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Baehr - The Media-Wise Family (impact of media entertainment on children)(1998)
02-29-2012, 07:21 PM,
Baehr - The Media-Wise Family (impact of media entertainment on children)(1998)
This is Theodore Baehr's mindblowing book The Media-Wise Family (1998) which is a shocking expose of a well-conceived and orchestrated plan to corrupt the moral and spiritual standards not only of America but of the world using media entertainment. What are your kids watching? Do you know the impact of their entertainment choices? Baehr, publisher of MOVIEGUIDE won't tell you to throw out your entertainment center or computer, but he will challenge you to examine how you and your children use television, movies and multimedia. This unique book will help you understand how your children learn and what effect entertainment has on them at different stages of growth. You will learn how to redeem the values of the media and use discernment in selecting your family's entertainment. No one is better prepared to resist indoctrination and manipulation than those who understand how others are trying to indoctrinate and manipulate them. For every parent who feels frustrated and powerless to protect their children from an ever-more powerful electronic culture saturated with sex, violence, and degradation, The Media-Wise Family just may give you some hope. 420 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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