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The Puranas - The arrival of Kalki Avatar
04-07-2012, 02:42 PM,
The Puranas - The arrival of Kalki Avatar
The Puranas - The arrival of Kalki Avatar

The Vedas and the Rishis
Vedas are perhaps the oldest documents of human spirituality. Are divided into four collections:

Rig Veda: is an ancient Indian sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns.
Sama Veda some hymns
Yajur Veda some rites
Atharva Veda: a collection of spells and incantations, stories, predictions, apotropaic charms and some speculative hymns.

The Vedas have been put for registered by the big rishi Vyasa who also wrote the Upanishad, the Vedanta-sutra (comment on the gods essence of Veda), the Puranas and the Mahabbarata (commonly called "fifth Veda").

The Rishi were big test, the thanks to their superconscience were seeing (the root of Veda seeing is vide) the truths and then they transmitted them to others. Therefore they received revelations and known elaborate philosophical systems.

The Puranas and the avatars
The Puranas ("collections of histories of the ancient times" or "holy traditions"), comparable to our Bible, treat five subjects: the creation of the universe; his destruction and recreation; the genealogy of the divinities; the various epoches of the world with indication of the spiritual conduct to keep in the various cycles; the history of big dynasties.

The Puranas are distinguished in 18 (Maha Purana) majors and 18 (Upa Purana) minors, in each of them we find the presence of a particular divinity, of which come present life, cult, mythology, nonchè the demonstrations of the avatara and the relative spiritual teachings. ( the 18 Maha-Purana are: 1 ) Brahma Purana 2) Padma Purana 3) Vishnu Purana 4) Vayu Purana 5) (Bhagavata Purana 6) Naradiya Purana 7 ) Markandeya Purana 8 ) Agni Purana 9 ) Bhavishya Purana 10 ) Brahmavaivarta Purana 11 ) Linga Purana 12 ) Varaha Purana 13 ) Skanda Purana 14 ) Vamana Purana 15 ) Kurma Purana 16 ) Matsya Purana 17 ) Garuda Purana 18 ) Brahmanda Purana.

Someone says: "The Puranas, one of a series of books in the Vedas or Hindu Scriptures, tell the story of a great soul who was to embody four times at critical periods in history to help mankind. The Brahma Rishi Puranas predicted these embodiments as Angiras, Vashishta, Veda Vyasa, and a solar rishi who would be born outside of India and receive the initiatic name, Omraam"..

The Age of Aquarius
The avatara are: Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narashima, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krisna, Buddha. The next one is called Kalki ("the destroyer of the impurities") the tenth avatar which will appear according to the tradition in this epoch. It is interesting to see that the definition of "destroyer of the impurities" or "dirt" recalls one of the twelve Ercole efforts: clean the Augia Stables the homonymous king of the Epei had never cleaned. Stabbio and manure they were so accumulated than the enterprise was appearing impossible. Ercole succeeded in the enterprise deflecting in the stables the course of the Alfeo and Peneo rivers, which swept away, with the impetus of their current, all the huge sudiciume. Waters of the rivers would symbolicly represent the spiritual waters (the initiatic philosophy) of the eleventh sign, the acquarium, waters which would be able to purify the man's subcosciente.

If we consider that Aïvanhov connects the symbol of this labor of Hercules to the sign of Aquarius (see chapter: "The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 labors of Hercules in connection with the Zodiac," the book "The Zodiac and key man universe ") show profound correspondence between the figure of Kalki Avatar (the destroyer of dirt) and the wise old man (symbol of Aquarius) that pours through his hands, purifying waters on humanity. No coincidence, the symbol of the Teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood, sent in this era by P. Deunov and O.M. Aïvanhov draws fully the Age of Aquarius, the new currents of universality, brotherhood and unity.

Cycles and the Dharma current
According to the Trimurti (Trinity) India we have the following distinctions: Brahma is the creator, Shiva ensure the transition from one world to another, Vishnu, however, the entire cosmic manifestation comes to support and maintain ( "Vishnu the preserver), manifesting itself in many avatars (incarnations of "down") to protect the world from the forces that periodically bring into crisis the cosmic order or dharma. If Vishnu did not intervene in moments of crisis, the disruptive forces have the upper hand. Vishnu is therefore the custodian of the universal law of dharma.

The evolutionary cycles are divided each into four periods called yuga:

the first period is the Age Of The Gold of the truth, in which the humanity has a spontaneous given wisdom from its closeness to the divine one(Satya Yuga);
the second is the age of the silver (Tetra Yuga);
The third is the Age Of The Bronze (Dvapara Yuga);
the last one is the Age or "age of vice") (Kali Yuga).

The Kali Yuga and the Golden Age
Kalki will, according to the tradition of the Puranas, the next avatar of Vishnu, the establishment of the new Golden Age. Appears, symbolically, riding a white horse and brandishing a sword, and will be the end of Kali Yuga, the current Dark Age of prevailing life of passion and the man is likely to increasingly move away from its divine nature, from its itself and then by his dharma and lives, because of this, great anguish and suffering.

Also here can be found deep similarities between the figure of Kalki Avatar, and the coming of Christ in the Apocalypse "... And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse Its rider was named" Faithful "and" True " He judges and makes war with justice. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many diadems; carries a name written that no one knows except him. It is wrapped in a robe dipped in blood and his name and Word of God The armies of heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen white and clean. From his mouth comes a sharp sword to strike the nations with it. He will rule with a rod of iron and will press the winepress of 'furious wrath of God Almighty. A name written on his cloak and on his thigh: King of Kings and Lord of lords.

Renovating the dharma means the current cycle to help man to find it within himself his own divine nature so that it can manifest itself concretely in individual consciousness, in comportanenti individual and therefore in the collective ones. "You are gods" warned Jesus in the Gospels (Psalm 82: 6, St John's Gospel 10: 34)! Here's whole being to live with this truth is the dharma individual and collective will to respect the laws of morality Cosmic. Not the ascetic withdrawal, but the realization in the field, in the temple interior, behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps we can say that the avatar, from the viewpoint of the event, regardless of any and questionable identifications with a particular individual, is certainly a divine principle that is manifested, an initiatory teachings that unfolds (which falls on humanity as the 'the Sage of Aquarius pours water on the community) and which speaks to man offering his hand to lift the darkness, suffering in which he fell. It 'a teaching that gives all those who want it, possibilities and methods (see this page) to find "the family home.

Someone says:"This is a direct quote: “In Kali Yuga, when mankind has fallen very low, when vices and lies are rampant and sin and evil are at their peak, then will come one who will save the world and bring in the new Solar Culture. He will take birth in the eight month of pregnancy. His masculine and feminine natures will be perfectly in balance and polarized, he will be androgenous in his consciousness – fully enlightened with a vast knowledge of the universe. This knowledge he will bring from his previous incarnations [Angiras, Vashishta, and Veda Vyasa], but he will now present it in a new way. He will be born in a foreign land. He will have all knowledge and all powers of the Seven Rays of the sun. He will be a devotee of the sun. The initial letters of his first name will be MI, and A will be the first letter of the second name. He will be attracted to the Indian subcontinent and often will be visiting India. He shall be given another name whose first letters will be OM and the following will be RAAM, originating from the sixth incarnation of the Hindu Avatar Ram. He will be given this name suddenly by three Sages in India.”

A NEW DAWN: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic ScienceI e II I
"Human beings were built by cosmic intelligence in such a way that they can fulfil themselves and reach their full stature only by maintaining ties with a higher world from which they receive light and strength. When human beings rely exclusively on their own limited intellect they deprive themselves of true understanding, and it is this lack that is the cause of all their disastrous mistakes. When men are motivated only by a lust for material possessions and power and act in total disregard for the plans of cosmic intelligence, they stir up layers of the physical and psychic atmosphere and arouse formidable forces whose fury is turned against them.

The Age of Aquarius will soon be upon us, and the tremendous upheavals accompanying it will oblige human beings to understand the reality of the invisible world and the laws that govern it. But the beauty, splendour and harmony of the new life that will emerge from these upheavals will be beyond anything imagined by the human mind.

All those who have been secretly working for the coming of the Kingdom of God throughout the world will join forces and work together, and the bastions of ignorance, materializm and despotism will crumble and collapse. This I tell you. And it will be so! Nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the new Golden Age."

chap. X - The Synarchy Within - Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant
chap.XII - Woman's place - Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty
chap.XII The Esoteric Church of Saint John -The Fruits of the Tree of Life The Cabbalistic
02-20-2013, 11:34 AM,
RE: The Puranas - The arrival of Kalki Avatar
KALKI AVATAR, Varanasi Area, India
EK RASHTRA, EK SHASTRA VISHWSHASTRA एक राष्ट्र, एक शास्त्र विश्वशास्त्र
• satyakashi universal integration science university
• October 2010 – Present (1 year 8 months) BAGHERA, PURUSHOTTAMPPUR, MIRZAPUR (U.P) INDIA PIN 231305
• Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” a living legend of forward step of Swami Vivekananda & Final step of complete Brahm i.e KALKI MAHAAVTAAR of God. Born at Indian Oil Corporation Refinery Township Hospital Begusarai (Bihar) & resident of Mirzapur Distt. (Satyakashi area of kashi 84 kos yatra) Of U.P. India.
Whole discovery & discoverer are “ONE IN ALL” & “ALL IN ONE” at any dimension & real spiritualism with satisfaction of material science.
Whole discovery is based on realization of human society by UNIVERSAL UNIFIED TRUTH THEORY. This is totally establishment part of thoughts of Swami Vivekanand delivered at World Religion of Parliament in 1893 at Chicago. Which is not completed till date.

Social Networking & Blogs
Work of Lava kush Singh “Vishwmanav”

1- The Book VISHWSHASTRA : The knowledge of final knowledge.
For the upliftment of current Time (Era or Yug) i.e. Establishment of Golden era (SWARNYUG) and realization of personal mind (Vyashti) with combined mind (Samashti). Like upliftment of TRETAYUG to DWAPARYUG Ramayan by Valmiki was enlighten the human society, upliftment of DWAPARYUG to KALYUG Mahabharat by Maharshi Vyas was enlighten the human society, the VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge, including VISHWBHARAT, the world religion, secular religion literature KARMAVEDA : the first, final & fifth veda, World Standard (WS) of mind series is discovered by Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” for the realization & upliftment of KALYUG to SWARNYUG.

A final new & discovery of meditation & yoga for fifth yug i.e. Swarnayug

3- Writing a film named VISHWGURU: The brain terminator (Representative cinema of India) in Hindi, English & Bangla language.
A knowledge war between qualified person & experienced person. result is establishment of VISHWGURU, Swami vivekanand as a RASHTRAPUTRA & a thought for starting a new era after 21st Dec. 2012.

4- Writing a film named JAI MAA KALKI like JAI MAA SANTOSHI.
Born of new Devi maa according to story of kalki avataar & maa vaishno devi.

5- Concept of T.V. Serial VISHWBHARAT like MAHABHARAT.
Story after the mahabharat to final avataar : Kalki Mahaavataar.
6- Concept of a film named MY TEN WIFE ON EARTH, DON-5 & DEMOCRACY.

Object of trust & Literature VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge is-

1. To provide complete & final knowledge through one book as a supplementary book of complete knowledge in this knowledge based era.

2. Complete knowledge, Realization, Globalization, Universalization of mind i.e. At knowledge level all are equal & at professional knowledge level are different by one book.

3. To provide one DHARMASHASTRA to WORLD NATION based on secular world religion. For INDIA like national flag, national anthem, national bird, national animal, national flower etc.

4. To provide world standard of mind for standardization of human resources.

5. To provide complete human manufacturing technology WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C for manufacturing of complete human to protect, peace & united world.

6. To create a new integral workism i.e. Uni spirit workism i.e. EKATMKARMVAD view.

7. To permanently close the competition for KALKI AVTAAR.

8. To prove the Mayan’s the end date of earth 21st December 2012, is the end date of Era & start date of new era, not the end date of earth.
Skills & Expertise
1. complete human manufacturing
2. visible yoga
3. visible meditation
4. film screeplay writing
5. maa kalki temple
6. 13th jyotirlinga
7. vishw dharm mandir
8. satyakashi city
9. art of puranas writing
10. complete education
11. world standard of mind series (WSO-0 series)
12. kalki avtar
13. writer of Vishwshastra : the knowledge of final knowledge"
14. basic theory for World Governement constitution in comming time.
15. universale intergaration science university
16. new subject : "GODICS"
17. new subject : "INTEGRATION SCIENCE"
18. new subject : "STANDARD SCIENCE"
19. brain of GOD
20. philosophy of universal unified theory
21. real concept of PURANAS
22. worls standard of thoughts & literature
23. world standard of defination of subject & specialist
24. world standard of management & activity of universe
25. world standard of management & activity of Human
26. world standard of worship & worship place.
27. world standard of constitution.
28. world standard of world education system & syllabus.
29. complete human manufacturing technology WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C
30. visible GOD NAME and visible philosophy

Activities and Societies:
1- Satyayoganand Math : In the memory of own master.
2- Natural Truth Mission : Secular form of Ram Krishna Mission
3- Vishwmanav Foundation : Legal holder of complete work
4- Satyakashi Universal Integration Science University
a. To create a new subject of study Godics, Integration Science, Standard Science from the “VISHWSHASTRA”
b- Construction of Integration science city
c- Construction of Vishw Dharma Mandir (a practical experience of Dharma)
5- Satyakashi Trust (
a- Introducing the area of fifth, seventh & final kashi : satyakashi.
b- Establishment of 13th & final Jyotirlinga named BHOGESHWAR NATH at Satyakashi area.
c- Establishment of fifth & final peeth- Satyakashi Peeth
d- Construction of Final Devi of World - Maa Kalki Devi Mandir
e- Construction of Satyakashi Nagar - a 3 in 1 city at Jargo Dam (Chunar) near Kashi (Varanasi)

Honors and Awards:
Personal Information
8127732435 (mobile)
October 16, 1967
Marital status:
02-23-2013, 05:58 AM,
RE: The Puranas - The arrival of Kalki Avatar
Wow, Kalki actually did arrive

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