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Joseph P. Farrell - Secrets Of The Unified Field
02-20-2012, 10:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-20-2012, 10:51 PM by ZeroCenter.)
Video  Joseph P. Farrell - Secrets Of The Unified Field

Secrets Of The Unified Field Playlist (11 Videos):

Investigator of alternative technologies, Joseph P. Farrell discussed his research into secret military projects such as 'the Bell' made by the Third Reich, and the Philadelphia Experiment conducted in the United States. Both projects may have incorporated Einstein's Unified Field Theory, and made use of rotating magnetic fields and torsion physics, working with spirals of space itself, he explained. Such technology could be at use in a secret space program, that runs parallel to NASA, he added.

He cited the Philadelphia Experiment research of Howard Strom and Debra Cunningham (who appeared on C2C on 9/15/03), and suggested that some of what happened in 1943 may have been an unexpected result of a goal to achieve radar stealth. Farrell also spoke about the work of Morris Jessup, the letters of Carlos Allende, and the curiously annotated 'Varo' edition (PDF link) of Jessup's book. The Varo edition suggested that the technology which made the USS Eldridge invisible in the Philadelphia Experiment was also involved in ancient cosmic wars.

According to ancient texts, such wars might have played out 3.2 million years ago when a planet was exploded in our solar system, said Farrell. He further hypothesized that the pyramid at Giza could have been used as a kind of hyperdimensional weapon to blow up a planet-sized object. Richard C. Hoagland appeared for a segment in the last hour to comment on Farrell's theories.

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