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Free Energy is Here Now! (Biggest Story last 100 years!)
02-27-2012, 06:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-27-2012, 07:48 PM by ZeroCenter.)
Rainbow  Free Energy is Here Now! (Biggest Story last 100 years!)
From PESwiki:
South African Fuel-Free Generator Preparing for Market
. . "Sterling Allan reports on his recent trip to South Africa to visit a company who has developed a 5 kilowatt Fuel Free Generator that will be available beginning March for their existing customers. Sterling will be getting a generator to test and use on his home from that first batch of 200."

Free Energy is Here Now! Wrote:"The device discussed by Sterling in our radio show makes wind and solar power look like stone age technology by comparison"
"For one of the first tests, the inventor disconnected from the grid and ran his home on the unit for 3 weeks straight with no problems at all!"

What I Saw (by Sterling Allan)

What I witnessed, along with three other scientists that I brought along -- all more qualified than myself -- was a 5 kW unit powered by four batteries, running for three hours continuous, driving a load of approximately 4 KW. According to the amp-hour rating of those batteries (102 Ah each), without being recharged from an external source, they should have lasted only 35 minutes before running down completely, no longer able to power the system.

The load was roughly 4 kW, comprised of:
- a two-burner stove, each burner consuming 1 kW (rated power according to manufacturer)
- a toaster that consumed 850 Watts (rated power)
- a pancake maker that consumes 1 kW (rated power)
- A 40-Watt fan (rated power)

The total output was as high as 5 kW, as long as the generator was turned at 3000 rpm, and there was sufficient load. (The generator only produces as much power as is used). One time we plugged in more load than 5 kW and it caused the system to shut down, as it should in that circumstance.

The system was comprised of a series-wound, brushed, DC motor (slightly modified) powered by one bank of two 12-Volt batteries (102 Ah) wired in series for a 24-Volt output. The company says the back-EMF is harvested into a second, identical battery bank, which is also wired in series. These two banks are periodically cycled, trading places in the circuit, and the net charge stays essentially the same, across both banks. The optimized cycling of power and storing of the back-EMF are all controlled by a proprietary circuit board and software developed by the inventor. The motor shaft is connected directly to the shaft of the AC generator, which spins at 3,000 rpm to produce 5 kW of power at 50 Hz, 220-V.

There was no external power cord or fuel going to the system. They lifted the table on which the system was housed, to show that no cords were run through the legs into the floor to a hidden power source. It is a closed system as far as physical devices are concerned.

Other Scientists that Accompanied Me

The three other scientists that came with me to this demonstration were Johan, Keith, and Henry, all from Johannesburg.

Keith is an electronics technician with many years experience in all kinds of gadgets. He wrote:
Quote: "I felt privileged to witness the future in person. I may be just a certificated electronics technician, but with more than 40 years field experience, I know enough to know that what I witnessed is no scam. I'm not sure how this process actually works, but it is most definitely working. It's one thing to read about things like this, and most reports are 'iffy' to say the least. To witness this in person and see that no extra power was being added, and the unit keeps on going way beyond what the batteries are capable of delivering, is completely mind blowing. The hairs on the back of my neck are still tingling! Thank you so much for arranging for me to witness this!"
Keith's friend, Henry has a degree in electrical engineering with 25 years experience in industrial electronic design, his specialty being electric motors and generators. He was primarily the one making measurements, asking questions, making observations, and, along with the rest of us, grinning at the end of the day. To be fully satisfied, he would like to see a longer run, with more careful measurement of the input and output, but he thought the device definitely looked promising.
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05-17-2012, 04:27 PM,
RE: Free Energy is Here Now! (Biggest Story last 100 years!)
That might work with a little extra help to boost the battery storage to avoid any losses. Like the midnight Sun power tap of Tesla ( Sun power tapped while at night and Sun on other side of the Earth so the unit is in basements and not on rooftops) or the Lyne atomic hydrogen furnace with power to run turbine generators might wholly ensure not running out of the overunity operation.

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