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Earth - A spiritual trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend
02-17-2012, 05:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-17-2012, 06:05 AM by maggador.)
Earth - A spiritual trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend
From source: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/maggador
Earth - A spiritual trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend
New interesting book just released, revealing some really dark secrets never before told!
Quote from book:
Quote:Author's background information

Last things first. For my current life, I came to this world on a January 13th, in 1981. Born in Norway, raised by parents partially involved with the governments and partially with the occult and secret orders.

Because of that I had a foot into both these circles from a very early age, my father introducing me to the occult, magic, the esoteric and secret orders – my mother taking me along to the military bases she worked at, introducing me to what they did, people there, and as a result got me exposed to certain secret military and governmental programs and projects.

I would like to briefly note that it was not by coincidence I was born into that family, with those parents, being able to get an early introduction to such matters. Not even the date of my birth is accidental, random or coincidence. This had all been planned long time ago, something I will get into a bit later in this background information.

Regardless, as time passed on, my father passed away. This was a critical point in my life, mentally and spiritually, as well as far as my interests and focus went. He was at the time the Grandmaster of a smaller secret order operating in Europe with its headquarter or “grand lodge” situated in Norway. I succeeded him and became the next Grandmaster of that order, and thus got a stronger familiarity and involvement with the occult, esoteric, other secret orders and societies, peoples connected to such as well as the work various members of these orders were affiliated with.

Around the same time I also started to get stronger contacts within the governments and agencies connected to the governments, becoming friends with people in very high positions both there as well as in other types of work and activities, this also being a result as well from my own membership in several secret orders and societies.

In those days – and still today – I studied a lot of spiritual practices and esoteric, occult and magical work on my own outside of my membership in orders and societies. That is something I had been doing from earlier on in either case, since a young child such things had fascinated me and I always had been searching for the “truth” and experimenting, practicing and trying out all sorts of spiritual systems, practices, experiences and so on to gain some insights, understanding and knowledge.

Thanks to various individuals and teachings obtained from my membership in various orders and societies, my spiritual practices started to get more focused on something more tangible and truly applicable compared to the vast amounts of spiritual practices, systems, beliefs, and so on out there.

Saying “individuals”, I do not only speak of actual physical persons, but also what you could call astral entities, angels, spirit guides, guardian angels, or whatever term you would like to put upon such entities. These started to guide me and teach me, show me the way, let me see what really worked as far as exercises and practices goes, so that I could indeed start to have true profound spiritual experiences, insights, knowledge and understanding.

After time I developed several of my own systems, that for the lack of better terms just “came to me” so to speak, and I still work with these systems and have great success with them.

During those years, I also started having “odd” experiences in my daily life. At the time not completely understanding what it was, or meant, it did sometimes scare me. Some examples includes the sightings of several UFOs at different occasions, with different people – another examples strange “manifestations” of peculiar objects in my house, as silly as it may sound one of the most common such objects was a tiny drinking cup of metal not bigger than a centimeter. I collected this object, it appeared several times, so I had a small amount of them in a drawer. Then I also had the strange times where electronics would turn themselves on in the middle of the night on their own, from computers to video cameras. And a very strong and emotional experience to me was a spontaneous out of body experience, or rather a sleep paralysis, accompanied with strange buzzing sounds and the feeling of a presence behind me, at the time I thought it was an alien abduction and it was years later I understood what it truly had been.

Then started the memories of past lives. Which leads me to the Beginning.

The Beginning was a backwards process, as I obviously started with the memories of “this” life as everyone else. But at some point, sudden visions and memories of past events from other lifetimes started to emerge into my mind and consciousness. These seemed random at first, and were not very detailed, only a few short memories of specific events in previous lifetimes such as my own deaths and few moments of memories leading up to those points of death in those lifetimes.

Such memories took place both in rather recent past, but also very distant past, spanning over thousands of years, not only on Earth but also other planets both in this solar system as well as other places in the universe.

Through systems I developed, I managed to regain more and more memories and details of those past lives, doing past life regressions on myself through meditations and a form of self-hypnosis and “inner vision quests”.

My work with astral projection and out of body experiences also helped greatly here as that would make me able to more clearly visit specific times and places both of my own past lives as well as simply to explore the various aspects of the Universe, Existence and the Mind.

Some of the techniques I used were also, and still are, employed by the governments and secret societies and orders, and various people and individuals I know. I myself have taken part of such practices within these organizations and I have been doing various assignments and missions both for them and others, relating not only to astral projection but also other type of work and involvement from various psychic work to involvement with secret technology such as mind control, teleportation portals and time travel, UFO and alien related events and much more.

As some point I got too involved and got into trouble since I got contacts sharing a bit too much information with me, that I in turn started to share with others. I also started to share my own experiences and discoveries with others, which eventually led to a total attack on my persona by governments and other institutions which went as far that I had to leave my home country because of sharing truth and secret agendas with the public.

For the last close to 6 years now I have been living in exile in South America, and I have been tried shut down in numerous ways throughout the years – but I am still standing, and still telling my story.

At the moment, I am still an active member of several secret orders and societies, which included: The Freemasonic Order, The Martinist Order, The Rosicrucian Order, The Order of Noble Knights of Co-Creation and Ordo Nous Ogoz.

I feel this is enough as far as my background goes, and the most important matters have been mentioned and trivial things about my life left out as it is the more “uncommon” matters that are of importance here.

Quote 2 from book:
Quote:The Trap System: A general overview of the Trap System

Why you are imprisoned in a physical body, reptilians, your Higher Soul & Creation of our Existence

Here is a general introduction and overview over The Trap System.
The Trap System is a spiritual-technological construct, for lack of better terms, that serves the purpose of keeping people trapped in their physical bodies on Earth , even through many different incarnations.
In fact, the whole purpose of reincarnation is to stay trapped and not be able to experience once True Self. New Agers are completely misunderstanding this concept, as they mostly believe the Reincarnation part of the Trap System to be something "necessary" for a persons spiritual development, and they also see the Prison World we live in as a "School".
However, as logic itself clearly show here, if it was intended for development, schooling, and learning, there are some major flaws in how it works. Consider the fact that between each incarnation you are put into amnesia, forgetting everything you ever learned and everything about your past lives and experienes.
This alone should prove rather clearly that indeed Reincarnation can NOT serve such a believed purpose, as it would be completely opposite of letting a

person develop in any way, rather a person is stripped away from everything he ever learned and even his own conception of self and his consciousness, and basically "reset" at each time of birth of a new incarnation. This is to make sure the person indeed will stay trapped, lose any higher knowledge obtained in previous lives, and to make sure he can not develop properly to Self Understanding or Experiene of his Higher Soul and True Being.
This also makes sure that he will remain here, in lower planes of the astral , ignorant and blinded, not least mind controlled and brainwashed.
Now of course, some will ask "Who created the trap system" and "for what purpose" ?
The answer to that is that other, higer astral being to call them that, decided that it would be useful to keep mankind trapped here to serve as their slaves and food source. Slavery through always having to work their lives for the Ones in Power, whom are part of those in control of the Trap System. Food source through being basically drained from their own energy, as these entities feed on the etheric energies within a Human Body that has a Soul occupying it. These entities, whom can be called astral entities, or as many term them "Reptilians", are working in both the astral planes and physical world. They have their representatives here whom have infiltrated the physical world and leading most of the world through their influence within higher levels of society such as Governments, Religious intitutions, Media and various Corporations and so on.
The Human Body itself is manufactured, to be very limited, and not be able to generally access or experiene its soul to any significant degree. However, a Soul Fragment must be in place in any Human Body for that body to live, be conscious, and function as the mentioned Food Source due to the etheric energies that will only be in place in Human Bodies having a Soul (or Soul Fragment which really is the more proper term).
The mentioned entities, whom keep us trapped here, feed on the etheric body energy, the mind of the subject, the thoughts and emotions, and in

specific they prefer to feed on "negative energies". Because of that, these entities make sure a lot of negative events take place in the world, to increase the negative energies within the Human Global Consciousness. This is done in form of various wars, terrorism, deaths, disasters, anything that bring for great fear, anxiousness, paranoia, sadness and other negative states of mind.
In addition, these entities can influence the minds of people through different means, to create specific thought patterns, behaviors and emotions in those people. This influence is done from astral telepathical connections with victims, to various technology that alters the persons state of mind.
They are doing their best to keep this utterumost secret, which is why you will hardly find any information on this in any previous publications of information. Very few have discovered this part of Human Existence, and the few of us whom have are ourselves from what can be called other realms of existence, or astral planes, where we have seen it all from an outside existence, and chosen to incarnate here to let people know of this and other truths regarding Existence. We have done so on great risk, which is why we are few, as we too can be trapped into the complex construction of the Trap System - such as losing our own knowledge, past life experiences, insights, and spiritual connections with our Higher Souls.
There are many Gods, higher and lower. Let me give you an explanation on the Origins and the various Gods and Entities:
In the beginning existed only the one Mind, the first Cause of all other existence - it created within itself the first energies of what we can call this "other existence", including other Creators with abilities to Manifest and design Dimensions and Life spawned from their own Minds. These Creators also brought forth other various sub-creators, whom in their turn also took part of Creation and various Levels of Existence.
This divided down all the way to this Physical Existence. Thus, there are many "Gods", of different ranks, and many of these have been worshipped by different people and cultures both here on Earth and elsewhere in the

Universe. Because different Creators with different polarities and functions were set out different types of Energies manifested within different types of Creations, and the One was split up into different fragments, such as "negative" and "positive", thus "Good" and "Evil", and since Creation has gone through countless levels of manifestations of different Life, this has also brought forth Beings whom are of different nature than other Beings, because of having different origins of the first polarities.
This has lead to some Beings being termed here as the Good Ones, and some of these as the Evil Ones - this goes on at many levels, between the Gods themselves, and all the way down here between People. Some believe themselves to be the True God because of having forgotten, or not truly realized, their true origins - same as with People in the physical World - forgotten themselves and believing they are something they are not, and in addition often being fooled by some of these other Beings into believing certain things regardin Reality that not necessarily is true, seen from a longer perspective.
In essence, all Life is One, simply due to Everything existing within the One Mind, the First Cause, and all and everything is connected to eachother, and all life have potential equal to that of their creators, meaning that even Man himself can become Creators - or what is called Gods, and manifest their own Worlds and Realities. It is a complex topic, and it is a lot of confusion between Mankind and other Beings on this, having caused many problems for many Lifeforms.

It is the programming of the Mind that keep you in the physical body, yet this also is true for the astral body, as the astral body is not the Soul or your True Self any more than your physical body. Though, nevertheless, you are still spiritual beings trapped currently in physical bodies because of this Programming of the Mind.

With what I say, there will always be someone who agrees and some who don't, it is impossible to speak in a way that all will accept and understand simply because of the difference between peoples level of self-realization and personal beliefs and so on. For me it doesn't matter if you dislike what I say, or the way I say it, you are entitled to feel or believe anything you want in regards of me and my claims.
Good and evil exists all over the physical realm, I do not mean that is is simply something that exist here on Earth or in the Human race. In fact it does exist on many levels, what I am referring to is higher spiritual planes of existence where it can not exist due to the specific vibrational levels, or frequencies if you want, that these planes exist within.
The most important thing you can ever study is Yourself, and the best person to ever listen to is You, and more people should spend more time on both those things.
You can listen to me and make what you want of what I say, but truly listen to yourself instead of anyone else to find the real answers.
Good and evil is an illusion of the lower astral realms, as the whole physical world and lower realms are illusions as well created around us to keep us here. Yet, you can say they are real, as they do exist even though in their illusional form. In a sense the same way as a fantasy, where you make up something in your mind that do not exist, yet at the same time it does exist since you just made it up and got it in your mind, in the form of said fantasy.
Here, we are part of someone elses fantasy however. We all also contribute to it ourselves and take part of creating it.
These "others" are those whom are controlling you through your programming and the illusions you live within, even though these themselves also are living in the illusions and do not know their own true being. Some of them are the ones you refer to as the "Elite" constantly here, and some of them are the ones working with the "Elite" from other planes of existence, yet within the same Illusion.

They are abusing the system that was created to control you by the "God" I previously mentioned, the original Creator left but the System was still in place and kept you here and made you easy to abuse, manipulate and control, and thus these entities took the chance when they discovered this.
You are responsible for accepting a belief. You did a mistake - we all did - from getting lured, but there is a way out of the net that was cast upon you willingly, and eventually everyone will be free.
The so called enlightened beings can explain what is happening simply because they can observe the Good and Evil from their own point of view, such as from visiting these lower realms. So that means they too can be exposed to it, when being down here, yet it is non existing in their own higher realm, though that do not mean they have no knowledge about it - as I explained, it exist yet still does not, as the metaphor I used in my example with Fantasy.
Spirit guides, angels, ascended masters etc are more often than not within the trap system themselves and thus also "prisoners" without knowing it, believing themselves to be higher and free. But as long they are Individuals, they are not true Selves, as only Oneness is True Self. Such beings are only to be found within the lower astral planes, however, some of them do know of the higher truts and can help guide people towards True Self, as they may have chosen their role as such a being to assist people in the right direction instead of the false direction after death.
Regarding your imprisonment in a physical body, I'm talking about matters that took place in the very distant past before your first physical incarnation. It was at this moment you let yourself into the physical bodies being lured and blindly believing what you were told by the God of those times, who wanted his Human Bodies who inhabit a Human Soul essence, for them to work properly, and with a complex level of programming and systems implemented, so that these who fell for the trick got trapped, yet still some managed to escape as they could see what was coming and did not get tricked like the majority and thus they managed to escape and enter other

realms, some of you know these original peoples, interdimensional ones at they were then and not physical as now, as the Atlanteans. And now you are learning from this mistake and slowly realizing it and on your way to let the clouds clear and let the light in from your True Origins and the Source of All
The first Maniupalator was the God I'm speaking of, but as he left after some time and he was satisfied with the work he had done and used the humans for, other entities eventually came upon you and discovered how you were programmed and blind and easy to manipulate and take advantage of, so they did. The rulers have changed from time to time, but the rulers of top level are those of a more negative, powerhungry and sinister type. Their agenda is to gain more power and control, by having people working for them mostly without even knowing it, or worshipping them as their Gods and so on which further empowers them, as the energy you give out you get back.
Here on earth they mostly use the religious and spiritual institution and banking and money for their models put in place for control and power. Their God in a sense is Money, which they have created, and made you worship as well. With the religions you are mostly worshipping them and thet Old God as well, as that's what these were intended for. They also run the larger industries, governments and such, to keep their control in place and feed the people with more suggestions and lies that they are open to believe.
As I have previously explained, I disagree that we were physically incarnated here to "learn" anything at all. We could learn very well without these physical bodies, as the astral realms of the lower levels are so close one can hardly tell the difference - some cant. So there is no need for a physical body for other purpose than being limited, and not unlimited or to obtain new knowledge, specially considering the fact that reincarnation would make that a complete and utter failure as people do not even remember their very last life before the present. So, nothing learned, memories all gone, back to scratch.

Learning comes from Higher Consciousness and is independent on Physical conditions. We are all eternal beings with limitless knowledge and power already, free to explore the endless areas of existence, if only we learn to separate and be free from these bloody stumps we are so trapped within.
The only lesson to really learn here, is that we are failing to find ourselves, and that true knowledge comes from much deeper aspects of our Being than wandering around in blindness on Earth.

They are smart, and they are on "both sides", and they use all means they can do further program you and manipulate you from spiritual means, to education, news & media, foods and the mind altering substances they put in them, vaccinations and health institutions and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, through technological means such as sound frequencies, radiations, water systems, anything they can alter and pollute with their methods and products to make your mind dull, filled with apathy, more open for suggestion, and trustworthy of your media, leaders and so on. [...]

Complete table of Contents:
Part: 1 – Overview and information

Author's background information

The Trap System -
A general overview of the Trap System:
Why you are imprisoned in a physical body,
reptilians, your Higher Soul & Creation
of our Existence
The Pineal Gland & Third Eye:
Secrets previously unspoken of
Illusions and deceit of life:
Death, existence, & what keeps you here
The truth behind past-lives Memory Loss

Our Multidimensional Existence
An overview over our Higher Soul

External Influences & unseen forces
Details of unseen energies and forces
A brief overview of the external influences

Explanations on Ghosts and the After Life

The Truth about Alien Contact and Channeling

Part: 2 – Practical work, exercises and meditations

Life, a preparation for Death

Basic Meditation & Energy Work

The Marriage of Heaven & Earth Meditation

The Morning Glory Ritual

The Flower of Life Meditation

Healing & Kundalini stimulating meditation

4 powerful connected meditation rituals-
Relaxation meditation
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The Middle Pillar Ritual
The Circulation of the Body of Light

Cleansing of an house, area, object or person
and turning it into a channel for good energies

Creating an Astral Sanctum to unveil all Mysteries

Meet your Inner Guide – And manifest the perfect

Astral Projection: The Most Important in Life
From source: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/maggador
Some pretty interesting new information out there. Gotta get more quotes!
02-17-2012, 06:54 AM,
RE: Earth - A spiritual trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend

Am I on the right track here? Wink
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix

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