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Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
03-14-2012, 01:14 AM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
Check out this girl, says her parents, both mother and father are from Uganda, that she is 100% Uganda and that the last time she visited was in 2010. She says there are rumors that kony is not even alive or in that nation anymore.

According to the article the US fed gov under Obama admin sent 100 troops there.

What a pathetic nation the USA is that they feel they can galavant all over the fucking globe flexing their military muscle, while they lie to US citizens and force us to pay for the tyranny that they bring to so many of these innocent people.

This is for any US citizen who is currently enlisted who might be reading this. If you are enlisted and are deployed to any of the nations that are currently having internal conflict, and the US federal government coupled with the mainstream media are lying to US citizens and telling them that we are there to find evil dictators, terrorists, etc, or to nation build, I just want you to know that I hope you die a slow painful death. I hope the citizens of those nations rise up, band together and vow to rid THEIR country of US military forces by any means possible, hopefully by deadly force. I hope your children grow up without a father like the many children in those nations that now have to grow up without a father or mother due to your collateral damage. You don't fight for my freedom, you dont fight so i can say what i do, you don't serve your country. You are a pawn, a robot, a bitch who is aiding tyrants who only care about money and power. Fuck you. You are a disgrace to the united states of America and to humanity.
03-16-2012, 01:36 AM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
I know some people on here, and many in general, don't like Alex jones but I just watched this video of him rambling about this kony subject.

After the video ended I went over to yahoo to talk trash on their garbage mainstream media sell out site and low and behold front and center is an article talking about George clooney meeting with and supporting Obama. Clooney was questioned about the kony subject. Clooney hasn't watched the kony video, doesn't know shit about it by the sounds of it, yet he gives the idea of going after him a thumbs up.

America disgusts me more and more every day.

Here is the copy and paste from yahoo.

George Clooney brought a dash of glamour Thursday to Washington—long mocked as "Hollywood for ugly people"—as he emerged from a meeting with President Barack Obama and discussed the crisis in South Sudan, Obama's re-election prospects, "Kony 2012" and how long he'll keep the beard.

Surrounded by reporters in the sun-drenched White House driveway, Clooney also took a question on whether he might consider joining the administration.
"I don't find that I would be much help in any other position than the one I am in," he said, pouring cold water on the prospect there could one day be an Undersecretary Clooney.
"I don't make policy. All I can really do is amplify the situation and hope to bring a spotlight to it so that we're talking about it for at least a brief period of time," added Clooney, a fervent advocate for helping South Sudan.
How do Obama's elections prospects look?
"I don't know. I hope they're very good. I'm a Democrat and I'm a supporter of the president. So I hope he has a successful election," Clooney said.

Asked about the controversial Kony 2012 video—a viral, 30-minute documentary on guerrilla leader Joseph Kony that chronicles the atrocities of his Lord's Resistance Army in Central Africa—Clooney said he had not yet seen it but gave the effort a thumbs-up.

"Anytime you're making the names of people who are charged for war crimes famous, I think that's good. I think the name Omar al-Bashir should be famous. I think people should know it," he said, referring to Sudan's president, who is under indictment by the International Criminal Court in the Hague in connection to atrocities committed in his country's western region of Darfur.
Clooney—who was flanked by  human rights activist John Prendergast—said he talked with Obama about the urgent humanitarian needs in South Sudan and emphasized the urgent need for the creation of a "humanitarian corridor" to ensure deliveries of aid to populations at risk for starvation.

"There is a very, very great possibility of … a lot of people starving to death in the next few months if we don't act soon finding some way to get the government of Khartoum to open up some form of a humanitarian corridor," he warned. "Obviously that's not something that we do unilaterally—it will have to be done with the help of many different countries."

And he described Obama as optimistic about getting Chinese President Hu Jintao to help. China normally imports roughly 6 percent of its oil from Sudan, but the president of independent South Sudan, which holds most of the country's reserves, recently shut off the spigot as a negotiating tactic amid disputes with the north about borders, oil revenues and alleged human rights abuses.

For a moment, there is a moment that we can appeal to China—not on a humanitarian issue, which, a lot of us have gone to China and tried to do and it has oftentimes fallen on deaf ears," Clooney said.

The actor, a founder of the Satellite Sentinel project to monitor alleged atrocities in Sudan, said he saw some "donor fatigue" with regards to the crisis in Sudan.
"Anytime the economy is going through a difficult time there will always be donor fatigue. There is no question that there is donor fatigue. There is misery fatigue. I think people turn on the news, and they see an awful lot of bad stories, and they think, Oh, this is another terrible story,'" Clooney said.

"On the other hand, having traveled around the world, and having tried to raise money in other parts of the world, this is still the most generous country in the world, and truly the most compassionate," Clooney went on to say.

So, a journalist wanted to know, how long will he keep the beard?
That drew a chuckle from Clooney, who sat next to First Lady Michelle Obama at Wednesday's state dinner at the White House in honor of visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha.

I have to buy a new razor now."


What a douche. Fuck George clooney.
03-16-2012, 02:20 AM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
George Clooney Wrote:Obviously that's not something that we do unilaterally—it will have to be done with the help of many different countries

Sounds like the word unilateral has been used to garner support for UN and NATO power (a.k.a. World Police) in lieu of congressional support (see Libya).

There are no others, there is only us.
03-16-2012, 04:13 AM,
Thumbs Up  RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
Nice in depth article that is in line with my initial post to kick off this thread (that is a test balloon for future propaganda and the appearance of global democracy) on The Vigilant Citizen with pictures of the propaganda kit! Lots of comments too. Far from PHONY 2012 this is a very real social media propaganda experiment used to shape the opinions, thus actions, of the masses of soft tissue glommed on and plugged into this technocracy.

Quote:KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation
By VC | March 13th, 2012

The overnight viral sensation KONY 2012 brought worldwide awareness to the African war criminal Joseph Kony. Beneath this commendable cause, lies however an elaborate agenda that is presented in the video in a very manipulative way. We’ll look at the agenda behind KONY 2012 and how it uses reverse psychology to not only justify a military operation in Africa, but to actually have people demand it.

KONY 2012 is a viral sensation that swept the entire world in less than 24 hours. Its main subject is the African rebel leader Joseph Kony, his war crimes and the clearly defined “movement” to stop him. Countless celebrities have endorsed the movement, news sources have reported it and social media is buzzing with it. While the problem of guerrilla warfare and child soldiers has plagued Africa for decades, and several documentaries have already been produced regarding the issue, this particular 29-minute video made managed to obtain mass exposure and support.

KONY 2012 is less of a documentary than it is a highly efficient infomercial that is tailor-made for the Facebook generation, using state-of-the-art marketing techniques to make its point. Young people like “underground movements” and want to feel like they are changing the world. KONY 2012 taps into these needs to bring about something that is not “hip” or “underground” at all: A military operation in Uganda. Not only that, it urges the participants of the movement to order stuff, to wear bracelets that are associated with an online profile and to record their actions in social media. This makes KONY 2012 the first artificially created movement that is fully track-able, monitor-able and quantifiable by those who engendered it. In other words, what appears to be a movement “from the people” is actually a new way for the elite to advance its agenda.

A Propaganda Experiment

The video begins with an interesting statement: “The next 27 minutes are an experiment. But in order for it to work, you have to pay attention”. It is an experiment as it tests a new, groundbreaking way to get an agenda accepted by the Facebook generation. In the past, when the government needed to justify the invasion of a country, the President would sit in front of the camera and tell the public why war should be declared in this area of the world. In the case of KONY, the military agenda is disguised as grassroots activism, where the US army entering Uganda would be perceived as a “victory of the people”, effectively reversing the communications model.

[Image: kony1-e1331578338887.jpg]
Towards the end of the video, an image is displayed explaining how decisions (and messages) start from the top of the pyramid (the elite) and are communicated to the masses through mass media and such.

Due to the advent of social media, the above diagram has become a lot less effective to get a message across to the young generation. It is not CNN reports and the President addressing the nation anymore, it is about “liking” Facebook pages and viral YouTube videos. This is where messages now come across. Always studying, analyzing and exploiting the most effective ways to persuade public opinion, KONY 2012 appears to be an attempt to test out the effectiveness of a “viral” propaganda campaign. By creating this “movement” and making young people actually DEMAND the U.S. government intervene in Africa, the masterminds behind this campaign would manage the impossible: Reversing the propaganda model in order to make it emanate from the people. By doing so, the elite’s agenda is not only accepted by the masses, it is perceived as a victory by them.

[Image: kony2.jpg]
"We are living in a new world" indeed. The KONY 2012 logo aptly represents how a viral video and social media can reverse the propaganda model. Don't be fooled however. Power is still not in the hands of the base of the pyramid ... far from it. It is all about appearances.

When the war on Iraq was declared, a great portion of young Americans opposed the war. How is it they are now begging the government to send troops to Africa? A simple video, specifically conceived for the Facebook generation did the trick. As it is the case in most campaigns to justify a war, the first goal was to identify a bad guy.

Identifying the Bad Guy

[Image: kony3.jpg]
By associating Kony with Bin Laden and Hitler in this poster, KONY 2012 is promoting war.

I have absolutely no intention of defending Joseph Kony or to say “he’s not that bad”. He, along with many other guerrilla factions across Africa, has committed despicable atrocities. However, the problem of child soldiers has existed for decades and there are literally hundreds of Joseph Konys across the African continent. In some cases, some of the armies are actually funded by Western countries. If we would truly go to the root of the issue, we’d discover that Africa has been plagued with the problem of warring factions and rebel guerrillas ever since Western forces “liberated” their colonies and divided the continent of Africa according to Western interests. Indeed, instead of setting the boundaries of each country according to the geographic location of the ethnic groups and tribes that live there, countries were created according to the economic needs of colonizing forces such as Great Britain, France and others. The net result is: A bunch of artificial countries that each contain several tribes, ethnic groups, languages and religions. When one group takes power, the others are repressed, which leads to violence and rebellion. Add to the mix extreme poverty due to resources being siphoned out of Africa by Western countries and you’ve got a breeding ground for merciless warlords. As long as this problem exists, Joseph Konys will continue to emerge in Africa.

But the video mentions none of this. All it says is that arresting Kony would “make the world better”. KONY 2012 is all about identifying a bad guy, “making him famous” and have people demand his death by U.S. forces. Fixing the true cause of problems in the third world has never been on the Agenda. But picking out a “bad guy” to justify military action has always been part of it. If in the case of Saddam Hussein, “facts” (that ultimately proved false) were given to justify the invasion of Iraq. A different technique is being used with Kony, one that originates from advertising.

Any marketing specialist will tell you: “Facts don’t sell, emotions do”. The first part of KONY 2012 solely addresses emotions. It is about making the filmmaker likeable, showing gut-wrenching images of African kids in pain, in misery and in despair. Then, the turning point: Joseph Kony is the cause of all of this. Not centuries of exploitation and devastation by Western forces in Africa that lead to chaos, lawlessness and poverty. No, it’s Kony. That bastard. George Clooney is really mad at him right now. He even tweeted about it.

Another marketing strategy is to appeal to the lowest common denominator. In other words, to get a message across, one must address the audience as if it was made of kids. KONY 2012 does exactly this by ridiculously oversimplifying the problem and explaining it to an actual child – who represents the viewers. This is not surprising though, as this is how the masses are perceived by the higher ups.

Once the viewers had their emotions stirred, got infantilized and had the problem spelled out to them as if they were in kindergarten, the table is set for the true goal of the video: Defining the agenda.

Defining the Agenda

KONY 2012 is a movement backed by some of the world’s most powerful entities and has precise goals. As the movie’s intro states, it is an experiment. It is an opportunity to create a movement that can be fully trackable, quantifiable and manageable through social media whose culmination is a U.S. military intervention in Uganda. The carrying out of this mission will not only be perceived as a victory, it will restore young people’s faith in democracy. What the members of this movement might not realize is that they are helping the advancement of the elite’s agenda towards a New World Order.

The second part of the movie let’s go of emotions and describes to the viewers what the elite expects from them. U.S. troops are already in Uganda, but, according to the movie, Kony “changed his tactics”… Damnit Kony, you and your sneaky tactics. Apparently, high tech satellites, unmanned drones and all kinds of radars are not enough to catch this guy. Nope, in order to catch him, a complicated plan, involving the purchase of an “Action Kit” and the registering an ID bracelet on a website is required. Makes sense.

[Image: kony61.jpg]
Those who want to "Stop Kony" are required to wear a bracelet bearing a unique code which needs to be registered at a website. Of course, personal information is requested.

Once the bracelet is registered, members can associate it with their Facebook account, which will keep track of all KONY-related actions. The end result is: every single member of KONY 2012 will be known, identified and easily tracked – with constantly updated information. All of this data will of course be collected, scrutinized and stored by those in charge.

Furthermore, members are asked to contribute a “few dollars a month” to TRI, an organization whose ultimate goal is American military intervention in Uganda.

[Image: kony7.jpg]
TRI's logo is an inverted "Peace" sign. In symbolism, an inverted sign means that it stands for the opposite of the regular sign. In other words, TRI is about war. Peace does not involve "equipping" and "training" government forces to fight rebel factions. As the novel 1984 states, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

To support the cause and to make it popular, a bunch of elite-sponsored artists and politicians have been enlisted, including Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Oprah, George Clooney, Bono, etc. While some of them might be genuinely concerned about problems in Africa, most of them are pawns of the elite that are used to promote its agenda.

[Image: kony8.jpg]
Am I seeing warmongering George W. Bush in here? The dude that lied to the whole country in order to attack Iraq for its oil and stuff? Hmm. Weird.

After going past the celebrities and the emotions, the end result of this campaign is simple and steeped in real politik: Since the fall of rival superpower USSR, Western forces have sought to bring down and to control regional powers around the world, mostly in third countries. Uganda is part of that plan. The same way the spectre of Bin Laden was used to invade Afghanistan, Kony is being used to enter Uganda.

[Image: kony9.jpg]
The video clearly shows what is the goal of this "movement": U.S. troops taking charge of the Ugandan army, the same way it took charge of the Iraqi, Libyan and other armies in the past few years.

In Conclusion

KONY 2012 is a cleverly orchestrated campaign specifically aimed at today’s youth, the future citizens of the world. Using state-of-the-art techniques and new technologies, the campaign is a first attempt at “reverse propaganda”, where the agenda APPEARS to emanate from the people. By using emotions, irrational thoughts and superficial explanations, KONY 2012 attempts to trick well-meaning people, who desire to make a positive change in the world, to instead fuel a gigantic war machine that is controlled by the world’s elite.

Is KONY 2012 trying to eradicate child-soldiers or is it attempting to create a new kind of child-soldiers?

[Image: kony10-e1331592955251.jpg]



Download the KONY 2012 Digital Kit or Order Their Action Kit
Kony 2012 Action Kit People will think you’re an advocate of awesome. Everything you’ll need to take part in our KONY 2012 campaign is included in this kit: an official campaign. + T-shirt + KONY bracelet + Action guide + Stickers + Button + Posters. ...

Quote:The full list of 20 Kony 2012 Celebrities and 20 Kony 2012 Culturemakers is:

BONO @ONEcampaign

Quote:Which politicians are being targeted by Kony 2012?

Former President George W. Bush
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.)
Former President Bill Clinton
Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.)
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)
Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Tx)
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida)
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont)

Clearly marketed to youth activists and it's global in reach as the video is translated into 55 foreign languages. Greenpeace, WWF and PETA employ similar tactics. This is nothing new, just another level. Expect the next version of this to be more polished and a bit more difficult to pick apart.
There are no others, there is only us.
03-16-2012, 11:51 PM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
Quote:The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Christian filmmaker behind the Internet’s most recent famous activism campaign, “Kony 2012,” has been arrested. For masturbating. And being drunk. And vandalizing cars. In public. In the morning.
03-17-2012, 04:59 AM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
Quote:The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Christian ...

Interesting that these were the first words that Russia Today chose to lead off with and chose to repeat and highlight in bold to describe the event.

In reading this I recall watching (his?) child in the movie say "I'm proud of you Daddy!".

So they've essentially pulled the plug on this because of all the backlash? IC certainly didn't try to hide it as they published and reacted to the criticizim bombs launched against them.

Using IC for this with their obvious reputation leads me to think one of four things is afoot or some combination of them, from a motive standpoint, based on how this has played out to date.

* This was designed to fail from the start to brand African intervention
* People are not as stupid as the promoters first assumed and are in severe damage control mode
* A more complex social experiment is in the mix
* There are two 'elite' factions competing for Uganda (let's call them China and the US but it's far more complex than that) with competing propaganda, double agents

I certainly hope this call to action against Uganda with a multi-national force isn't working too well, lest the propaganda doesn't need to be any more sophisticated than this.
There are no others, there is only us.
03-20-2012, 12:56 AM,
RE: Interesting Social Experiment :: KONY 2012
War is peace, dontchya know.
04-03-2012, 10:51 PM,
Kony 2:Entertainment for the boneheaded Twitter youth
By Brendan O'Neill Politics Last updated: April 3rd, 2012

[Image: kony-1-460.jpg]
A 2006 photo of Joseph Kony and his deputy, Vincent Otti (Photo: AP)

Like all blockbuster movies that make a lot of cash or a big splash, Kony 2012 is getting its very own sequel. Invisible Children, the weird half humanitarian outfit, half PR machine that was behind the first hit Kony film, has announced that it will today release “Joseph Kony 2”. Presumably it will be a bit like Scream 2, only featuring a menacing-looking African warlord rather than a psychopath in a droopy mask for the YouTube generation to be terrified by.

The use of the word “sequel”, the nod to Hollywood contained in a title like “Joseph Kony 2”, confirms that the first Kony film, a half-hour hatefest against the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army that had Twitteryouth glued to their iPads, was little more than mass entertainment. It was less a serious humanitarian initiative than a titillating form of interactive entertainment, where you could be both outraged by a wicked man and then Do Something About Him by pressing a few buttons. It was a perfect outlet for self-regarding, ostentatious alms-giving in our videogame era, and so it’s fitting that it will now have a follow-up, yet another opportunity to be thrilled and take action.

In fact, sticking with the movie metaphor, the first Kony film was always more of a remake than an original work. There was a massive amount of commentariat sniffiness towards that online film, with columnists wondering why the hell Justin Bieber fans were suddenly taking an interest in African affairs. And yet that Kony campaign which so gripped Facebookers and celebs was only a rehash of the kind of campaigning that has been pursued by serious reporters, NGOs and politicians for the best part of 20 years. Yes, it might have been a pale imitation – just like Gus Van Sant’s remake of Pyscho wasn’t a patch on Hitchcock’s original – but with its handpicking and elevation of a foreign psycho whom we were all encouraged to hate, Kony 2012 was only the dumb logical conclusion to two decades of liberal grandstanding in foreign affairs.

The first Kony movie was most obviously a botched remake of Save Darfur, that global campaign that had celebs and columnists wetting themselves with excitement in 2005 and 2006 and which likewise reduced a complex African conflict to “a morality tale unfolding in a world populated by villains and victims”. It was also heavily influenced by the earlier transformation of Slobodan Milosevic into the chattering classes’ hate figure du jour. Back in the 1990s, it was Milosevic who was labelled “the chilling embodiment of evil” by Western hacks in search of simplistic moral mission, culminating in Tony Blair’s Kosovo War of 1999, which Blair described as a “battle between good and evil”. That’s precisely the same sort of language now used by Invisible Children founder and public flasher Jason Russell.

If there is a retro feel to Kony 2012, that’s because it is a mishmash of the childish moralism and bone-headed outlook that motored those liberal campaigns for “wars against evil” in the Nineties and Noughties. We should all feel free to laugh at Joseph Kony 2 when it appears, but let’s remember that it is more than a follow-up to Joseph Kony 1 – it’s also the garish sequel to the pulp fiction about foreign affairs that has been promoted by serious activists and writers over the past 20 years.
“Everything Popular Is Wrong” - Oscar Wilde

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