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The Man of The New Time
04-27-2012, 10:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-27-2012, 10:59 PM by Solve et Coagula.)
The Man of The New Time
The Man of The New Time, part 1

Now I will read Chapter 20 of John's Gospel.

No matter what is said to people, they have always had external beliefs about Life. We can see that even after Christ's resurrection people looked for His body in the grave. Moreover, according to the traditions at that time the body of the dead had to be smeared with some oil. The Jews, as a nation are extreme materialists, they wanted to see the body of Christ, to be sure that he was really dead and his body was buried. Contemporary people are not less materialistic than the Jews – when one of their fellow-men leaves this world, they do not cry for the actual person, but they cry for his body – that they cannot see him anymore, they cannot talk to him anymore. Translated into simpler words this means that we cry more for our clothes than for our body.

I say, when solving certain issues a man must always have in mind two important things. First, a man cannot solve the problem about Life with his heart; second, a man cannot solve this problem with his mind either – why? Because with his heart a man always becomes attached to visible things – he does not believe in what he does not see. With his mind, a man is always attached to the form of things. In this respect, there is always a kind of competition between the heart and the mind. The word ‘form’ has the implication of something established, having definite borders and frames. We can often hear people judging someone, expressing opinions about the moral, the characters, and so on; on what basis does this happen? It happens on the grounds of certain norms and rules, for which people have a definite form. For example, many people consider that a good man is the one who receives people at home in a generous manner, offers them rich meals, talks to them in a pleasant and friendly manner. If the person does not do that, if he does not receive them in that way, this means that he is not a good man.

I am asking, what is the morality of the good man? Imagine that a person joins a society of good people; one day these people start on a trip and he wants to go with them. However, it turns out that one of the man's legs is broken and he cannot walk in the mountain. What should these people do? They will climb up the mountain and he will remain at home, because he cannot walk with them. Despite their good desire for him to be together with them, they cannot take him – the conditions for climbing up the mountain determine that only a man with strong legs can climb up and reach the mountain top. In this case, should the people be regarded as bad? Imagine another situation: the man has strong legs, but he has been late a little, he has started about five hundred – one thousand paces behind the big group, so that they are already on their way down the mountain and he is still climbing up. Should this man get angry and name these people bad just because they have not waited for him? Moreover, they did not even suspect that he was walking behind in order to wait for him. What will he gain if he climbs up the mountain together with them? Now, imagine that the man is invited to a wealthy feast, but his stomach is upset; he goes to the event but he cannot eat; he just watches – everyone eats cheerfully, in good spirits, and he cannot taste even a bite. Who is to be blamed for that? People have invited him, they have served him food as for everybody else, but he himself abstains from eating. How does he benefit from the feast and the invitation of these good people? There is something else that can happen: the man is invited to a feast, his stomach is well, but he arrives five minutes later than the other people – all the guests are already eating. He also takes a seat and starts eating. His stomach is healthy – he falls a little behind the others but he finds the food tasty, he is satisfied with the food; he will catch up with the others, he is calm, does not hurry, does not worry. Does he lose anything because he is not together with all the rest? Therefore, the man must understand the sense, the spirit of things.

So, first is the one, who can adopt the Truth and apply it; last is the one who cannot adopt the Truth – if he cannot adopt it, he would not be able to apply it. Someone says, „I was first to have reached such and such a place, I was first to have read the Gospel, I was first to have listened to such and such a speech, and so on.” First is not the one who has done something in time and space, but the one who has applied it – such a man knows if he is the first or not. Should he ask the others if he applies the truth in his life? It is funny if a man who has had a good meal asks other people if he has had a good meal or not – he knows that, he is the master of the situation.

When talking about Good, Goodness, we have to consider the following law: The Good always comes after Love. This means that if a man does not love you, he cannot be good to you; if he loves you, he will surely be good to you. Somebody says, „I am a good man.” If you love, only then can you be good. The fruit cannot come first before the tree, and the tree is the fruit of Love. Therefore, you cannot expect a fruit before Love has come. When Love comes, then the fruit will appear.

I say, many of the contemporary people have shallow conceptions about Life. These conceptions can be compared to one-day-flowers or one-year trees that do not bear fruit. The positive concepts of Life are like flowers or trees, bearing fruit. Of what use is it for you if the flowers or trees in your garden do not give you any fruit? The flowers that give no fruit are called heralds. For example, the snowdrop and the crocus are the first messengers or trumpeters of Love - they are telling people: „Why are you still sleeping, what are you going to do, wake up, Love is coming!" These flowers affect the sense of smell, the eyesight, the hearing of people, in that way urging them to wake up. One day they will ask people, „Do you know why we remained fruitless - because you were sleeping.” If everyone wakes up on time, then the fruitless plants will give fruit. When people are asleep and cannot wake up, this means that they have not believed in God yet. When everyone begins to believe in God, there would be no flower left on Earth that would not give fruit. You say, „Why are there so many flowers and trees that wither each year?" Because many people commit sins. Why do so many springs dry up? Because many people die - when a human dies, at the same time there is a spring that dries up; when a human comes back to live, the spring would run again. Why do some lakes dry up? Because many people do not live according to God's rules. Why do some mountains crumble to ruins? Because the credo of many people is in ruins - they do not have a positive credo.

Now I will give the following example to explain people's lack of faith: imagine a schoolboy who has complete confidence in his teacher - whatever his teacher tells him, he does it and obeys. Some time later, the schoolboy meets another teacher, who seems to him more erudite, more intelligent and he gets closer to him, recognising his authority. However, the consciousness of this boy is divided. People are in the same situation with respect to God. Why don’t people believe in God? Because they believe in the world. Many people believe in the learning of human beings, in their inventions and considering this they forget the real authority in Life. What philosophy is this? When the black adherent arrived in Heaven at the tree where Eve was sitting, he said, „If you eat the fruit of that tree you will become gods like God and will do everything that He does. Why do you have to listen to God for everything like children - without Him you can also follow the right way." Eve listened to the adherent, but for that reason, she tasted the consequences of her disobedience to God.

So, contemporary people do not believe in God, because they themselves are gods. Therefore, if someone says that he does not believe in God, this means that he is God for himself. And if you watch how this person lives and acts, you will see that he aims to show himself especially to other people. However, twenty - thirty years later you see that this "god" is carried in a special car, in front of which a priest is walking with a censer in hand, performing a funeral service for him. Then he is buried in the ground and a stone is put on his grave, saying: „Here rests such and such a man, with special merits to society, to his fatherland." You meet someone else - he considers himself a divinity, but in two - three days, you see him with tears in his eyes - why is he crying? Some people have hurt his feelings, by saying bad words to him. I am asking isn't this situation funny, should divinities cry?

Therefore, today everyone cries - why? Because when they become gods there is no one to believe in them - only they believe in themselves, this is one of the explanations for the crying. When people do not believe in God, He leaves them to feel the consequences of their lack of belief. Somebody says, „Then what do we have to do?” Everyone must ask himself the question: „If I fancy that I am a god, where are the Heaven and the Earth that I have created, where are the luminaries, where are the plants and animals? If I am really a god, I must have done something outside and inside me, which would maintain my divine nature. If I cannot see deeds, created by me, on what grounds do I require people to believe me?” Someone comes to me and asks me: „Do you know who I am?” I know, you are a human who has created nothing yet. If you have created nothing, you'd better say nothing; if you have created something, say what you have created. Someone has written a book or a poem and boasts that he has created something. I say, since this man lives on Earth and has seen many things, now he describes them with his pen, as the artist does with his brush, but these are not yet deeds, created by him. Many times, he has seen the Sun rising and setting, the Moon and the stars coming up and going down, and now he describes them. A man should have a clear vision about things, to know what original creation is, and what a copy is.
Contemporary people often ask themselves what do they have to believe in. I say: believe in what grows up; believe in what gives fruit, believe in what springs out, believe in what slakes the thirst; believe in what gives Light and directs people; believe in what brings Knowledge; believe in what Life gives to all creatures. And finally, believe that there is only one God in the world! If you believe that there are many gods in the world, your consciousness will be divided.

Many people confuse their notions when interpreting the three faces of God and say: „Who is God, who is Jesus and who is the Holy Spirit?” God is one. If you know Him, He is the one; if you do not know Him, there are many gods. If you know Him, no one is better than Him. You say, „Then why do people suffer?” Because they do not know God. Why they are happy? Because they know God. Somebody says that he does not know God and that he is happy - it is his Joy that means knowing God. When is the man delighted with the pear? When he sees, smells, and tastes it - only in that way can he know the pear. And then someone will come to advise him not to touch the pear, not to eat it, because he will cause great sufferings to it. According to this philosophy, when is the man delighted with the candle - when it is burning or when it is not? Of course, when it is burning. And the candle enjoys burning, because then it shows its life - the candle is thankful when you light her up and says: „Although I will live just for a day, I want to see my life and enjoy it.” The life of the candle is worth thousands of days. Unless the candle is lit, it is a dead, embalmed candle - in this state it can stay for a year but will remain dead. A one-day life, but wisely used is worth more than the life of the whole eternity, which is unreasonably used.

So, the man cries because there is no one to believe him. He suffers, mourns, because there is no one to believe him. Every human is alone in the world. If someone comes to me to complain that he is alone in the world, I will tell him: „I know One, who like you, is alone. Come with me to take you to Him.” Who is he? He is the creator of Heaven and Earth. When he sees you, He will believe in you and will say, „There is a man that will get somewhere. Since you want to become a divinity, I will come into you and will reveal myself by enjoying everything that you do - I will work inside, and you will work outside.” This is the idea that Christ has said in the verse: „The words that I am telling you are not Mine. I speak what the Father has taught me.” Therefore the man thinks, feels, and acts, but he has to realize that inside him it is God who works - this is the real situation.” If a man thinks that he does everything alone, he is already on the wrong way. When you say I, you, he, we, you, they, you have to realize that God always shows in these people. Someone did something and fancied that he was the author of this deed, but ostensibly, for showing external piety, he says, „God did this.” No, man must be honest inside, must realize that God works inside him and he shows himself only externally.
Now I am talking about that state of the people that hinders their correct development. Often they fall into the following situation: for instance, a man has regular meals, eats three or four times a day and you see him lively, merry, and happy with his situation. If he does not eat regularly some days, he becomes sour, dissatisfied, and his mood changes. This happens not only with the ordinary man, but even with the saint - keep a saint hungry for ten or fifteen days and you will see how discontented he will become, he will walk back and forth, he will be angry with the people around because they keep him hungry. Every person has to eat, and the saint has to eat, too. Many people say that we should not eat much; it's true, we should not eat much, but we should not eat little, either. Eating is a process through which the human perceives the Great life. Therefore, Christ says: „The one who eats My flesh and drinks My blood will have Life inside him.” Therefore, whatever is the bread for humans is also the faith - the bread and the faith are the food for maintaining Life. Bread gives Life and maintains Life, so we have to be in constant relation with it. To perceive the bread, i.e. God's speech inside us, means to be free, independent. If we perceive the Speech only from outside, we are dependent. Of course, there must be someone who must come from outside to teach us, but it is our duty to recognize this Speech and within us to remake it, to turn it into flesh and blood. The baker has to make the bread, the farmer has to sow the wheat, the gardener has to grow the fruit trees. In the future, the bread, the fruit, all food will be in the very person - it is enough to think about the pear and it will immediately appear in front of him. If he is in the mountain, it is enough just to think about a spring and it will gush in front of him. This will happen only for those who believe in the Only God; those who believe in many gods will go to plough and dig.

So, people suffer because they believe in many gods. While they believe in many gods, they will be born and will die, will get married and divorced, and so on. In this situation, people will lose faith in each other, they will also lose faith in themselves. While a father is rich and maintains his children, they will believe in him; when the father becomes impoverished, the children will lose their confidence in him - they say, „We do not need such a father!” The same thing happens with the father: while he believes that his children will look after him when he gets old, he believes them, if his hopes do not come true, he also will lose faith in them. The attitude of contemporary people to God is exactly the same as the attitude of the children to the fathers. Nowadays, people move around the wide world, created by God, enjoy the Sun, the Moon, the stars, all the plants and animals, but they do not know who has created all that. Contemporary humans do not know their Father and do not believe in Him. While they do not believe in God, they say that this belongs to John, to Peter, etc. However, if they turn to Him, they already understand that everything in the world belongs to God. When they come to that way of thinking, they become Sons of God and heirs of His entire wealth.

Some people would say, „Why did we come to that mountain to be like savages?” No, you have come here to look at the domain of your Father. You have been living for so many years and you do not know what riches your Father has. For instance, the other day we climbed up Elenin peak. Some of the people hesitated whether to come with us or not; one of the older sisters could not make up her mind to come, but finally said, „I am already so old and if I do not go now, one day I will regret that I have not seen the beauty of Nature.” However, on our way back, tired from the hard way, she said, „I would not take such a long trip through rocky peaks and stones.” The good point of every climb up and down is that this happens also in the consciousness of a man. The sister I told you about, after having rested for an hour or two, said, „Now I am already ready for a new trip, I'm feeling lively, fresh and completely satisfied." If during the fourteen-hour trip we saw such splendid views, what would it be like if we travel over the domain of our Father for a whole year? Because we have come to this world to see what God has created, to get into contact with Him, to take part in His work - this means to think, to feel, and to work like God. It is said: „We are strangers, newcomers in this world.” I am saying: the man is a stranger, but he is a stranger in his delusions, because he thinks that he can do many things, and in fact, he has nothing real in front of him. The man is a stranger, because he believes in things that people do, but people's deeds are as trustworthy as they themselves are. A man goes up in a car and believes that it will take him to the determined location; however, on the way, a wheel breaks and he gets out of the car and continues walking.

So, real is only what belongs to the Only, the live God. In this sense, Love is the first manifestation of God - where the Love is, where the Good is, shows itself there. Love and Good are the real things in the world, therefore, God says: „Try Me and see that I Am good-hearted.”

A man is passing by the garden of a brother, which was well fenced, and he sees inside good, ripe pears, hanging on the trees. He jumped over the fence into the garden and picked a pear or two. The master of the garden saw that, quickly grasped the man by the arm, and asked:
- Who has given you the right to pick fruits from the trees in my garden?
- The one who made the garden, and who created the fruits; He gave me the right to pick some of these fruits.
- Who is that one, who gave you that right?
- God.
- Really? There is no God here!
- Then, pardon me, what do your pears cost?
- They cost twenty leva.
- I will give you forty leva to be entirely free.
- Thank you, you are a gentle man.
- Yes, you have to be thankful that I came here to taste your fruit and in this way, we were acquainted.

I am asking which of the two moralities is better. Nowadays, if you give someone something, he considers it as a bad deed; if you do not give him anything - again it is bad; what is it right to do then, which is the real morality? The real morality lies in what the man does to be inspired by Love and Good. Everything in which there is no Love, everything where the Good is missing, is a crime, everything that contains a lie is a crime.

You say, „How can you distinguish who is telling the truth and who is lying?” Imagine that you go to a person, who gives you a glass of pure, fresh water and tells you to drink from the glass, to taste it. You drink the water and say, „This person is telling the truth.” Why? - „Because the water he recommended as good really turned out to be good.” If you drink from the water and you find out that it is impure and stagnant, then the man is not telling the truth, he has lied to you. Therefore, where there is no Love, there is a crime, a lie, and evil. In this case, a man will always feel sorrow. He can grieve when other people do not have Love, or when he himself does not have Love. If he grieves when people do not have Love, he must give them from his love. If he grieves about himself, that he does not have love, he must go to God and ask for His Love. I am asking, should he cry in these situations? There is someone, sitting in his room and crying because he is thirsty; I am saying, why do you have to cry, go to the mountain, there you will find good springs and you will drink as much water as you want. - „There is no one to go with.” No, there is - first tell your head that you want to go to the mountain and wait a little. The head will order your arms and legs to go with you and they will listen to it; when all of them are ready, you will start. - „I will be alone there.” Never mind, go alone. - „And if the spring is too far?” The further the spring, is, the purer and fresher its water is. The closer things are not as good as the distant things - the things that are near can be easily achieved.

Now, this is a set of rules that you must use as a basis in your life if you wish to get rid of the false gods, of the wrong beliefs. For instance, a man considers himself to be clever, very good, strong, and that he can do many things. For every person, there must be a little programme that he by all means must follow. For example, today, on Sunday, everyone must do something that corresponds to the plan for that day. Someone can do something that corresponds exactly to that day, while someone else may think about things that have nothing in common with his life. This person can dream to get on an aeroplane or on a Zeppelin, and go around in the air. I am asking what would he gain if he gets on an aeroplane? In all cases, he will achieve something - he will see how cowardly he is: when he reaches the height of ten kilometres, he will start shouting and begging to come down to earth. When he gets down to earth, he will say, „It is not possible to live at such a height.” However, if a man believes in the Live God and serves Him, he will come to the situation when he can get on an aeroplane or a Zeppelin and fly to the Moon, the Sun and stay there as long as he wants. Moreover, these Zeppelins will be designed so that they will stop at every station you want - for example, it will stop on the Moon, you will talk to its inhabitants, who will show you all the spectacular places. Then they will give you gifts and finally will see you off in festivity. It also will be possible for you to travel to the Sun. When you come back to Earth, you will speak about what you have seen on the Sun, on the Moon and so on.

While listening to me, many people would say like the Turks, „Even if it is so, you should not believe.” I am asking, if a man believes that he is a god, then why shouldn't he believe in my words, too? The new must be already sown - the man must be pure, consecutive in his beliefs and never to hesitate. For example, a man accepts the New doctrine, but soon he begins to hesitate and says, „Isn't it better for me to return to my old beliefs?” A pig was set free in the woods; it spent several months there but when winter came, it got afraid and said, „Why don't I go back to the sty and to my old master, there I got food five times per day.” This is the situation of a man who sticks only to the temporary, to the transitory. If a man depends only on food and thinks about what he would eat and drink, he is in the situation of an animal, of a pig, i.e. his concept of Life is like the concept of the pig.

Talking about the pig, I consider it as a symbol of the shallow thought. The pig does not think in depth - when rooting about, it thinks that everything is in the ground and it must root about to take everything out. God has given a man an intellect and in that way he wants to tell him that he should not root about.

So, a man must give up his habit to rummage. For example, when a man is asking questions about things that he cannot understand, he is rummaging. Someone asks, „Who created the world, how has the world been created?” These questions are not yet appropriate for his mind. Another man asks, „How has the pear been created?” Nowadays everyone can create the pear; how? Take a pear pip, make a finger hole in the ground, and sow the pip - after some time the pear tree will grow and will bear fruit. Then take one of the fruits, eat it, and see what will happen in your mouth - in half an hour a whole pear tree will grow and shut your mouth. - „I don't want my mouth shut.” If you don’t, then don't ask who created the pear. The same happens to the thoughts that you accept from outside - if a thought goes into your mind, it is implanted there and after some time bears fruit. When the tree bears fruit, it changes its place, i.e. the fruit goes to a different place, where it is planted again.

Therefore, the fixed concepts about things are nothing but concepts of dead people. The concepts, the thoughts of people must be the same through all times and ages, but the methods for their application must differ. Somebody says, "When I was young I thought in one way, now as I am older I think differently.” I say, what in one's youth is one thing, and in one's old age is a different thing, is not True. The Truth is the same in one's youth and old age. The Sun is the same when rising and when setting; it is different only in the way it rises and sets.

I say, man must rejuvenate every day. Rejuvenation is an idea that shows that only one God exists in the world, Who reveals in Life through Love, through Wisdom, and through Truth. If a person starts believing in Life, then God will set him free of all limitations. Then he will see that there is sense in everything. God is in everything that is meaningful. Everything that does not make sense – means that God is not there. Wherever God is, there is Good. Wherever God is missing, there is evil. Therefore, the one who follows the right way is on the way of the Good. The one, who follows the wrong way, is on the way of evil. The moment that God reveals, a man is good; the moment that God is not there, a man is bad. When God comes into a man, the latter gets merry, joyful, and ready for any service; if he refuses to serve, God leaves him.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be loved and if there is no one to love him or her, they suffer and complain about being lonely. I am asking what does it mean to be loved by someone. When you love the pear, what do you do with it? You put your teeth on it and taste it. When people love you, in the same way they put their teeth on you. So, when people love each other, they start eating one another as we eat the pears - this is the wrong side of love. If someone wants you to love him, you have to eat him. If someone loves you, he will eat you. Someone says, „I don't want to be eaten.” If you don't want someone to eat you, don't expect to be loved. - „I am sad when nobody loves me.” Then you have to choose one of the two possibilities - either you will be loved and you will let them eat you, or you will not be loved and not be eaten. When you love something, at all costs you will eat or drink it. For instance you like water, therefore you drink it. When you talk about the love of a physical person, you should know that he is not the real person yet.

So, when someone loves you, he lives in your thoughts and feelings - in that way you will try him and understand him. It is said in the Scripture: „And the Words turned into flesh.” This means that when a man accepts God's words inside him, it gets inside him as a live body, as a whole entity that does not come apart. If the Words, having turned into flesh in the man, could fall into pieces, then everybody would want for the love of him to have a piece cut. To everyone, that loves you have to say, „I will not let you make kebapches* from my flesh [*kebapche is a grilled oblong rissole].” While a man lives only a physical life, he would want to cut from your flesh to taste you – that is the love of the meat-eater. I say, in his Love the man should rise one step higher, to move to the phase of vegetarianism and go into the spiritual life. If such a man comes to you and asks if you love him, take a nice apple from your bag and give it to him; if he asks again if you love him, give him a nice pear; if he continues asking, give him a bun. After all that, is there any sense to ask if this person loves you or not? The apple, the pear, and the bun that he gives you are written letters that speak. - „I wish to know if you give these things with all your heart?” If I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't give them – I bear these things in my heart and I take them out of it. The heart is the bag out of which I take these fruits and give them to the people I love.

So, when we meet in the new life and you ask me something about Love, I will say, the one who has a bag is the one who has Love; the one who has no bag, has no Love inside. Today, you can believe only the human that has a bag. When I see someone, from a distance I will look if he is carrying a bag on his back or not; then I look whether his bag is full or if it is empty. If his bag is full, he is a man of Love and I say, „This is the human, who believes in the Only God.” When I meet someone, who talks about Heaven, the Angels, about God and carries an empty bag on his back, then I say, „This is one of the students of Nasreddin Hodja.” If you want to become real students of Christ, you have to get free of everything old that hinders you. Take all your old concepts and your old beliefs and throw them away in some lake. If they withstand the waters, take them back; however, if they do not resist and melt in the pure water of the lakes, leave them there and be grateful that you have gotten rid of the transient, of the contemporary. Then take new theories, create new beliefs, and try what it means to have a friend in Life – these theories and beliefs will follow you everywhere – in this world, and in the hereafter.

Now all the people are talking about Love, they long and sigh for it, they look for someone to love them. You say, „My relatives do not love me, my friends do not love me.” It is true that your relatives and your friends do not love you, but you do not love them, either. To whom have you given anything? They are closed for you, but you are reticent for them, too. Everyone has to open his or her bags and give. You have to set in your mind the thought to be generous. God is generous and you have to be generous. God is big-hearted and you have to be big-hearted. God is Light and you have to be Light; God is Love, and you have to be Love, too. The one, who worries about the daily things, does not bear Love; the one who does not worry about the ordinary, little things in Life, he bears Love inside himself.

Many people worry if there will be a gathering this summer or not. There have always been gatherings and now there will be one, too. What is important, however, is what the person will acquire at this meeting. - „Will there be brothers and sisters from the countryside?” As always, they will come now, too, but all of them will carry empty bags. This is the right situation – to come with an empty bag, to fill it up and throughout the years, there will be enough for you to have and enough to give to the other people. I met a sister, who was going somewhere, but with an empty bag. I said to her, „Sister, the people that you are going to do not want empty bags; come to me to fill your bag to the top and then go on your way; on your way give out of what you have received - when you go among the people, continue to give out what you have, learn to give!” „You have for nothing, you should give for nothing” - is said in the Scripture. If I meet someone who has come to me before, I know that he has something in his bag and can give everybody an apple, a pear, and a bun. If he is ready to give and does not hide what he has received, that person has Love inside - he recognizes only one God. If there is no apple, pear or a bun in the bag for everybody, then that man recognizes many gods; he does not give anything to anybody, because the many gods have eaten up everything that he had in the bag.

Now you see that I am laughing, but why - you do not know. I am laughing at the empty bags. When I see a person with a full bag, I become serious. Someone is dissatisfied, indisposed, because his bag is empty; another one is complaining because he has no money. I say, the one, who has no money, bring your bag to me to fill it up to the top. Do you know what the law is for filling the bags? The law is as follows: everybody must carry his bag alone. If he wants a lot and cannot carry it, and looks for someone else to help him, he is not on the right way. The invisible world knows how much one can carry - someone can carry ten kilograms, another one can carry twenty kilograms, a third person - thirty, but few people can carry seventy kilograms on their backs. You should know one thing: no matter how many kilograms of gold you carry on your backs, only three coins are yours, all the rest are for the other people. Wherever you pass by, you have to give. When you reach the capital town Sofia, your bags will be completely empty. The one who wants to have his bag full only for himself, will remain with an empty bag.

For example, today, on Sunday, there is a gathering. It is a gathering day for those who understand and can use it. For people that do not understand, no matter how many gatherings there are, they would achieve nothing. For instance, everyone talks about Christ's Resurrection, about the Angels, but I am asking what will they gain if they do not understand what an Angel is, what the Resurrection is? For people, who do not understand this, both the resurrection of Christ and the existence of the Angels means nothing - why? This is because they have not seen Christ, neither have they seen Angels. When I see a pear, I talk with her and say, „This is Christ.” You would say, „Is it possible that Christ, in his greatness hides in such a little pear?” It is possible, of course. As the pear gets into my organism and is accepted, in the same way I am talking to Christ. And when someone asks me where Christ is, I say, Christ is everywhere, he is in all fruits and plants, in all trees, in all springs, in all stones, in all animals and people.

Therefore, people must come to the state when they would not die, would not get old, would not grieve and cry, would not fall in states of disbelief, cowardliness, etc. All these negative states are remainders of the past ages, which now should not be repeated. You would say that you have already grown old. The one, who bears old age in his mind, has not recognized God; the old age is a worn garment, which the man must take off and put on a new one. - „Well, we already have white hair, our eyes are half closed, the stomach does not work well.” This is because you do not believe in God. If you start to believe in the Only God, you will be entirely renewed; a man must get renewed every day - this is the new philosophy of Life.

I say, at any moment you should be awake, active, ready to take any new work, any new impulse. Imagine that someone offers you to climb up a high mountain top; you will immediately refuse on the pretext that you feel indisposed, that you have been on trips and you have seen many high mountain tops. No, you still do not know what a real trip is, what wealth it is to climb up a high peak. Somebody says, „I have climbed up such and such a mountain top and have learned a lot.” You have not learned anything yet. For us, the day is meaningful as far as during that day we have managed to see God, hidden somewhere in the infinite Nature - this is the sense of Life. Because if you go to Elena's peak or no matter which other peak, you have to consider that there you will see God. When you see God, say to yourself, „I would like to see God throughout my whole life!” When a man who says that he is tired and does not intend to climb up mountains again, this shows that he has not seen God. Even now, when we have to go out every morning, some of us say, „Why do we have to go out so early, what shall we gain from this?” We go out early in the morning in order to see God. Today, for example, God talked to us a little through the rain. Since the brothers and sisters had not washed their tents from the dust for a very long time, God sent them a little rain so that they could wash the tents well. This rain washed them not only outside, but also it washed their floors inside. In that way everyone could check how solid his tent was.

Now you have to understand what the essence of the day is. For that purpose, I will discuss before you one general Godly idea, namely what lies in the essence of each day. For the present day, I would say, the essence of this day is the Love in connection with the Good. The same thing relates also to each day that follows. Life is in the present; it bears the conditions and possibilities for the day of tomorrow that again becomes present. Therefore, for today a man should know that there is only one God and one Love, one Wisdom and one Knowledge, one Truth and one Liberty, one Justice and absolute balance, one Virtue, one bag of goods. The one who believes in the Only God, in one Wisdom, in one Truth, in one Justice and in one Virtue, only he is a man of the new. Beyond all these measures, everything is mere words. Who wants to be a student in the full sense of the word, he must understand and apply this lecture, which I consider to be inaugural when the student enters the school. If you do not have full bags, whatever efforts you make, you cannot be students.

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The Man of The New Time, part 2

Somebody says, „I will study a lot, I will read a lot.” Yes, you will read as long as you are able to give an apple, a pear or a bun from your bag, to every person you meet; in the evening when you go back home, you will count how many pears, apples, or buns you have given, to whom you have given them and you will write all that in a special diary. Then you will study why the Moon waxes and wanes. Many of the contemporary scientists do not know the real reasons for the waning and waxing of the Moon, and discuss the creation of the Sun, why it has been created and so on. The scientists have created a number of theories for the creation of the Earth and the Sky, but they are still far from that absolutely positive truth about that issue. How have the Sky and the Earth been created, why does the Sunrise and set - these are questions about which the science of the future will give its final word. When a man begins looking for the Truth, his Sun rises. While he is searching, his Sun is constantly shining; when he says that he has found and recognized the Truth, his Sun sets. The same thing happens when a man starts and finishes reading a book: while he is reading and studying a book, it stays open before him; having read and studied the book, he closes it. The opening and reading from the book is like the Sun rising; finishing and closing the book is like the Sunset. Opening the Bible and reading it is a Sunrise; closing the Bible is a Sunset. So, at the Sunrise the man starts learning, and at the Sunset he has already learnt his lesson and repeats it, not to forget it. When the man is happy, when he has gained something, there is a Sunrise inside him; when he is sad when he has lost something, the sunset is inside him. Therefore, when the Sun rises, the man learns; when the Sun sets, he has already learnt his lesson. If he has not learnt his lesson, he should beg God to prolong the day a little bit more.

For the most gifted, for the most talented students the day has twelve hours; for the less gifted the day has twenty-four hours; for the ordinary students the day continues for six months. So, the ordinary people come from the North Pole, because for them the day lasts for six months until they learn their lessons. The words north pole in this case means unfavourable conditions. When a student is in unfavourable conditions for his development, this shows that he is not very gifted. Somebody says, „I have suffered much.” Why? Because you are not of the gifted students. - „I had a big heritage from my father, but I gave it to people and now I am suffering.” Be happy that you have given it to others - do not regret what you have already done. When you regret, this means, „I have loved many people, I have scattered my love, but now nobody loves me.” Be happy and while you have it, give from your bag and do not regret it. If your bag does not get full and empty, you are not on the right way - your bag must always be full. - „I already do not love anybody.” - Why? - „Because nobody loves me, either.” - Then this means that you are a tradesman, who has only takings and giving's, losses and profits. As far as people think in that way, they cannot create anything new. If in that way a kind of society is formed, the people in it will also die, suffer, and will create nothing new. A real man is never sorry for having loved people - he loves and is not interested if the others love him. The one, who loves you, thinks that everything in you is good. Take for instance the mother: whatever her child does, she is happy. She finds everything good in the child.

I say, the man of Love is a man of the new. If you want to get free of the old, take Love inside you. Today the old is worth nothing; in the old days it meant something, but now no one is interested in it. The one, who wants to get rid of the old doctrine, must replace it with the new one that can help him do good. - „What shall we do with the old doctrine?” - Sell it to me, I will buy it as an antique, I will give a stiver for it. The one I buy it from, I will write down his name. You say, „Then what is sure in Life?” Only what can withstand all hardships in Life is sure. Somebody says, „I was ill for some time and I turned to God as the safest place, but my prayer was not accepted.” So, there must be a reason for that. You should not be discouraged, pray again until you receive an answer to your prayer. The reality or security of Life lies in our connection to God - if we are connected to God, our prayers will always be accepted.

Somebody says, „When I die, I will learn many things, then I will get to know God.” I am asking if you are sure that when you die you will go to God and you will recognize Him? If you die and you do not go to God, then neither suffering nor death have sense. However, if after your death, you go to God and you know Him, then both suffering and death are justified. When the young maid goes to the mountain to meet her beloved, all difficulties are justified if her date is fulfilled. However, if she goes to the mountain and does not meet her beloved there, her suffering will not be justified. You should know one thing: the beloved of the human soul is only God. And then if a man goes to the mountain to meet God, he will always have success. If you find God, you will find everyone. If you find God, you will become stable and you will say, „Now I am already a rich man, my bag is full and I can give to everybody who needs it.” Without God, every person is unhappy - why? Everyone is complaining that he has no money, no house, no friends and so on. I say, whoever believes in the Only God – in one Love, in one Wisdom, in one Truth, in one Justice and in one Virtue, will have everything in the world.
Now, which situation would you prefer: that you would go to God or that He would come to you? Whoever goes to God, his bag must be full, so that from a distance it can be seen that he is doing something good. And Good will look at him to see if there is something in the bag of this man or if it is empty; God does not like people with empty bags. In other words, the man must have a heart filled with love. When God sees that the heart of a man is full of Love, God will give him something, but the man must also give something to God. If God comes to the man, He would give him a full bag; full of what? Gifts. The gifts that God gives to people, these are the reasonable sufferings – in this the great secrets of Life are hidden, which people should understand and study; there is spiritual experience in them, that should be used.

Contemporary religious people, not understanding the language of the Spiritual world, fall into a number of fallacies and self-delusions. For instance, someone says, „I saw God, dressed in a white coarse woollen mantle typical for the Sofia region.” I am asking why God was dressed in a piece of clothing from the Sofia region – probably out of love for you, who are from the Sofia region. Indeed, when God visits somebody, he comes down to his level – for that reason, man hesitates whether God has visited him or not. To understand and recognize God a man needs not one, but several eternities. So, if God visits somebody, he should only be happy without delving into himself if it was God who visited him or it was someone else; a man must get rid of the old habit of digging. He must say, „In the old times as a pig I used to nuzzle with my snout, but now I will dig with my fingers, I will make holes in the ground and in each hole I will put in a seed.” If that kind of desire for digging comes to you, you will take a pen with your fingers and instead of digging, you will write down some nice thought. In that way, you will educate the pig instead of nuzzling with its snout, to put seeds in the ground and to write down nice thoughts and poems with its finger.

Now I will make an interpretation of the word pig: it is a symbol of an unwise life, of an unwise philosophy. The bad thing in the pig is its habit of digging – when it goes into a garden, it immediately begins nuzzling, without paying attention to the fact that it will damage the nice flowers and fruit trees. Don’t some of the contemporary people do the same thing – they enter somebody’s home or in some religious society and start teaching the people how to live, how to pray to God and so on. If you want to teach somebody how to pray to God, take him to a fruit garden, stop at a tree heavy with fruit, and say, „Raise your hands to pick a nice, ripe fruit!” When he raises his hands, you will tell him, „This is how the man should pray!” Then you will show the man how to kneel; when the man raises his hand to pick a fruit and he cannot reach it, he must kneel down on the ground and take it from there. So the man will kneel down to take the fruit that has fallen from the tree and will say, „God, I sinned, I could not take the fruit, created by the Tree of life.” However, on the ground only that man, who bears humbleness inside, can kneel. If a man is not ready to kneel down at every suffering soul and help her, he has not kneeled. If you see a suffering soul, do not ask it why it is suffering, but give it a fruit, not teaching it how to eat it; tell this person, „Brother, the whole world – the Sky, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the stars – all of that is created for you, why do you have to suffer?” - „Aren’t you telling me lies?” - „No, I am telling the truth – God has created everything for people to learn and work.” Then give him some golden coins and tell him, „Brother, you are a young man, you have a beloved girl who does not want to see you in that pitiful sight – buy new clothes, put them on and go to her; buy a watch, to determine the time.” Every person must have a watch as a time measure – in that way he will get oriented in Life and will be able to solve some of his tasks in the right way.

When I am talking about a watch, I consider it as a symbol of Life. Every touch to the watch is a reminder of the hours, the minutes, and the seconds. This keeps man awake – not to lose even a second of his time. There are people who have come to the situation not to lose their hours; others have gone further ahead not wasting their minutes; a few have come to the position not to lose the seconds. The man of the minutes meets somebody on his way, quickly takes out a pear from his bag, and gives it to the man. - „Why are you giving me this pear?” He takes the pear back, puts it in the bag, and continues on his way. The other person is wondering why he was offered a pear. What makes someone not to take, makes the others give. This man has prayed for some fruit for a very long time, and when it was offered to him, he wonders why this happens. This pear is nothing but an answer to his prayer. Who carries a bag of fruits is a postman and whoever he meets, he gives him a fruit. And everyone would ask him why he was giving him the fruit. This asking is similar to the question that people ask themselves: „Does this man love me or not?” the fruits of those, who love you, are perfect, with no defect. Take the fruit they offer you, taste it and you will see that it is extraordinarily delicious, fresh, just picked from the garden.

Many people say, „We have to settle our life.” How can Life be settled? Without Love, Life cannot be settled, without the Good, Life cannot be settled, without the participation of the mind, the heart, and the will, Life cannot be settled. Some people think that life on Earth can be settled and say, „The way you were born, in that way you will be gone.” Others say, „Let’s hope that after death it will be better.” No, death cannot solve the questions of Life. Death comes when the man is dissatisfied with what God has given to him. It says, „God sent me to teach you to become grateful.” Death is a stick, telling the man, „Open up your bag!” He opens the bag and the death starts beating, taking everything that is in the bag. Love gives everything, death takes everything.

Therefore, death has a meaning only when it emancipates a man from evil; however, it has no sense if it frees a man from Love. For a man to die for his old conceptions there is sense in this; to die for the goods of God, there is no sense in it. The sense is in Life, not in death. We also have come to the mountain to live, to enjoy the domains of our Father. When you have come here, forget about everything at least temporarily. There must be a great volte-face in the conceptions of everybody – you have to renew, to start thinking, feeling, and acting in a new way.

I am talking about those, who are interested in these matters – only they will receive something from the bag. Those who are not interested, they would receive nothing. Many people ask, „Which is the way, the method that I could become a student?” Whoever wants to become a student must have a full bag, i.e. a heart; and his heart must be full of Love. Sometimes the heart of the human beats harder than usual and he gets frightened. There is nothing frightening about such a beating – this heart is constantly opening and closing, i.e. it is giving and taking. What is frightening about the opening and closing of our bag – this is how the circulation of blood occurs. When the bag opens, it shrinks; in the moments of opening and closing of the bag, a man takes out or puts something inside. The opening and closing, the contracting and expanding are two processes that occur also in the very Nature. When the heart contracts, God takes something from it; when the heart expands, God gives something to it – God gives, God takes. I said to a person, „You will give!” - „What?” - „What you have in your heart.” Press a little and your blood will immediately come out of your heart – you give blood to one man, to another and everyone is glad. Arterial blood goes to one side, and venous – to the other. Only in that way, can a man see all processes through which God teaches us how to love. A man must keep in his mind the thought that he will receive as much as he gives plus a little addition, equal to the interest of the given amount. For example, if a person does a good deed, even till the same evening he will be paid back, but with interest. If someone makes an effort to climb up the mountain, when he gets back he will have a little addition that will have a wholesome effect on his organism – this is the law.

Hence, every day man should do the least Good, expressed in a thought, a feeling, or an act. The Good can be done to a spring, to a plant, to a little fly, or to a person. No matter how little the Good is, it must be done – the least Good is an expression of God's teaching, of the man's internal law. If a person lives in that way the Angels, the saints, and the good people will know and visit him. Finally, his Teacher will visit him, too. Only then, man will have a correct and deep understanding of God.

Now, I would like to present to you God's teaching in a simple form easy for application right now, not in the future. If it is left to be understood and applied in the future, it is a teaching not understood. For instance, many people are waiting for the gathering; I say, if they cannot understand the gathering today, they would not be able to understand the other one, too. To understand God's Wisdom, this is a gathering; to understand God's Truth, this is a gathering. If we gather together all this, it is the greatest council in the world. If we gather at one place to interchange our Love, our Good, to send our thought to the world, to soothe the poor, the suffering, this is the greatest council. Because the purpose for which we have gathered here is again a council.

Somebody says, „Will God forgive my sins?” I say, God cannot but forgive the sins of the one who loves Him, no matter how big and whatever his sins are. Love erases everything; without Love no one is forgiven for his sins – this is a law. If Love is set as a basis in Life, all sins that exist will disappear, everything old will burn out. The Good is the condition for the realization of Love. When a person is good, the Love will surely show in his life. Someone says, „Do people deserve my love?” you should consider the following rule: every living creature deserves Love, i.e. it deserves to be loved – why? Because every creature has originated from God. If this creature does not look like you, it doesn't matter; the fly also deserves Love, although it bites. The fly bites because the superior creatures also bite – even the man bites sometimes. The fly should know that by biting it would not go far – if somebody forgives it, another one will punish it for the biting. The fly uses the excuse that this is a habit, which she cannot get rid of; however, for that bad habit it pays with its life. I am asking why the flies bite. The fly says, „Once upon a time God sent us to the world to bite the animals, because they were very lazy – our biting was a goad for them.” Today, the fly does not only bite cattle, but it also bites a man, who has graduated from four faculties and does not need a goad. This person can easily deal with this fly: he closes the window of his room, catches the fly, fixes it on a special pin, and starts studying it. Then he writes down the date of his research, the place where it was caught and its Latin name – with that the life of the fly is over.

I say, people have habits, similar to those of flies, snakes, lizards, etc. They are abnormal remainders from the past. If a person has one of these habits, he must say to himself, „I should not go back to the past and repeat it in that way; in the old times I used to bite, sting, but now I am a human and I must act gently.” By saying so, a man gives a meaning to the existence of all living creatures below him. Today, man must lead a pure and sacred life. Love should pour out of the heart like a spring; he must follow God's Will and enjoy everything surrounding him - the stones, the trees, the springs, the animals. When a man climbs up a mountain, he should look around, and scrutinize all the pictures that are revealed before his eyes. When you are looking at the picture of some artist, you know that he has considered which colours to use in order to present the object as truthfully and exact as possible. Sometimes the colours, the features of the picture are successfully represented, but sometimes they are not. In the same way, every little stone, every tree, or every spring in the pictures of the Live Nature are put in place, according to the view of the artist or the scene-painter. You are faced with the nice task of studying these pictures - from Nature man will study the laws of perfection and will apply them in his life.

So, a man must aim for perfection. This can be achieved when a man has the right attitude to Love, when he is ready to make any sacrifice for it. If a man comes to this position, his bag will always be full. When the bag of some person is full, and things are not well, what is the reason for that? The reason is his reticence - he either opens his bag very rarely, or never opens it. Many of the contemporary people have nice bags made of silk, linen, or another fine cloth, full of all kinds of fruit and buns, but since they are rarely opened up, the fruit inside has dried and the buns have turned into rusks. Somebody says, „Do you know what I have in my bag?” I know what is in it - dried apples, pears, plums, buns, etc. in my opinion every heart that does not open from morning till evening, to give everything that it has, and to take everything that is given to it, is abnormal - a heart that does not beat in the right way. The normal heart is a bag that constantly opens up and gives what it has to poor, suffering people; it will leave for itself only one apple, one pear, one bun and will thank God for everything that he has given. Then God will look at this heart with favour and will say, „This heart has understood the meaning of Life.”

So, the bags of all people must be full so that they can give. That is why it is said in the Script: „ You have for nothing, you should give for nothing!” In that respect, Nature gives us an example of absolute disinterestedness. For instance, we have been here for the long time, we are here, and we use free wood for heating, for cooking. In the evening, gathered around the big fire, we have the possibility to sing, to play instruments a little and to thank God that for the goods that we have used during the day. Our brothers, who were playing the fiddle, gave a good example of disinterestedness: one of them came, took his fiddle, and gave; the fiddle is the bag from which he takes a music piece instead of an apple, second - instead of a pear and third - instead of a bun. Every brother and sister, who plays, should perform three pieces at most - every evening each of them will play three pieces, and every time they will be new; the real fiddler had a great repertoire. These are the new concepts that everyone, who wants to be a student, should apply. The bag of the student must be full and he should give out generously.

Somebody says, „Will my sins be forgiven?” If you love, they will be forgiven; if you do not love, they will be not. - „Will my faith deepen?” If you love, your faith will get deeper. - „Can I become an erudite person?” If you love, you can become an erudite, and a philosopher, and a poet, and an artist. If you love, if you have inside you and you give it out to all living creatures, you can become whatever you want. All opportunities and conditions for growth and development are hidden in Love. If you want something more than Love, you will receive a stick. Apostle Paul says, „Shall I come to you with a club or with love and gentle spirit?” Often the old teachers used the club as an educating method; when they taught their lessons, they used the club for the student who did not know his lessons. The contemporary teachers use a stick, but changed into numbers - for example the mark one or two are a club for the students; when the student gets a mark one or two, he goes home unhappy, sad that he could not satisfy his teachers.

This lecture concerns those students who want to finish the school. One of the basic rules in this school is that every student should have a nice bag full of good fruit. The second basic rule is that the student should open his bag on time and give to everyone who has a need. That should be the man of the new time! You say, „How do we have to preach?” You will preach as the bun-seller and the fruit-seller. You will load a horse with two panniers - one full of apples, the other full of pears, and in your hand you will carry a basket of buns and you will set out from town to town, from village to village, shouting, „Come on, pears, apples, buns!” The people will start gathering around you and ask for apples, pears, and buns. To the poor you will give for nothing, to the middle-class people you will give cheaply, and to the rich - more expensively. When these people meet, they will tell each other:
- It's a strange thing, I met a dealer, who gave fruit to the poor people for nothing.
- I bought fruit from him, but very cheaply.
The rich man says:
- To me he sold them a bit expensively.

However, all these people are very happy with the fruits of this tradesman.
As soon as possible, I would like to see you with a horse, loaded with two big panniers full of fruit, and with a basket full of buns in hand. You would say that you do not feel comfortable to do that. I am asking what would you do if the entrance examination for the student was namely like that? You would not only sell, but you also have to shout: „Come on, here are the nice apples and pears!” Somebody would say, „I can do anything else, but this task I cannot accomplish in no way!” Who wants to be a student, he should accomplish all tasks that are assigned at school. If he chooses from the assignments - to do one and not to accomplish another, he is not a student.

Now you would like to know if there will be another lecture today. I say, all day today my bag will be open and I will give an apple, a pear, or a bun to everyone who comes to me. Now I gave everybody an apple, at noon I will give you a pear, in the evening I will give each of you a bun. The apple, the pear, and the bun are symbols that have to be interpreted. The apple represents Life that is born out of Love; the pear represents the Wisdom, and the bun - the Speech, i.e. the Truth. It is said, „The Truth is the Head of the Speech.” Therefore, in God's Love, Wisdom, and Truth lies the complete Life, the whole eternity, as well as the happiness, the welfare of all souls. If you want to enter God's School, the Love, Wisdom, and Truth must lie in the basis of your Life. Only in that way you will understand the sense of everything that God has created. That's why we have come to the Rila Mountains - to learn and understand the meaning of God's creations.

You would say, „Our brothers and sisters that are not here will be sorry about it.” Imagine that all of them are here but their stomachs are disordered; what will they benefit from the goods that God has given? - „They should have done at least two or three trips.” Imagine that they are also here, but their feet are dislocated and they cannot walk, and they are only making a fuss; in this situation how will they benefit from the high peaks? If you think about your brothers and sisters that are not here, this is what you have to do: you will load everything that you have acquired on a horse and when you go to Sofia, you will give to everyone who has not been together with you.

Now you have to interpret the meaning of the horse and the donkey as symbols. No one can enter the law of devotion if he does not lead a donkey with him; no one can fight if he does not ride a horse. Therefore, the donkey is a symbol of devotion and the horse is a symbol of fighting. When the Invisible world wants to teach man the laws of humbleness and sacrifice, it will make him get on a donkey, that will start singing its sweet song and every day will make him pray. The horse, on the other hand, that the man is riding will tell him, „Master, every day you have to whet your knife, to be brave and decisive, steadily to defend your concepts.”

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