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Children could soon be given annual flu vaccinations
06-05-2012, 10:51 PM,
Children could soon be given annual flu vaccinations
Quote:All children could soon be given annual flu vaccinations at school.

A panel of experts advising the Government says the vaccine should be handed to everyone aged five to 17 on the NHS.

At present, it is offered to the over-65s, pregnant women and anyone with an underlying health condition, such as diabetes.

But the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said immunising children would help prevent the spread of the illness.

Many youngsters catch flu at school before passing it on to more vulnerable family members, such as grandparents.

However, experts recommend the vaccine is not offered until 2014 to allow time to buy in stocks.

They also believe pupils should be given a nasal spray rather than an injection because it is safer and more effective for children.

Minutes of a meeting held last month, uncovered by GP Magazine, show the JCVI believes the scheme would ‘appreciably lower the public health impact of flu’.

Although the cost of the scheme is not known, it would likely run into millions of pounds. However, the NHS would save money because fewer people would become ill and need treatment.

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘Extending the vaccination programme would be a huge undertaking so it is important we get this decision right.’
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06-06-2012, 12:46 AM,
RE: Children could soon be given annual flu vaccinations
It's funny how after only 57 comments, most of which were completely against this obvious money grab at the expense of children's health, the Daily Mail decided to close down commenting...

We're winning. The sheeple are waking up!
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