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The Pauls' New Crusade: “Internet Freedom”
07-06-2012, 03:11 AM,
The Pauls' New Crusade: “Internet Freedom”
I posted this here instead of in the nerds and geeks section, as it's not so much about what they're going to do, but what they seem to be giving up on, at-least according to this article.

Hopefully it's just bad reporting and this wont be Ron's main focus.

Quote:Ron and Rand Paul are set today to shift the central focus of their family's long libertarian crusade to a new cause: Internet Freedom.

Kentucky senator Rand and his father Ron Paul, who has not yet formally conceded the Republican presidential nomination, will throw their weight behind a new online manifesto set to be released today by the Paul-founded Campaign for Liberty. The new push, Paul aides say, will in some ways displace what has been their movement's long-running top priority, shutting down the Federal Reserve Bank. The move is an attempt to stake a libertarian claim to a central public issue of the next decade, and to move from the esoteric terrain of high finance to the everyday world of cable modems and Facebook.
07-06-2012, 03:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-06-2012, 03:38 AM by h3rm35.)
RE: The Pauls' New Crusade: “Internet Freedom”
they've got good PR and marketing people. they recognize that the best thing they can do is raise money, and those ("internet freedom") are pretty potent buzzwords within a small government, activist base's ideology and have very broad public support. RP's been a chameleon for most of his recent career and made a name for himself being anti-authoritarian. This was a brilliant shift by his team that ensures his name will come up over and over again as the internet censorship debate continues. It's got staying power, unlike the Fed, which really only interests those who pay attention to economics.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
09-09-2012, 09:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-09-2012, 09:10 AM by Infinite.)
RE: The Pauls' New Crusade: “Internet Freedom”
We need to keep the internet as it is, private. The people on the left try to distort the issue by rephrasing anything to do with private property as the thing in dispute being 'taken over by corporations'. In reality they're the ones who want to take it over. If you want to change internet providers currently you have that option. Providers compete to provide the best service, and this limits their ability to do things that would be disadvantageous to users like heavy censorship and things. Also service keeps getting better and faster. If the government, or as they like to call it 'the people', take it over there will be only one provider with absolute say over what is allowed. Government is not 'the people', it's a small group of people with dictatorial control, whereas in the market everyone conceivably has the ability to compete to be the best provider of the service. That's why we should keep the market as free as possible so things go as well as possible. 'The market' is really just all human interaction. Two people making an exchange of any kind is 'the market'. That's why people sometimes talk about 'the marketplace of ideas'. What that means is when different ideas are debated among people in society, which goes to show that a market really is simply free exchange. But the leftist caricature of the market is a greedy capitalist like the logo of the board game Monopoly owning everything and the rest of us 'little people' not having a chance. Our only chance being the ability for us to collectivize and use the benevolent representative power of government to seize property from people and put it under the control of the state to make it fair. But if you go read the works of serious historians like Murray Rothbard you'll learn that businesses have never been successful in establishing a monopoly over and industry without the aid of government. A competitor who initially agrees to cooperate with the monopoly to keep prices set at one inflated level always ends up double crossing them and lowering prices to gain more profits for himself. Or an outside party comes in and undercuts them, taking their customers and forcing everyone else to lower prices in order to compete. That's the real reason why there are government regulations, tarriffs, quotas, licences, etc. This is the only way for businesses to monopolize things, by working with government to prohibit competition. And it's the real reason why you see big money interests working in cooperation with socialists and sponsoring them throughout history which has been well documented.

So if you want to know the real conspiracy, this is it. It's not Ron Paul pointing it all out to you.

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