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Re-Thinking The Planet Earth
12-26-2011, 12:23 AM,
Rainbow  Re-Thinking The Planet Earth
Re-Thinking The Planet Earth

by Rudra Chakrin

Before the World can get better, it is obvious that the present humanity and its criminally insane leaders need to complete their ignorant exercise of inhumanity, lack of compassion and self-destruction. Those who are truly wise, ethical and harmonious are not being heard.

Human beings do not live right. The food people eat is increasingly poisonous by design of the present evil governments. But most people are so far gone in their ignorance and bad habits that they refuse to look at either what is being done to them or what they are doing to themselves.

You do not need an “Avatar”, whatever that is supposed to mean lately. You need to re-think yourself and your planet. And if you will do this for real, that would be the beginning of a Divine Intervention on the planet Earth. The whole thing begins with you and nowhere else.

If there is going to be a New Shambhala that really works, it is not going to be composed of the usual kind of prejudice and pretense that both traditional followers and New Age zealots indulge themselves in. It will not be a new cult ashram cluster fuck of ignorant, lazy assholes. It will not be a mere hangover from Rajneesh in Poona or Aurobindo in Pondicherry. Nor will it be connected with the latest projects of the Sufis building their “Powerhouses” in various countries to spread Islamic identifying methods of supposed self-development in various indoctrinated groups of idiots.

All the world’s religions are evolutionary failures. Putting them all together in some new conglomerate “universal religion” will do nothing whatsoever but create a new target for heedless, foolish everyday society to attack. Humanity does not want a new religion. It wants new kinds of shock, pain and suffering.

It is right here that I would hope that you at least have understood my predecessor, Jiddu Krishnamurti. Without that foundation in truly free awareness, we cannot create the next real step together in all this, which certainly is not building new schools for kids.

Re-thinking our planet here primarily means re-thinking what it means to be a human being. It is at least a new kind of Existentialism with a Post-modern open-ended Theosophy coupled with Extraterrestrial Communion, though way beyond poor Whitley Strieber.

Do you know why Kalki is also called in Hinduism, the “Final Avatar”? It is because after this, human beings of the planet Earth need a whole new means of assessment of Divine Help from Beyond Earth. All the present beliefs about “God” are just not going to make it. When I look at what your concept of “God” is, I can tell you with an honest and truly cosmic heart that I am not “God” and I would never want to be your stupid “God”. Fuck it with that shit! The same goes for “Second Christ”, “Maitreya Buddha” and the “Mahdi” of the Shiites. It’s all deluded crap!

Let’s also get past Mother Meera, Sant Ji Maharaj and Da Free John while we’re at it. Also goodbye to Sathya Sai Baba and poor old Meher Baba. Let’s get really burned-out on Personality Cults that just plainly fail to help us where it really counts.

I think maybe you should carefully read Hakim Bey’s, T.A.Z., The Temporary Autonomous Zone. This would help you to comprehend where I am really coming from in all this. If you could somehow fuse Hakim Bey’s concept of Immediacy with Wei Wu Wei’s idea of Am This Here Now and Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga combined with John W. Weilgart’s AUI, The Language of Space, you might get some slight comprehension of what a Kalki Avatar sort of trip should really be like. But I doubt you’ve got it in you. It’s too much for your uptight everyday normal self.

The planet Earth cannot presently handle the presence of a genuine Cosmic Human Being. Most people cannot even grasp Robert Anton Wilson’s, The New Inquisition, which is kindergarten stuff in My World. So, let’s really get back to basics with something like Nisargadatta’s, I Am That. Even if you are too ignorant and uneducated to “re-think the planet Earth”, you could at least re-think yourself. Nisargadatta might help you do that. But you will have to do some mighty intelligent sustained inquiry on the theme of the actually direct inner meaning of “I Am”, which will not be easy in your present fucked-up way of life.

If you still believe there is hope for everyday normal humanity, try Marilyn Ferguson’s, The Aquarian Conspiracy, which is pre-requisite New Age thinking. And good luck to you.

Now, if nothing so far is really on your beat, you could be one of those peculiar people who read Carlos Castaneda books with the ridiculous notion that you are on the verge of becoming a free-lance Nagual Sorcerer or a real Cosmic Shaman Voidwalker. In such a case, one has to ask you why-in-the-fuck you are reading Rudra Chakrin articles (?!).

We could at this point turn further East to such domains as Vajrayana Buddhism of Tibet or the Taoist Immortality tradition; both of which I am personally quite experienced in, though I would not want to advertise it. Anyone working along such lines could easily get closer to me if they had a truly Cosmic Perspective and could work with Cosmic Mantra, but this is highly unlikely. Even Westerners into Chögyam Trungpa or Charles Luk cannot cope with required readings of Carlos Castaneda and Rajneesh, not to mention Aurobindo and Sat Prem or I.K. Taimni. Their cognitive scope is pathetic. For them, I am a “false” New Buddha or World Teacher who writes put-downs of J. Krishnamurti.

Do you want to know (A) what is really going on? and (B) what is really possible for you? Well, it should be obvious at this point that there are still a lot of significant books you have yet to read and understand to get you out of the stupid cognitive pattern that presently dominates your pathetic, undeveloped human brain. As you are, you are hardly better off than the esoterically incapable idiots who try to make it happen through the “Gurdjieff Work” or something like Oscar Ichazo’s Arica Institute or whatever it is called lately. Or maybe you think you will get it through Elizabeth Jenkins’ “Initiations” in Peru. Or maybe you just want to move your home near to where people wait for Ramtha to take them away to Andromeda in a Ship of Light. Hope springs eternal.

Fortunately, there is real hope, but not for the prejudiced or pretentious would-be spiritual leaders of our present Apocalyptic Earth. It requires a real shift of your present pseudo-spiritual Social Self into your Cosmic Self. This means you will really have to snap out of it about “Changing the World” or “helping others”. Your social ambitions and self-importance will really have to stop now. How can there be “hope for a better World” when the absurd Italians cannot even get the rubbish collected in Naples? Those are the same people who got a visit from “Angels in Starships” for fuck sake. Think about it. And while you’re at it, re-think everything.

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