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Strange Videos
12-25-2011, 11:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-26-2011, 12:17 AM by Erik.)
Strange Videos

This is the strangest thing I have ever seen.
Just follow your heart.
12-26-2011, 02:19 AM,
RE: Strange Videos
That looks like some kind of industrial byproduct foam. I've seen crazy stuff like that in polluted streams and it would seemingly never dissipate or the individual bubbles to pop.
Of course since it's in an Arabic speaking country, it's probably some new kind of bio-weapon from some black ops group we've never heard about and that guys arm is going turn into a Cthulhu tentacle.

As for the other...mass brainwashing through patriotism is a damn scary thing.
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix
12-31-2011, 11:23 PM,
RE: Strange Videos
That was one heck of a chemtrail landing.
Did there appear some flashes in the sky directing the mass downward.
Tricks from the 1% of the 1% using Tesla ships.
Lay it on the land of no ISLAMOPHOBIA set to be under the
thumb of the .01%

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