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The Art of Good Government
02-26-2012, 09:41 PM,
The Art of Good Government
The Art of Good Government

Does the government run the country?

No. It sometimes thinks it does, but it doesn’t.

The country is run by millions of individuals: people who are up at 4am to bake bread and sort the mail, who drive the buses, empty the garbage cans, make sure we have electricity and clean drinking water, scan our groceries at the supermarket checkout, process debit and credit cards... and all the other routine jobs which really run the country.

Does the government run the country?

No. But it can help, by ensuring

* effective infrastructure
* social justice
* and its own productive efficiency.

Regrettably, western governments fail dismally on all three counts.

Hardly surprising that they are held in such low esteem.

And that we all seem to be in deep trouble.

Three areas need urgent attention.

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