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Beware The False Signs Of Spring In America
02-20-2012, 10:27 AM,
Rainbow  Beware The False Signs Of Spring In America
Beware The False Signs Of Spring In America

As the manic huckster Barack Obama travels the country raising almost 30 million a month for his re-election while campaigning on an old and badly tattered theme of hope and change that is just over the hill ~ millions of economically distressed Americans are saying “Are you kidding me“ and are rightfully refusing to be Obamanized:

by Allen L Roland

President Obama is in full campaign mode and his annoying high pitched daily entreaties to voters that recovery is just around the corner ( if you’ll just spend and re-inflate the debt bubble that burst four years ago) are falling on millions of deaf ears ~ except his true base, Wall Street and the global corporate elite. Here’s a great example in the form of a five minute video from just a normal American guy, who is part owner of a small business ~ commenting on the clowns, including the president, who are running this political circus and are messing this country up.

Continue to read and watch the video:

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