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The end of the world is near
05-20-2012, 04:29 AM,
The end of the world is near
The ten plagues of Pharaoh “have been brought upon” the USA.

[Image: Nile_blood.jpg]

Authored by Panagiotis Traianou

...From the moment the plundering had been completed, the Jewish “locusts” started moving away. Since there was nothing left to seize from the USA, they abandoned it. How do we infer that? From the emergence and strengthening of euro in the global market. The Euro could not have existed in the global market if the Jews hadn’t wanted it. That currency couldn’t emerge if the Jews living in the USA hadn’t agreed to it.

The Euro, as it is explained further down, does not “signal” any European return to the global economic status. It signals the return of the Jews to Europe. There is no currency conflict. There can’t be such a conflict because both currencies are controlled by the exact same people. These are the people who control the dollar through the FED and are the same who control the Euro through the Central European Bank. Greenspan, Bernanke, Trichet and Akerman are not only like-minded, colleagues and banqueters; they are also Jewish cognates and foster brothers.

Their intentions are obvious, then. The Jews “move away” from the USA and towards Europe. Through the Euro they try to “move” the currently belonging to them ex-American capital to Europe. The Jews use the control they have over Euro to accomplish two different goals which are based on a basic need of theirs.; their need to move away from the USA. It is not in their best interest to stay in the USA because it is more costly for them to control global economy and also because they do not feel safe in the USA any longer. They would leave that place even if they didn’t have an increased cost in controlling global economy.

We can understand that the first goal is a matter of economic “geometry”. Europe is the wealthiest market in the world and situated in its center, since East and West, the two ends, are controlled by China and the USA respectively. It is not in the Jews’ interest – financially or time-wise – to “withdraw” in neither of these ends. The distances are long and the respective expenses great as well. The Jews know the market, and the market is always held in squares. The best market is always in the central square. The Square of the Planet is situated in the Mediterranean, not in the coasts of the Pacific, either from the West or the East.

The second goal is more important. The Jews have literary robbed Americans of their capital and they are forced to think like thieves. It is not in a thief’s interest, no matter how cunning and powerful he is, to remain at the scene of the crime, keeping his spoils, therefore his enemy too, close to him. He fears that at some point this enemy will react and ask them back. That is exactly why they want the Euro. This way they can secure the spoils in their name and they can make sure that the spoils remain in their possession and the former owners cannot threaten them. As long as their capital, therefore the entirety of the multinational companies, is connected to the American currency, they are in danger. If for any reason they lose control of FED, the Americans can be a threat. The Americans can do whatever they did to them, only now it will be at their expense. The Americans can reciprocate the actions, which this time will be at the expense of the Jews.

This means that if the Jews can’t protect themselves through the Euro and the Americans decide to clash with them, they can start “printing” dollars and buying off the lost capital, again using “paper”. As long as their national currency is powerful and unique in the international market, they cannot do that. This is a threat to the Jews. This is why the shift in euro is in their interest. If the Jews can “shield” the stolen capital in time under the euro disguise, the Americans will not be able to claim it. Why is that? It’s because they have a huge debt which weakens the value of their currency. If they attempt to “print” money it will lose its value even more. The Jews can “weaken the value of any new dollar “wave” long before it reaches their “door” by controlling the exchange rate among dominant currencies. They will always have the desirable parity to protect them. The more dollars the Americans print, the more their value will drop.

This way, the currently over-indebted American economy will have no way to recover the lost capital. It will not be able to use its new profits to buy back the multinational companies that used to own. Even it will have to secure its profits under the form of euro in order to secure them. It will have no other choice, If its debt is estimated in euro, because the constant loss of the dollar’s value will strengthen euro and the Jews’ defense consequently. This way the American economy will no longer be in the forefront and will reduce to a regional economy...

05-21-2012, 01:55 AM,
RE: The end of the world is near
give me a fucking breakkk already. this line of crap is so full of fallacy its hard to believe that someone who can actually compose sentences wrote it.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]

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