb of planetary comprehension, into the new world of integrated
coordination and understanding of all humanity, is one not of
educating a single absolute monarch, nor of educating either a
fascistic or central party elite, nor of educating only the middle class.
It is a matter of educating everyone everywhere to the realities of the
emerging of man from the womb of permitted ignorance into the
womb of required comprehension and competence. That education
will have to be brought about by the extraordinary discarding of
yesterday's inadequate amusements, shallow romances and drama,
and make-believe substitute worlds to cover up the inadequacies of
misinformed and underinformed, physically slavish or
bureaucratically dogmatic, thoughtless life.

All the foregoing observations of human misorientations constitute
but a minor fraction of those which can be truthfully and cogently
made today with some chance of their not only being heard but
heeded. And all this brings us all to this book by Gene Youngblood—
an excellent name for one of the first of the youth who have emerged
from childhood and schooling and "social experience" sufficiently
undamaged to be able to cope lucidly with the problem of providing
worldaround man with the most effective communication techniques
for speaking universal language to universal man— for helping
universal man to understand the great transitions, to understand the
reasonableness of yesterday's only-transitional inadequacies, to
understand that the oldsters are victims of yesterday's ignorance and
not Machiavellian enemies of youth, to understand that any bias—
one way or another— utterly vitiates competent thinking and action, to
understand that 100 per cent tolerance for error of viewpoint and
misbehavior of others is essential to new-era competence— and,
finally, to understand that man wants to understand. Nowhere have
we encountered a youth more orderly-minded regarding the most
comprehensively favorable, forward functioning of humans in
Scenario-Universe than in Gene Youngblood. His book Expanded
is his own name for the forward, omni-humanity educating
function of man's total communication system.

Isaac Newton, as the greatest Olympian of classical science
whose influence reigned supreme until the turn of the Nineteenth into
the Twentieth Century, assumed the Universe to be normally at rest
and abnormally in motion. Einstein realized that the experimental
data regarding the Brownian Movement and the speed of light made
it clear that Universe was not normally at rest, for when its energies
were released in a vacuumized tunnel they traveled linearly at 186
million miles per second. This he assumed to manifest its norm,
since that is how Universe behaves normally when unfettered in a
vacuum. Any seemingly motionless phenomena, he reasoned, such
as seemingly solid matter, consisted of energy moving at 186 million
miles per second but in such small local orbits that their speed and
the exquisitely small, self-huddling orbit made them impenetrable;
ergo, apparently solid. This was the basis of his formulation of his
extraordinary E=mc2, which, when fission and fusion occurred,
proved his locked-up-energy formulation to be correct. The utter
difference between Newton's norm of at rest and Einstein's norm of
186 million miles per second provides humanity's most abrupt
confrontation regarding the epochal difference of conceptioning
between that in the womb of yesterday's ignorance and in the womb
of new-dawning awareness, from which and into which, respectively,
man is now experiencing the last phases of delivery.

Thinking in terms of 700 million miles per hour as being normal—
and informed by the experiments of scientists that no energies are
lost— Einstein abandoned the Newtonian thought of Universe and
assumed in its place Universe to be "A scenario of non-simultaneous
and only partially overlapping transformative events." Einstein's
observational formulations, however, are subjective, not objective. In
the mid-1930's I suggested in a book that Einstein's work would
eventually affect the everyday environment of humanity, both
physically and mentally. After reading what I had written, Einstein
said to me, "Young man, you amaze me. I cannot conceive of
anything I have ever done as having the slightest practical
application." He said that to me a year before Hahn, Stressman, and
Lisa Meitner had, on the basis of E=mc2, discovered the theoretical
possibility of fission. You can imagine Einstein's dismay when
Hiroshima became the first "practical application."

Gene Youngblood's book is the most brilliant conceptioning of the
objectively positive use of the Scenario-Universe principle, which
must be employed by humanity to synchronize its senses and its
knowledge in time to ensure the continuance of that little, three-and-
one-half-billion-member team of humanity now installed by
evolution aboard our little Space Vehicle Earth. Gene Youngblood's
book represents the most important metaphysical scenario for coping
with all of the ills of educational systems based only on yesterday's
Newtonian-type thinking. Youngblood's Expanded Cinema is the
beginning of the new era educational system itself. Tomorrow's youth
will employ the video cassette resources to bring in the scenario
documents of all of humanity's most capable thinkers and
conceivers. Only through the scenario can man possibly "houseclean"
swiftly enough the conceptual resources of his spontaneous
formulations. Tomorrow's Expanded Cinema University, as the word
uni-verse— towards one— implies, will weld metaphysically together
the world community of man by the flux of understanding and the
spontaneously truthful integrity of the child.


from the Introduction to "Expanded Cinema" by Gene Youngblood (1970)

[Image: Bucky_Gene-Bucky-300x204.jpg]
Youngblood with Buckminster Fuller, mentor and friend

[Image: 1233626374Buckminster-Fuller-Hornsey-21-...968web.jpg]
Buckminster Fuller speaking at Hornsey College of Art, June 29, 1968
11-15-2012, 06:24 PM,
RE: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
all hail to technosalvationism
11-16-2012, 05:19 PM,
RE: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - 2012
The problem with a lot of Fuller's followers is that they were and still are counter-culture Marxist-Leftist types whereas both Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan were admirers of Eustace Mullins' teacher and James Joyce's editor: Ezra Pound.

What Was Ezra Pound Really Like ? - IMG INT

In this video, one of Fuller's proteges, Gene Youngblood, the one whose book he wrote the above posted long introduction for back in 1970, talks to Fuller's daughter Allegra:

Gene Youngblood in conversation with Allegra Fuller Snyder

Youngblood looks old and bloated and admits to having been depressed for a long time (in another video at the links below) when all his myriad of 1960s ideals not only came to nothing but turned into the nightmare dystopic anti-culture world of the last 10 or 20 years (note the pony-tail he makes out of the few hairs left on the sides of his head, George Carlin style, another sign of the die-hard liberal type). Of course, being a Chomsky-Zinn-Parenti-gate-kept leftist he can't figure out why the world is in the friggin state it's in but at the same time he is of such a tremendous intellectual ability that he still sees a lot of what needs to be done in the era of the internet clearly and comprehensively. The hilarious part is that both Youngblood & Fuller's daughter consider an ex-KGB, ex-commie, freemasonic globalist like Gorbachev to be 'good company' for Fuller. Ah! Please ! I hope the internet finally gets these people over the hang-ups they have against the strength of conspiracy street knowledge. CRWA = Conspiracy Retards with Attitudes ! LOL

Alan Watt - Exposing Mikhail Gorbachev

Masonic handshake Reagan/Gorbachev

Much more from Youngblood, including his one hour 1971 interview with a young and very idealistic George Lucas, over here:

Art, Entertainment, Entropy by Gene Youngblood - IMG INT

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