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Putin and the rise of the Russian power
02-11-2012, 01:22 PM,
Rainbow  Putin and the rise of the Russian power
Putin and the rise of the Russian power

by Wassim Raad

The world is anticipating the Russian presidential elections, although their outcome has already been settled in favor of the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency, in an event which will complete Kremlin’s exit from the state of retreat which was characterized by the humoring of the American unilateral hegemony project over the world.

Firstly, Russia, the old empire, which is still a superpower due to its geographic and economic reality and its historical composition, was present throughout the last century at the level of the equations and balances via its military fleet and armies. Moreover, its continental surrounding always marked an area of influence and interests which expanded and diminished based on the international equations and the extent of the Russian strength, aggressiveness and cohesion. The nature of the Russian political system altered the shape of the action of the old empire, while the Russian role remained strongly present throughout the world, especially in the nearby Arab and Islamic East which overlooks the warm waters and in which Kremlin maintained its presence in the face of the competing Western imperialistic powers.

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02-11-2012, 07:44 PM,
RE: Putin and the rise of the Russian power
there´s a really good series on this from the BBC currently airing called ¨Putin, Russia, and the West.¨ I just watched the fourth one yesterday. It´s obviously got a western slant, but it has lots of really interesting info about the behind-the-scenes activities in Russian and western Gvts´ strategies in dealing with one another.
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