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A blueprint for the future of humanity
11-30-2011, 10:48 PM,
Rainbow  A blueprint for the future of humanity
A blueprint for the future of humanity

There are all sorts of plans in the political, financial, economic or military, to improve the national or international situation, with suggestions very intelligent ideas that are truly amazing and admirable. Unfortunately, such plans have never taken much, just because they concern only the physical aspects: advances in technology, production, construction of new laboratories and universities, in Up or disarmament, etc., but despite everything, humanity is still alive in the same disorder, the same misfortune. In all these proposals and I have decided to develop a plan to put forward a draft. You say, "But this is arrogant, what a presumption!" Maybe, but if they are useful and effective, can make any suggestions, even her ... But you will see that my plan is simple. I suggest that the state no longer spends billions and billions for hospitals, prisons, courts and schools, but cares solely about the pregnant women. The expenditure would be reduced considerably and while the results were much better. So I would ask the State to provide land in the best located, most beautiful areas available and where to construct buildings, for which I will then specify the style and colors. There are also parks with a variety of trees and flowers, with ponds and fountains can be created. In such areas will then spend their women pregnant and fed at the expense of the state and will be housed.

So this time they spend in beauty and poetry, they can read a walk, go and listen to music. You can also listen to lectures that teach them how they have to conduct themselves during pregnancy and what to eat. Mainly we will teach them but, as with their thoughts and feelings to the child to be born, may interact. The husbands are allowed to visit their wives, of course, and on this occasion also taught how they should behave towards them, to help them in their work. Soon everyone can then see that the women give birth under such conditions, in peace, tranquility and beauty of children, which is revealed by the sky.

Today, only very few of the souls who incarnate, from the sky. And where are the others? ... The gates are closed to the heavenly spirits, because they can not enter the body, created in impurity, wickedness and disorder. Therefore, does not improve the human race. Certainly, one day they change but eventually, but only after thousands of years, after disasters and great suffering. I tell you, however, such a rapid improvement achieved and all sorts of pain can be avoided. The won progress to date in technology, business and medicine have not improved the human race. She lives as before, still in the same passions, malice, etc. Maybe it is now even worse! Nevertheless, people can change, but only under one condition: You have to start at the beginning, namely with the mother, as she carries her child in himself.

If you knew what conditions pregnant women living in often! They live in slums without light and movement, they have to do everything and endure. Moreover, the husband is still drunk or angry to go home because he has not found a job or because he was offended by his comrades. Then he has his bad mood out on you or even presents them. So what state she carries her child then? ... Instead of building hospitals for these women, it is better to create conditions so that they can expect their children under ideal conditions. Afterwards, they will quietly return to their primitive dwelling, if need be. Later, her children will then build them palaces. Yes, one day the descendants draw thanks to their talents and abilities, their parents out of poverty.

No one cares expected under what circumstances the women children. And if after the problem is that it follows many of the insane, the sick and criminals there, just to build special institutions, hospitals and prisons, employing more teachers, doctors and policemen. But that's nothing! Although still billion for the so-called progress in psychology and education are issued, it will never be able to change the bottom line, which added the mother in the period before birth. But the method I propose is effective.

No teacher or doctor is able to change the deepest essence of a child. You can give him a little shiny, but that's all. Any attempt to change the character is merely a kind of dressage. should they can raise a little and show them how they eat or dress; It is exactly the same as in the wild. But the new behavior does not take long, and when they return to their tribe, they fall back to its original behavior. When a person is a criminal or a saint, it can not change, maybe he can be superficial influence for a while, but inwardly he remains what he is.

Many may argue that my proposal has no scientific basis. No, nobody can criticize my plan before him, he has not tried. Of course, it is not everything can be changed abruptly to several generations required. Even if the parents make a great catharsis in itself, it can not take advantage of the weaknesses and errors that they have inherited from their parents, free. But if they're paying attention, is already in the first generation the good prevail, though the children will sneak a few defective items. The second generation is much better and the third to be even better. Gradually, all disappear from the past coming faulty elements. It must now be finally intelligent and responsible people who understand that is taking place during pregnancy is extremely important work in the mother, and that a woman who knows the laws of electroforming, which is lovingly cared for and appropriate physical conditions, available not only the physical body of the child forms, but also with the help of the best elements of the astral and mental body, ie can form the body of the feelings and thoughts.

Sorry, I know in advance that my plan is rejected and considered no more accurate is because today's generation is so much shaped by other philosophies and penetrated in her head that is no place for such proposals. Of course I'm not so naive that I am not aware of the disadvantages that may occur due to the protracted absence of the mother of the household. But a little more love, understanding and good will can easily remedy this problem.

At the moment, the essential, that the official science recognizes these ideas that it is still far, far away. The proof: A nurse brought our brotherhood in a recent clinic, a child. One day she talked to her doctor and told him that it belongs to a spiritual movement, which is taught that the mother influenced by their cognitive work can affect the embryo. You know, like the doctor react? He laughed uproariously and said, "Oh, that's just stupid, what should align the thoughts of the mother to the child?" You see, standing on the stage at which doctors still! And from such people can now expect the light.

Some biologists have conducted experiments with mice and actually discovered that panic and anxiety transmitted during pregnancy on the young. Yes, once again, the mice! They studied mice, rather than studying the women who bring children into the world for millions of years. So, the mice will teach people what is true and what is not true! It has built laboratories in order to observe mice and give these laboratories is an unlikely role, but the laboratories of nature that exist from the beginning and much better equipped than those of the people who find no recognition! You need the statements of the mice, and this will teach humanity. And the women? For them it's an insult! Why are they not outraged?

As for me, I left the mouse alone and pregnant women, and some years later, watching their children. And I've found that the problems, emotions and concerns of the affected parent in certain months of pregnancy on certain life stages of the child. But people would rather wait for the response of the mice, and meanwhile you have populated the earth with monsters. Let's say that biologists have now understood - but that's not so sure - that what is true for the mice, applies to a much greater mass for the women, they are undoubtedly extremely behind, because if they people want to re-educate, they need with the slowness of their methods yet to centuries. And you think that they are doing something for the women to enable them to profit from their discoveries? No, they care only for mice and continue to give them any instructions on how to behave during pregnancy.

I therefore call on all women in the world: "Wake up, dear sisters, you will of the wonderful, wonderful job aware that God has entrusted to you, you carry the great mystery in you, which you can renew humanity Sorry, you know.. none of it and plays with these mysteries Take your last job to heart;. and the men will in turn create the best possible conditions so that you can fulfill this important task and magical. " When the women hear this, of course, many will say: "We have for centuries lived love and kindness, but the men did not understand us, they have insulted us." Yes, I know, most men are behaving like selfish children. But their behavior is due to the fact that women were not able to assume its role as a mother. You have not worked with the laws of electroforming, the men as they carried within themselves as sons. Now they must suffer the consequences of their poor work.

Nature has given women the skills they are difficult or impossible to use. You must be aware that they possess these skills, and that the future of humanity depends on them. If women want to understand me, they will be an incredible force in the world. Nothing can resist them. However, they must join together and strive for a high ideal. Until now, they are still divided - except when it comes to seduce men and lure them into their traps - and therefore they have no real power. From today, all the women join together in the world and strive for the betterment of mankind. In this area, the men can spite of their intelligence and abilities not do much. This object has the woman, the mother received, for nature has given her the ability to influence the unborn child.

So I ask you, the sisters of the fraternity will, conscious of this great task, and also clarifies throughout the world on your sisters still living in ignorance. This ideal, this desire to be useful, will fill your heart, your soul and your spirit. Then you will be inspired and be happy, then you feel inwardly rich, for the ideal, to participate in the happiness of mankind, will help you and feed you. As long as you hold no high purpose in your soul, you can not satisfy. You may have everything, but still you feel an emptiness, a dissatisfaction inside. The mere knowledge that you fulfill the God-given task and doing what is expected of you the sky, makes you bright, light and happy.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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