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Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again
02-28-2012, 01:10 PM,
Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again
Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again

Wikileaks, Watch, Learn But Never Believe!
… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


It’s almost like a Sherlock Holmes story. We are seeing it start now. My first sign, that a mixed intelligence, disinformation campaign or worse was in the works was last week.
A writer, former Israeli, close friend of, coincidentally as we will see, Julian Assange, wrote an article exposing the 1973 War in the Middle East as a plot by Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State for Nixon, Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Sharon of Israel.

The jist of it is that Kissinger had them pretend to go to war so that they could all secretly plot against Syria, whose army was destroyed.

For this to happen, Egypt had to cross the Nile (Sinai was in Israel’s hands then) and then, for no reason, stop, split their army and let Israel pass on through unmolested.
As a “partial mistake,” Egypt’s infantry destroyed most of Israel’s tanks using TOW missiles in one of the most dramatic successes in military history. That is underplayed.
A good friend of mine, former Defense Attache to Israel, has described the drive to Sinai with former Ambassador Pickering, seeing the remains of Israel’s tank corps strewn across the desert.

Israeli Tank - 1973 War
Our “writer” puts that down to poor communications. The way I read it is different. It has been impossible to miss the buddy buddy relationship between Israel and Syria, both sitting under Turkey’s boot. It has an army on Syria’s northern border capable of erasing Assad in a day.

Turkey, a key NATO member, angry at Israel for the execution of peace activists on the Mavi Marmara, has vetoed Israel’s participation in NATO air defense systems and any sharing of NATO intelligence.

Israel has to depend on their spies, AIPAC, the ADL, all being exposed in Washington during the Steve Rosen v. AIPAC civil suit.

Rosen, former top Bush advisor arrested by the FBI as an Israeli spy is suing his former employer, AIPAC, the “Israel lobby” because they fired him for….being a spy. His retort? How can an organization of spies fire someone for being a spy? Good luck Steve!
Cutting more or less to the chase here, the “creator” of this fascinating story about 1973 had one purpose. He is defending Syria and discrediting Egypt and the United States.

Who is Assange Really Working For?
This is the current policy of Israel. The odd point of this, theoretically at least, is that our author, who others can name, makes his living as an “anti-zionist” and critic of Israel.
What I see him as is Julian Assange’s Mossad “handler” and someone “tasked” with making Syria seem like a victim.

This is meant to help cement the bonds between Syria and Israel and to help them form a united front against Turkey. I wish them good luck with that, they will need it.
Let’s take a second to talk about Wikileaks in light of the upcoming STRATFOR email release. Nothing is as it seems, as most of us know now.

Back in the late summer of 2010, Veterans Today began to discover a pattern in Wikileaks material. Hidden among the “leaks” were purposefully created fantasies aimed at Iran and Pakistan, clumsy and obvious material that had no other source than an intelligence agency, in this case, Israel’s Mossad.

By December, Zbigniew Brzezinski had come into agreement with our assessment, stating clearly that Wikileaks was a “false flag” intelligence operation.

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Still in Play
From then on, Wikileaks became a fiasco, especially when it was revealed that Israel and the New York Times were picking out the “leaks” themselves, all carefully orchestrated to misinform and mislead, a “Wikileaks” based on lies and censorship, not press freedom.
Wikileaks was exposed as a fraud, having to wait for things to die down, so that the Mossad could make use of them again.

That time is now, in the “hack,” against STRATFOR, the competitor to Israel’s DEBKA.
STRATFOR, run by George Friedman, supplies corporate intelligence to paying customers. Some of it is excellent, much of it less detailed than the free material at VT. Friedman, however, is a respected intelligence analyst without private agenda or hidden allegances.
DEBKA is a fantasy front for the Mossad, passing off wild rumors and conspiracy theories, all about plots against Israel or how bad Palestinians and almost everyone else is. They are a joke, albeit a profitable one.

What could be better, getting to lie, misinforming your friends and enemies and making them pay for being led. Sounds like “War Through Deception,” pure Mossad.

Now we hear that Julian Assange, under continual police guard, running Wikileaks, an organization that really doesn’t exist anymore since being exposed as warmongering spies for Israel, has hacked into STRATFOR’s computers, stealing the emails which it plans to release.

What seems to be much more true is that Wikileaks is trying to find a “dodge” to distance itself from its own crimes. In the intelligence business, STRATFOR, compared to VT, is pretty mild stuff. In Truthout, more “mild stuff” is an article, clearly a plant, building a case for imaginary persecution of Assange and his ultra-powerful NWO buddies:
It added that the organization was analyzing the documents with the help of 25 publications around the world, including Rolling Stone in the United States, L’Espresso in Italy and The Hindu in India. WikiLeaks said that Stratfor kept many records on the group and its founder, Julian Assange, who is under house arrest in Britain and wanted for extradition to Sweden in connection with allegations of sex crimes.

“The material contains privileged information about the U.S. government’s attacks against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and Stratfor’s own attempts to subvert WikiLeaks,” the group said. “There are more than 4,000 e-mails mentioning WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.”
Wikileaks was “outed” by Veterans Today, not STRATFOR, exposed, stopped dead in its tracks and erased, as our Iranian friends so often say, “with the sands of time.” When asked, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today said of Assange:
“He thinks 9/11 is a waste of time. We don’t. Assange is no more than a Likudist sock puppet.
When media finally reported that Israel had edit, approval and “creation rights” on all Wikileaks material, I started a clock going. The question was, one now answered, when will the Mossad try to whitewash Wikileaks. It must have cost millions, seeing an intelligence asset like Wikileaks, constantly pushing for war with Iran, continually advocating attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, quality war mongering by a “peace activist,” go to waste.

You would think they would wise up. Assange reminds people of a combination of Mussolini and someone voted off Dancing With the Stars on the first week. Even a little bit of “Assange” is too much “assange.” I can’t think of anyone else who would actually benefit from being accused of date rape.

I say let Assange have sanctuary in Israel and let some poor homeless Jewish kid live the billionaire lifestyle in Britain that Assange enjoys.”

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