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Stop Online Piracy Act created to kill OUR tracker might leave committee Thursday...
12-13-2011, 10:39 PM,
Exclamation  Stop Online Piracy Act created to kill OUR tracker might leave committee Thursday...
Damn, this is a brilliant idea. remember, this isn´t the same as the net neutrality fight...
this bill would almost guarantee that at least US computers wouldn´t be able to access the tracker without the ¨citizens¨ that use them facing severe legal repercussions... like, oh, I don know... being labeled a terrorist... and then if the defense appropriations bill passes, which ALWAYS does because everyone´s afraid of being labeled as a pussy, and is also being considered THIS WEEK, they could end up being held indefinitely w/o charge or trial. the judicial and legislative shit is hitting the fan this week it a way it hasn´t since the routine Friday document dumps of the Dubya Shrub administration. Looks like the Republican Presidential sideshow and the obsession with child rape are playing perfectly in the MSM.

Quote:Stop American Censorship

This Thursday, a bill that would create America’s first Internet censorship system is going to a full committee for a vote, and is likely to pass. This week, millions of us will protest censorship, censoring our own posts and asking you to call Congress. We need your help - please make a call right now...


Enter your text here, and we'll give you back a censored version to post to twitter, facebook, or your blog or website. You’ll also get a link that your readers or friends will have to click on in order to read the redacted text -- they’ll have to email or call Congress to reveal what was censored....
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
01-19-2012, 01:07 AM,
RE: Stop Online Piracy Act created to kill OUR tracker might leave committee Thursday...
Can you elaborate on what your tracker is and does? Pm me if you want. Someone mentioned it in my introduction thread and I am not familiar with it.
01-19-2012, 05:37 AM,
RE: Stop Online Piracy Act created to kill OUR tracker might leave committee Thursday...
(01-19-2012, 01:07 AM)Sovereignman Wrote: Can you elaborate on what your tracker is and does? Pm me if you want. Someone mentioned it in my introduction thread and I am not familiar with it.

Don't worry - if you go there your computer will not explode.
[Image: randquote.png]
01-19-2012, 09:15 AM,
RE: Stop Online Piracy Act created to kill OUR tracker might leave committee Thursday...
Law is based on intent and backed by enforcement. Keep the intent on the side of the majority and garner support (while combating against meta-manipulation of the masses) while making sure the enforcement arm isn't so disproportionately representative by way of systematic/technological means to leverage power of force and/or appeal to the point of contact enforcers directly.

This is an applicable strategy in any and all power grabs.

In this case a system with parallel functionality instantiated as and end-around wary of the current implementation can be established from a grassroots initiative, vigilant against infiltration with a decentralized model.

In an internet with creeping governance and centralized corporate/government control and ownership an 'underground' utilization of the infrastructure would ultimately be doomed lest a takeover (by any means and of prudent scalar repossession and fortification) via a well thought out turn the tables agenda of proactivism.

The reach of such a system would concur with the ebb and flow of counteractive barricades to its advancement; thus we can't expect uninhibited channels globally without resistance save for an ingenious protocol and/or an immutable wave adoption en masse. There is simply too much ground to lose by those that are manipulating the levers of global communication and media.

If met with anything but the aforementioned we'll, later or sooner, be subjected to the inherent consequences of a global communication network.

.. and that communication network is set to extend itself not only to the surveillance (enabling policing, filtering, manipulation, delivery, context, visibility) of input and output which is slated to be expanded with the acceleration of connectivity, ownership/governance amalgamation, storage capacity, automation, homogenization. This all further compounded and leveraged by the multi-pronged convergence into all interaction, (social, political, commercial, cultural..) by encapsulation of anything and everything, material or abstract -- mineral and monetary, vegetable and vertebrate, creative and commodified into a the input/output media.

This could be enabled and embedded furthermore by technology on the cusp to serve as a privy gateway. Technology fueled, in part, by choreographed commercial demand like sensors, scanners and screens.

Vicariously insert yourself someone into a time machine through the eyes of someone from as recently as 50 years ago and image the future shock of a fast forward to today. The creep of the following would seem so obvious to our subject we'll affectionately refer to as the frog.

I'll omit this oft employed analogy since this is a ConCen audience that has been overpitched the tact of progressive agenda implementation, but hey - I be rambling. and absence (~a month) made the heart grow fonder. This submission form that acts as my canvas to the 50 of you that might actually read my posts hopefully there is a fellow that might even take something I've poured into this forum and acted upon it.

So what does it take for a frog to develop the sensitivity to real eyes with that limited spectrum of amphibious perception? Well perception is situational and juxtaposed to present the relative as opposed to the absolute. The absolute gets obfuscated by weighting, omission, overload and PREceptive bias. That leaves judgment to be situated with and against a rock solid touchstone.

.. and what makes a solid touchstone? Anything absolute as your perception dictates your reality be it math, geology, intuition, philosophy and the personal core values you hold true to define your moral compass -- wherever it points.

Don't let a consolidation and railroading of the means, communicative medium or otherwise, take away from your focal efforts you care to invest your life and passion to nurture - and pass it on.

As for the tracker, well there is nothing strong enough to mute the will of human beings. When there is a will there is a way through the creative spirit of you in conjunction with your fellows.
There are no others, there is only us.

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