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Jews Get Out of Israel NOW
04-23-2012, 06:12 PM,
Jews Get Out of Israel NOW
Jews Get Out of Israel NOW

Very few people know or care about the actual history of Israel. If they do, they think it's irrelevant. They couldn't be more wrong .. Some British 'geniuses' decided to give Jews a 'homeland' around 100 years ago ARTIFICIALLY creating the fictitious 'state of Israel'. This became a British protectorate. Obviously, this instantly destabilized the region – which of course was the intention .. A few years later, Britain handed over protectorship to America .. Since I was a kid and before, Americans have been pumping billions of dollars into the Jewish government and economy attempting to 'sure up' the farcical state .. Now, if you're a Muslim born and raised in the region, you know all these facts, see Israel as a threat to regional stability, an alien fake country, and simply a way for the West and America to assert their will in the region.

If you think Israel 'belongs' to the Jews, you're brainwashed by the media and/or your religion.

If you think Saddam Hussein was a threat that needed to be excised like a boil, the same .. Talk to a Muslim born and raised in the region; they will confirm all above .. Americans have a tendency, sorry a mandate, to DEMONIZE anybody seen as a threat to Israel/America/West. Before it was Hussein in Iraq. Now it's the government in Iran. “Gotta make sure we neutralize their nuke program.” Why? Because it's a threat to Israel, the fake country installed by British 'genius'?

The ONLY solution that makes ANY sense is for ALL Jews to leave Israel NOW.


.. The basis for their religion is childish arrogance: “We're God's chosen people.” Chosen for what? Childish idiocy? For a historical mandate to destabilize the Middle East?

A fair description of Israel is the “last Crusade” .. Essentially, Jews in Israel represent fundamentalist Christians who insist Jews deserve a Biblical homeland. But this is patent INSANITY .. I've studied the Bible and the document is largely MYTH. Sure, as my father contended, most myth has basis in fact.. But.. That does not mean we should accept all things from the Bible as fact.

Most especially the concept of a Jewish homeland in Israel .. If you're a student of history, you know all these facts .. Force Iran with sanctions/whatever to stop developing nukes? Because Americans have determined the government is invalid? Who made us 'world police'? Who made us judge of all governments? God? Or perhaps somebody else?

I'd be willing to be my life and the life of my son that most of the Bible was Satanically inspired to divide us and deceive us about the true nature of God. What's the true nature of God? If there's ANYthing I've learned in my stay on this INSANE planet is that God is FORGIVING .. If you could only use ONE word to describe God it would be a toss-up between loving and forgiving .. So.. How does this relate to the Bible, Israel, and the American mandate to control the world?

America thinks, because it 'won' WWII, God is 'on our side' and so we're entitled to dictate to the rest of the world what to do / how to live. Yes America is the 'greatest' country ever in the history of Earth. Bla bla. Who the frak cares .. When you ABUSE that power like America has done.. It becomes MEANINGLESS.

Yes, Sharia and violent Muslims have a tendency to 'take over' the West. Yes, Halal and ritual mutilation are barbaric .. But just realize this 'push back' into the West is simply Muslim reaction to Israel.. You push somebody, they have a tendency to push back .. We pushed a LOT of people by creating a Jewish 'homeland' in Israel.. I'm guessing they'll be 'pushing back' for about 100 years – as long as we've been pushing into Israel.

So what's the real permanent solution to the problem? Education/awareness and GETTING ALL JEWS TO LEAVE ISRAEL.

Now of course, many will love to label me antisemitic if only from this article. As I've said before, I'm not antisemitic; I'm antiIDIOT .. Creating a fake country like Israel in a land that, in modern times, has NOTHING to do with Jews is pure IDIOCY. It's an attempt to DOMINATE the region with Western values. Anytime we DOMINATE somebody, we're not asserting the will of God; WE'RE ASSERTING THE WILL OF SATAN.

So now you understand why Muslims correctly label America as Satanically controlled. We are.

^^ Most of our nation are 'Christians'. I put that in quotes cuz that's just as farcical as 'the state of Israel'. We do lip service to God when we say we're Christian but then try to dominate the rest of the world. Domination does not equal, is not anything close to, couldn't be the furthest away from, forgiveness. Let me say that again for those of you who perhaps still don't get it. DOMINATION IS NOT FORGIVENESS.


The American will to dominate others only shows me AMERICA IS A SATANIC COUNTRY. And 'Christians' who wage war on others are actually SATAN WORSHIPPERS.

Israel, bristling with nukes, is a Satanic country.

And ANYONE who asserts Israel belongs to Jews is SATANIC.

..Anytime we're NOT being Godlike/forgiving, we're being Satanic. Anytime you defend the use of force, you're being Satanic .. In 2000 years since the time of Christ, you've learned absolutely NOTHING humanity, nothing .. What's a good nickname for Jesus? Prince of Peace. What's another name for Satan? Father of Lies .. When we demonize Iraq or Iran, essentially we're lying. We're playing in to Satan's hands. We're following Satan. ANYTIME WE USE FORCE TO ASSERT OUR WILL, WE WORSHIP SATAN. Might does not make right. When will we ever learn.. When will we ever learn..

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