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11-30-2011, 12:24 AM,

The work on our Wellspring of Good preceded well. The Master himself participated in and supervised the work. When he turned his attention to something, all gathered around him. Great attentiveness and thoroughness were applied to this work. The basin was enlarged; three granite steps were put in place along the path; a platform paved with stones was made and a flume for the flowing water as well. There were workers all about and bystanders as well - some were arriving while others were going away.

The Master was thoughtful as if solving a difficult task. He worked like a mathematician dealing with number values, both known and unknown. Everything possessed significance: which people were coming and when; where they would stand; what their part in the work would be; which initiatives and ideas might arise and how might they be implemented. On this day, everything had a substance and meaning that had never been present before. Phenomena came together in accordance with strange and unfamiliar Laws to form a whole, in the way that individual letters and words come together to form a sentence. These phenomena formed a dynamic and mystical language that was known only to the Master. The World of Supreme Intelligence took part in our work, as these were the most difficult and fateful days for the Bulgarian people and all humankind as well.

When the work was completed, the Master evaluated everything once again and saw that it was done well. Afterwards we gathered around the Master and he began to speak about the Law of Justice:
"Justice must be applied to the human life: Justice in respect to the bounties which are provided.
"If there needs to be religion, it should be a religion of Love. If there needs to be a public system, it should be a system of Justice.

"Today there exists a new direction in the Universe for all: the outmoded standards must be replaced with new ones. New standards are required. One of the new standards states: love others, as you desire to be loved. Every person must know that the good which he desires for himself must be good for others as well.

"According to Mosaic Law, the social problem is resolved like this: that which man receives over the course of forty-nine years he must give back on the fiftieth. In that year, everyone will become equal again. The fiftieth year becomes a jubilee year: all rejoice when it comes and all give back to his brother that which has been received. Forty-five jubilee years have passed to date without being celebrated. Now forty-five jubilee years will need to come one after the other that Justice - the equitable distribution of goods - can be restored. Because 2, 500 years have passed without the jubilee years being celebrated, these forty-five jubilee years will be celebrated together. This is the 'end of times.' The end of times began in 1914. During the forty-five years which come after, all must give back everything he has received to everyone he has received from.

"According to the Mosaic law, a person that has been a slave, will become a free man after forty-nine years; and the man who has dominion over land received from another must give it back after forty-nine years to the one from whom he has received it.

"If the men who govern do not equitably resolve all issues in question between people, the world will experience cataclysmic change in the years to follow. Over the course of forty-five years, people will need to become free of everything belonging to others in order to balance the old.
"Everything created by God and set on the earth is entitled to an equitable life. No one may take away this entitlement.

"The Intelligent Cause regards all people equally. Oppression is intolerable to God. God is patient, and yet retribution will ultimately come.

"Nobody can take away the bounties which have been given to you. Should they be taken away from you, sooner or later they will be given back to you.

"Every human being is born with certain Divine gifts. No one has the right to take away the Divine gifts that have been given to you. I am referring to those rights which God has given you. This is the new consciousness which is awakening. All must honor the entitlements of all peoples.

"You have a book which, although it might be plain on the outside, you love because of its content. In the same way, one must honor the Divine which is imparted to all; human beings, animals and plants. The Law of Justice requires this. From this point of view, if someone commits a transgression, do not say that he is bad because you will put into discord the Law of Justice - that is to say, the honor you owe to every living being. This person is like the fruit which is in the process of ripening: he has not ripened yet, but he will.

"In order to act in accordance with the Law of Justice, we should regard one another with sacred sentience. Justice defines the relationship between men.

"Bounty is that which is good for all - not for one alone. Justice requires that everyone should benefit from God's bounties. To desire to receive and hold the bounties for ourselves - this is not right. We need to distribute them to others as well.

"Children grow, and their expenses grow comparable to their growth. In their first year, the expenses are few; in the second, they will be greater, and so on. The same is also true for nations. They also grow, and the food supply, shelter and clothing must increase as well. The bounties provided by nature must be available to all: all should be able to benefit from them.

"Love in the future will be dramatically different from love in the present. The new kind of Love will be characterized by the following: the good of the one will also be the good for all. Beings are always sending down the Bounties of the Invisible World. We live in a world of abundance. There is sufficient food, clothing and everything else, but these are not properly distributed. If man lived rightly, there would be enough for all. The error is in the desire of some to possess more goods than is their due. Everyone should possess only as much as is required.

"In the human order, phenomena are not structured. In the Divine Order, there is Abundance, but not excess: there is no need for one to make provisions for the future. The wealthy and the poor alike are provided for that they may be assured of having air and light - they are not deprived of water either. Who can deprive a man of the water that flows from the mountain? The great delusion comes from man's unwilling-ness to subject himself to the Divine Order that is instilled within him. Man desires to build his own system in order to impose his own laws. The laws of men are useless. We do not need to teach the stomach how to digest food: it knows how to do its job. Man only needs to chew his food well. The same is also true for the heart. If you impede its work, you will disturb it. Divine Laws exist for this, but we need to apply them.

"To give to all according to their needs - this is the requirement of the Divine Law of Justice. Less is required for the small child; more -for the adult. Equity does not refer to the identical distribution, but to the right distribution of conditions and gifts according to the level of one's development.
"We desire wealth. This is a misunderstanding: everyone needs to work. All may receive as much as he needs from the Wellspring, but none may draw more Divine Water than he needs. To accumulate goods is not tolerated. The Law states: all may receive as much as he can carry. One night a wealthy man had the following dream. He came upon a wagon loaded with gold that was led by three pair of white buffalo, and everyone received some of the gold. This man carried a large trunk and asked to have it filled with gold. He was told that everyone could receive as much as he could carry on his back. And so, they strapped the trunk to his back and started to fill it - with one shovel-full, two shovels, three - and he would always say, 'More! More!' Eventually the trunk became so heavy that the wealthy man could no longer move and suffocated from its weight. Upon awakening from his dream, he realized that his wealth was greater than his need and began to share it with others.

"You pass by a tree. You are entitled to pick some fruit and eat it. You go on a journey. If there is a wellspring every five to ten kilometers, do you need to carry a canteen with water?

"Justice is the essential Law that is responsible for the distribution of Divine bounties throughout all sectors of society. In order for peace to exist in a country there must be equity toward all people without exception. The wealthy man is afraid of being robbed; the poor one is afraid of dying from hunger. Let the wealthy man give half of his wealth to the poor man. Bounties are to be available to all people. They need to be removed from those places where they are in abundance that they may be distributed to those that have little or none.

"I meet a man who tells me, 'My sack is empty; I do not know what to do. My children are dying of hunger.' I meet another man with a full sack. He says, 'My sack is heavy. I do not know how I will be able to carry it home. ' Let the one with the heavy sack call to the one with the empty sack and tell him, 'Brother, both of us are facing death. Take half the contents of my sack that both our states may improve.'

"Someone says, 'God has determined the fate of both the wealthy and the poor.' I ask him, 'Have you spoken with God?' He responds, 'One of the prophets three thousands yours ago did.' I ask him, 'Have you spoken with the prophet?'

"The social problem must be resolved. The foundation of its resolution should come from the process of breathing. Goods must be distributed rightly in order that receiving and giving may be regulated. In this way, man can be alleviated of his constant concerns about food. When God made bread, he forbade its sale. A great curse hangs over humankind. Why? Because you sell bread: life's greatest bounty. It is absolutely forbidden to sell bread or flour.

"Bulgaria needs to become the first country to apply the Divine Law of the land: bread must be given for free. Only the one who applies this Law is pure and free from transgression. God tells us, 'You are not entitled to sell or purchase the bounties which I have provided.' This Truth - to distribute bread free of charge - must now be applied on earth. It is not permissible to sell bread to your brothers. This is part of the resolution of the social problem.

"There is a Law which states: the man who does not freely share his resources must eventually share them according to the law of coercion. This means that if you do not share them freely, they will be taken from you by force.

"A prominent, wealthy man walked along a road. A poor man saw him, and told him, 'Do not take this road, there is a precipice further on.' The rich man only replied, 'This is not of your concern.' And so, he continued to walk, and he fell into the precipice and started to call for help. The poor man came to his rescue saying, 'I warned you!' After this, the rich man who had fallen came to his senses.

This means that because he had this experience, he began to appreciate compassion.
"When we speak about Divine Order, we need to visualize a world of plenty. Wherever abundance exists, crimes are not committed. What would it take for me to give an abundance of water to all if I am standing by a lake?

"The Divine Order is an Order of Love: that Love which bears Abundance. All must enter into the Divine Order that we may build a new way of Life."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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