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Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil (videos)
02-02-2012, 11:33 PM,
Rainbow  Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil (videos)
Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil (videos)

With America’s Stealth Dictatorship Now Visible, A Police State..

… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Though a GOP “insider,” I have always worked to represent reason and human values, or so I tell myself. In our government, military and intelligence services, people of courage and good will have been worn down, bullied, they look away.

Some were indoctrinated to the “right,” seeing the intellectual dishonesty and ineffectiveness of the left, now exposed as “controlled opposition.”

All opposition is controlled opposition. Real Americans wait by their door for when “their time” comes, and that time is closer than ever.

Once we used to fight over 9/11 as a “conspiracy theory.” So many went to defend America, believing 9/11. This will break your heart. Please accept my apology in advance:

Continue to read and watch the videos:

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