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2012 and the prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
04-08-2012, 11:17 PM,
2012 and the prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
2012 and the prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

In 1944, shortly before his death, the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov, gave a prophecy of our time, of the end of the old order and the beginning of a golden age. Unlike most prophecies of the end times, he didn't give a specific date for it and it appears to be coming true.

Not many know who Peter Deunov was or what he taught. So before going into the prophecy, it would be good to summarize his life and teachings. He graduated from Boston Theological Seminary in 1988 and returned to his native country in 1890. But instead of becoming a minister, he meditated for several years and became enlightened. He began teaching esoteric Christianity around the turn of the century and started gathering a following. In 1921, he established the Universal White Brotherhood of Bulgaria, and by the mid-1930s, he had nearly 40,000 disciples. Foreseeing the coming of WWII and communism, he sent his most trusted disciple, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov to France in 1937, to establish an initiatic school there. Peter Deunov's teaching distills the essence of ancient mystery schools of the Essenes, Pythagoreans, Egyptians, and Greeks. One of its central themes is the Pentagram, a sacred symbol that was inverted and perverted by black magicians. Omraam and other disciples of Peter Deunov were white magicians and taught that everyone was a magician more or less, consciously or unconsciously and that the greatest magic was the transformation of a heart.

World transformation is what Peter Deunov's prophecy is about. I will not quote the entire prophecy; you can find it at this website here. And there is a shorter version of it here. For a detailed examination of Peter Deunov's vision of the future, citing several sources, go to New Epoch. I will just take snippets from it, beginning with the transition period:

"Everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by "Ascension." Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those who attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomena, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe.

The terrible predictions of the prophet Daniel written in the bible relate to the epoch that is opening. There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come. God is Love; yet we are dealing here with a chastisement, a reply by Nature against the crimes perpetrated by man since the night of time against his Mother; the Earth.

The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be absorbed by Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess. They will soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those who possess Love in them will remain. There is not any place on earth that is not dirtied with human or animal blood; she must therefore submit to a purification. And it is for this that certain continents will be immersed while others will surface.

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