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The State of Israel: The Most Dangerous Place for a Jew
04-23-2012, 10:35 PM,
The State of Israel: The Most Dangerous Place for a Jew
The State of Israel: The Most Dangerous Place for a Jew

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published on their website a running list of suicide and other bombing Attacks since the declaration of principles between the State of Israel and Arafat's PLO in 1993.

A study of the world's most peaceful countries released in June 2009 ranks the Zionist state as fourth to last among the 144 countries ranked.

According to the Global Peace Index, an annual ranking of the world's nations on the basis of how peaceful they are, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq are the only countries more dangerous than the Zionist state.

Directly more peaceful than the Zionist state on the list are Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad and Pakistan. Lebanon ranks 132nd, Iran ranks 99th and Syria ranks 92nd.

We hope this information will prove useful to Jews who may have been contemplating moving to, visiting or studying in the Zionist state. Leaving all ideological considerations aside, it is not a wise thing to do. Would they go touring or spend years studying in Bosnia or Lebanon, which are both rated safer than the Zionist state?

Indeed, the Satmar Rebbe once said that a person who lives under the Zionist state nowadays should recite the blessing “Hagomel” (recited by Jews after being saved from danger) every single day, to thank G-d that he woke up alive.

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