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Tank Man
02-25-2012, 12:40 PM,
Video  Tank Man
A Legend is born June 5th 1989 in Beijing China.

Quote:Tank Man The Day After Tiananmen Square Massacre in China

JUNE 5, 1989 : Following weeks of huge protests in Beijing and the bloody crackdown from June 1 till the morning of the 5th (resulting in the deaths of many hundreds maybe thousands), ONE LONE MAN stepped in front of a column of tanks that just left Tiananmen Square, rumbling over E. Chang'an Avenue.

This moment instantly became a SYMBOL of the Chinese protests and its unique film footage (along with several photographs) became one of the most famous images of the 20th century, as well as one of the strongest international symbols AGAINST OPPRESSION worldwide :

The unknown rebel, aka 'TANK MAN', has unblocked a true way to mankind's collective consciousness with his anonymous and heroic, -nonviolent- act of eternal defiance.


UNFORTUNATELY, the Chinese (and many other countries) government's CENSORSHIP is STILL a FACT concerning the TRUTH in history, the press and even on the entire INTERNET :
many people in (former) dictatorship's countries across the world have actually never seen these images, nor have they ever heard of, or read about the MASSACRE and countless other historical taboos, so PLEASE, do FORWARD, EMBED and SPREAD THIS VIDEO !!!

Also check the links below, read and spread the WISDOM of the late HOWARD ZINN (1922-2010) and you can also find and watch the 'PBS Frontline' documentary 'The Tank Man' (2006) in 8 parts here on youtube...


Additional background information (source) from, wiki : The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989, referred to in much of the world as the 'Tiananmen Square Massacre' and in the People's Republic of China (PRC) as the 'June Fourth Incident' (officially to avoid confusion with two prior Tiananmen Square protests), were a series of demonstrations in and near Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the PRC beginning on April 14, 1989. Led mainly by students and intellectuals, the protests occurred in a year that saw the collapse of a number of communist governments around the world.

The protests were sparked by the death of a pro-democracy and anti-corruption official, Hu Yaobang, whom protesters wanted to mourn. By the eve of Hu's funeral, 100,000 people had gathered at Tiananmen square. The protests lacked a unified cause or leadership; participants included disillusioned Communist Party of China members and Trotskyists as well as free market reformers, who were generally against the government's authoritarianism and voiced calls for economic change and democratic reform within the structure of the government. The demonstrations centered on Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, but large-scale protests also occurred in cities throughout China, including Shanghai, which remained peaceful throughout the protests.

The movement lasted seven weeks, from Hu's death on April 15 until tanks cleared Tiananmen Square on June 4. In Beijing, the resulting military response to the protesters by the PRC government left many civilians and military personnel charged with clearing the square of the dead or severely injured[citation needed]. The number of deaths is not known, however, estimates include the initial Red Cross figure of roughly 3,000.

Following the conflict, the government conducted widespread arrests of protesters and their supporters, cracked down on other protests around China, banned the foreign press from the country and strictly controlled coverage of the events in the PRC press. Members of the Party who had publicly sympathized with the protesters were purged, with several high-ranking members placed under house arrest, such as General Secretary Zhao Ziyang. There was widespread international condemnation of the PRC government's use of force against the protesters.



MUSIC : La battaglia d'Inghilterra (OST), Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1969) by composer Francesco De Masi.

Frontline: The Tank Man (2006) is available directly from the PBS Website.

Are there other decent+ documentaries covering this incident or Tiananmen Square with any amount of depth?
There are no others, there is only us.

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