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Without Work, faith and hope are not sufficient
01-19-2012, 10:42 PM,
Rainbow  Without Work, faith and hope are not sufficient
Without Work, faith and hope are not sufficient

"Religions are accused of having massacred human beings in the name of the love of God. And it is true. But it is also true that those who have advocated the love of human beings have been as guilty of serious mistakes as those who have preached the love of God. Atheists, as well as believers, have ruthlessly murdered their kin, and the citizens of nations ruled by political regimes hostile to all forms of religion have been neither freer nor happier. So it is not the fault of religion. It is the fault of human beings who do not see that it is essential above all to study oneself and seek the best methods for transforming oneself. This is why they spoil everything they touch: not only religion, but also philosophy, politics, science, art and so on. These are only what human beings make of them. People must understand that what is most important is to carry out a work on themselves to improve their thoughts, their feelings and their actions."

"In order to console Christians, the Church tells them: ‘You are poor, weak and sick, but have hope and faith, for God’s love is infinite, and one day you will be on his right side in Paradise.’ So God’s circle must be made up of poor, pitiful devils dressed in rags! Unfortunately for Christians, God wishes to be surrounded only in splendour, with the most luminous, the most powerful and the purest beings. Therefore Christians should not count so much on experiencing in heaven all the bliss they have not known on earth. They should work instead to activate the spiritual powers within them, which will enable them to obtain light, love and joy. When you sow a seed, all the powers of heaven and earth are present to sustain your work, and you will soon have flowers and fruits. But if you have sown nothing, nothing will grow, even if you have hope and faith."

"Those who want to work for the benefit of humanity must not expect to be welcomed wherever they go with understanding and gratitude; they must realise they will awaken hostile forces as well. Knowing this, they take precautions and continue their work. Just because we might arouse hostility does not mean that we should cease to work for the light; in this, too, we must learn to be daring and continue our work. Those who want to live in peace and quiet must not aspire to accomplish anything great or courageous, but must remain insignificant and unobtrusive. In doing so, of course, they will provoke no reaction. But is the solution to renounce everything great and beautiful in life in order to live in peace? No, despite the difficulties, despite the opposition and criticism, you must choose the path of generosity, of nobility, and continue on to victory!"

"You pray and meditate, but do you really know what it means to work with thought? Within us and around us is a subtle but inchoate matter, a matter which has not yet taken form. Our thoughts have power over this matter, and we are therefore meant to take it up like a kind of modelling clay and, by working on it, to become creators in the world of beauty, harmony and light. What the human being fashions or constructs on the physical level is important, of course, but his psychic creations are infinitely more important. It is on these creations, which are living entities, that heaven will judge him. Most human beings do not have mastery over their thoughts, and they populate space with harmful entities which go everywhere spreading discord and chaos. Disciples, on the other hand, conscious of the powers of thought, try to create only entities that bring peace and light to the entire world."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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