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The Divine Seed
11-29-2011, 06:53 PM,
Rainbow  The Divine Seed
The Divine Seed

“It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?"

Improvised conference
given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in 1980

Thought of the day: "A seed is nothing other than a living being who ceaselessly calls upon the forces and materials of the cosmos so as to be able to accomplish its task. And its task is to resemble the tree that produced it. The Creator put into the seed the vocation to resemble its father, the tree. That's why, once planted – unless it's defective – all of its work will go in the direction of this vocation, taking from among the elements which surround it those which suit it, relinquishing the others, and it's in this way that it will come to express all the tendencies indicated in the diagram which it carries within it. It is the same thing for man. Since God created man in His image, he has the possibility, by developing himself correctly, of becoming like his Heavenly Father."

Everyone knows, even children, that every seed receives the elements from the tree which produced it which will allow it, once planted, to grow and become like its father, the tree. It's the same for man. It is said in the Scriptures that God created man in his image. People believe that they have understood the meaning of these words, but I can show you that their profound, essential side is not yet known.

What's in a seed? If you cut it to observe it through a microscope, you won't discover the image of the tree in it. Yet when you will have put it in the ground, this insignificant, and even sometimes ugly and black, little seed will give little by little, a plant with its roots, its stem, its flowers and leaves and fruits. Because the image of the future plant exists within it in an etheric form. So it's an entire work which develops according to a diagram, according to determined lines of force, so that the plant may have exactly the same characteristics – colors, tastes, perfumes, properties – as the one which produced it. Yes, it's extraordinary, but everyone finds that it's normal, natural; there is nothing there to ponder about nor to question. Actually, this growth process of the seed can reveal the mystery of man to us. Man also possesses a diagram within him according to which the forces which are in him are determined and oriented. What this diagram is and how to realize it: this is what I am going to reveal to you now. I have already spoken about it in the past, but since there are new brothers and sisters, it is necessary that they also know this; it is extremely important.

When I was very young in Bulgaria, among many other books which I have read, I read the books of a write, Louis Jacollieux, a Frenchman who had gone to India and who wrote many very interesting books. He relates somewhere that he saw some fakirs make a mango seed, for example, grow in very little time, and then distribute its fruits to the crowd. And Jacollieux explained the phenomenon by saying that the fakir works with a substance which in India is called "akasha". This etheric substance which is spread throughout space can be utilized to accelerate the growth of vegetation and to bring fruits to maturity in extremely rapid time. So then, he who knows how to concentrate on this akashic force is capable of making a tree grow in very little time, when it would normally take months or even years to accomplish its task. But non of the thinkers who have looked into this phenomenon have gone as far as discovering that, in the same way, the human being can accelerate his perfection. It is in man's vocation to arrive at the perfection of his Heavenly Father; even if this evolution must take centuries, millenniums, man is constructed so as to attain divine perfection. Actually, what one doesn't know is that he can attain this state of perfection in a single incarnation. Yes, it's possible, but on the condition that man be capable of finding this image of God within himself and nourishing it by using this akashic matter, this cosmic electricity, which Hermes Trismegistus in his emerald tablet called Telesma. Whatever the name given it, it is always a question of the same primordial force, "the most powerful force of all forces" as Hermes Trismegistus calls it, this force that comes from the sun, of which the sun is the distributor and the inexhaustible source. One of the manifestations of this force is love – love which makes the worlds move, and of which sexual love is an aspect.

So that is the true science which very few possess: how to work with this force to attain perfection, that perfection which is already engraved somewhere in us like in the seed. The seed doesn't resemble the tree, but the image of the tree is inscribed in it; if one puts it in good conditions, it becomes a tree, because the image of the tree is there somewhere already realized in the subtle domain, but not yet realized in the material, physical domain. So, the activity of this seed which we are, consists of drawing nearer and nearer to the image of our Heavenly Fathers which we carry within us, of vibrating in unison with Him.

One can say that this divine image within us is our Higher Self towards which we must aim in order to fuse ourselves with it, just like the little seed which was black and ugly that becomes a gigantic, rich, powerful tree. Look at an oak tree. first of all, it was a little nothing of an acorn, just about good enough to be eaten by a hog; and then one day one sees a magnificent tree that beautifies the forest: its leaves purify the atmosphere, birds build their nests in its branches, children hang their swings from it, lovers come to rest there, painters to be inspired for their paintings, peasants to collect wood to make their fires. What a magnificent tree an oak tree is, and yet, at first, it was nothing at all. We too, we are nothing at all, but if we know how to use this fantastic means, this most powerful of all forces, to work on the divine image which is in us, we will succeed in realizing ourselves such as the Lord conceived us.

It is said that God created man in His image and in His likeness. This image is within us, it is God himself who deposited it there, and it is up to us now to make the efforts to arrive at this likeness. But if you believe that humans intend to resemble the Creator... Becoming chemists, physicists, lawyers, bankers, ministers, movie actors, crooning singers, pedicurists, manicurists... That's what interests them! From the earthly point of view, of course, it's something very great, but from the initiatic point of view, it's zero. From the initiatic point of view the only activity worthy of this name, is to work at resembling our Heavenly Father, to at least make some efforts to arrive at it, to always go further, higher, in order to see things differently, in their immensity, in their splendor.

Why always stay there like an ant, a microbe, eating away at the body of living nature? To the point where Nature, who has enough of being disturbed, takes a few laxative pills and up! He who disturbed her is ejected! Or else, she also takes a pill to vomit, and how she vomits! Terrific collective vomits.... all are vomited! Now she is going to take some emetics again, because in her entrails she still feels some who disturb her. But humans never ask themselves the question; never do they think that their disorderly, anarchistic attitude makes a tumor of them in the body of Nature, and that Nature, which is alive, defends herself. It's like some who go to tickle the feet of the Lord.... They are surprised afterwards that they receive a kick. It isn't the feet of the Lord that we must touch, but His heart, then you obtain everything you desire.

It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?

That doesn't mean, of course, that one must reveal no-matter-what to no-matter-whom, for there too it's risky. And if the Initiates of the past had given as a precept, "to keep silent", it is because they knew that the secrets of Initiatic Science could become very dangerous arms in the hands of egoistic, self-seeking, cruel people who would use them in their own interests to the detriment of others. For look how things happen even now. Since there are so many revelations in occult literature at present concerning the power of thought, how it can influence humans, move objects, etc., it seems that, already, there are crews of people practicing in this domain to be able to influence the athletes who will participate in the Olympic Games in Moscow and in this way make some win and others lose. It is black magic, and that's how black magic is going to become collective.

That's why, my dear brothers and sisters, we must practice in WHITE magic, we must work with LIGHT, with LOVE, so as to prevent the black magicians from annihilating the world. I am warning you: more and more the black magicians are going to manifest themselves, so practice sending LIGHT, HARMONY, in order to prevent black magic from triumphing. This is how one day the Universal White Brotherhood will be the savior of humanity.

As soon as new discoveries appear, there are always all sorts of people with no morality or conscience who want to take advantage of them to impose themselves, to crush others. It is always that prehistoric nature which manifests itself in man to push him to utilize the means which fall into his hands to assure his superiority.

Man is never first inspired to do good, but always evil. That is why several humanities have already disappeared, and ours will disappear also, if morality, love and goodness don't take the upper hand. When one lets the intellect predominate, considering that, of itself, it has no morality, it concerns itself only with putting new scientific and technical means at man's disposal, without asking what he will use them for. And if the heart doesn't come in to say its word, all these means will serve only for the ruin of humanity. There were, in the past, cultures and civilizations which surpassed ours, and they disappeared because of the preponderance given to the intellect to the detriment of the heart, for the intellect always pushes humans on the path of egoism, domination, injustice, the enslavement of nature. And if our humanity continues on this path, if no other element comes to balance the destructive forces which are manifesting themselves more and more, it too will disappear. Look now if we begin to use thought to make some triumph and to eliminate others, what will the result be? Have you thought about it? You must reflect, and if you don't want everything to be engulfed once again, you must participate in the work of the Great Universal White Brotherhood.

(Note: In this lecture, the term Universal White Brotherhood certainly refers to the cultural association of the same name, but also more essentially to all the beings who work for light, peace and justice in the world.)

There is no activity more celestial, more glorious, than to participate in this work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. You must become conscious of it, and with all your means, large or small, even with your weaknesses and your deficiencies – that doesn't matter – you participate! When there are elections, people aren't asked to be so intelligent and capable to vote, even idiots vote. Well then, we too, we must all vote for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, we must participate in the coming of this Kingdom on Earth, we must be proud and happy to participate. Before Heaven there is nothing more important. Of course, the majority of humans participate more or less in all sorts of ventures, but these ventures are most often prosaic, when they aren't stupid, pernicious or even diabolic. Whereas here, you are presented with the most noble, the most sublime enterprise which you could participate in: the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, the Golden Age.

You will say, "But there are already thousands of religious and mystical movements in the world! Yes, I know it, but where is the result? Have they succeeded in installing the Kingdom of God? No. Why? Because their ideal wasn't so sublime; religion was for them a little label thanks to which they could arrange their affairs. They worked only for themselves, their family, their prestige, their little society, and a little bit so that the Lord might consider them good Christians. But this wasn't sufficient, there were too many things on the side which they attended to, to gratify themselves. So, even if in front of the crowd they pass for extraordinary people, for Heaven it isn't great, because Heaven sees that they are working for their own success, their own glory.

The activity which I want to lead you into surpasses all these old concepts of religion. The moment has come now to consecrate yourself to a truly grandiose activity, to no longer work for yourself as everyone does, but to work to realize the Golden Age.

Where are those who work for the Golden Age? With the exception of a few great Initiates, and one cannot even know them or meet them for they are hidden, only the Universal White Brotherhood works in this direction, the other movements, under the aegis of religion, content themselves with launching fine ideas, fine words, that is sufficient for them. Like that pastor, who, one Sunday, has just given a sermon in which he said that one had to think of doing good without ever preoccupying oneself with what might happen: accidents, losses, etc. Upon returning home, he picks up the newspaper, looks at the Stock Exchange and sees that certain stocks had fallen. He begins to shout, "But that's dreadful! It's all over for me!" He calls his wife to lament with her... He had completely forgotten the sermonizing he had done back in church before his flock. And this isn't an invented story, it really happened, the person who related it to me was present at the scene.

The Earth is full of such people: they talk of the Lord, they talk of sacrifice, of renouncement, but they deprive themselves of nothing, and all who listen to them marvel at their words, that's enough for them. Ah yes, fine words everywhere. Rarely will you find a being who truly works selflessly for a divine idea. And even, more and more, one sees people who, because they have read some esoteric books, believe themselves capable of playing a role of Master. And the others, rather than studying him a little to see what he is like, go and follow him with their eyes closed. He will take all their money, but that doesn't matter, it's normal, it's magnificent, he's intelligent! It's the others who are silly.

They don't wonder where he comes from, how he has lived, who his master was, who sent him.... Ah, no, no, it's useless to put the question to oneself. It's sufficient that someone tells them that in three days they will be initiated – at a charge of a few thousand dollars, of course – they believe him. They are in a rush, you understand, initiation mustn't last more than three days. The world is full of people like that: frauds, charlatans, swindlers ..... who take advantage of the credulity and stupidity of others. But they at least are intelligent.

The Universal White Brotherhood brings a different vision of the world, different criteria, a different ideal: not to think of oneself so much anymore, but to work for the Kingdom of God. May those among you who are ready, come, they won't regret it. This ideal is capable of projecting them very far. If you love this ideal, if you consecrate yourselves to it, you will feel divine presences awakening in your soul, you will draw dearer to this image, this diagram that Heaven slipped into you from the very beginning and little by little you will succeed in bringing it into being. Otherwise, you will remain there eternally, marking time like everyone else in the midst of hypocrisy and lies. But one day the Universal White Brotherhood will put an end to all that. Once humans will know it, they will be ashamed to see that they are still like animals, always satisfying the cravings of their lower nature. There are so few who are ready to realize this diagram, this image that God has deposited in us!

I can reveal to you where this image is, so that you could nourish it by sending it this akashic force, but I won't yet, I will reveal it only before those who have given proofs, who truly want to consecrate themselves. As for the others, may they continue to do what they wish! How many things I could still reveal to you! But I am not allowed to, because these revelations will be profaned, and then, it is I who will be responsible. Everything is profaned at present, people don't even know what is sacred, there is nothing sacred anymore. All want to free themselves from what is sacred so as to be able to indulge in any folly whatsoever. Look at such reasoning! Human mentality is falling apart more and more, and it's in this way that they will all destroy themselves one day, I assure you. Because, look, without knowing it, they are in the process of attracting all the harmful elements from space which are going to eat away at them.

I have already told you that there is a law of affinity according to which each element, by its vibrations, its quintessence, is in relation with other elements of like nature, which it is thus susceptible to attracting. This is how by your thoughts, your feelings, you attract the beings, the elements, the events which correspond to them. So then: on account of your thoughts and feelings you are crushed, and on account of your thoughts and feelings you can become the King of the world. It's simple, it's clear. But humans who have no knowledge of these laws, do everything each day to destroy themselves. Of course, they don't realize it, because the deplorable consequences don't appear right away. If it were the same day that they received a lesson, maybe they would manage to become wiser. Yes, but considering that the consequences make them wait, that it is only after months, sometimes years, that the results of such and such a behavior appear, they continue to delude and demolish themselves.

I have already explained to you why Cosmic Intelligence has done things this way, only there you are, you don't read the lectures to know all these details which are of such subtlety that no one has revealed them yet. Go ahead, look for them, prepare yourselves, one day you will be the messengers of this formidable Teaching throughout the world. But you let yourselves go, you don't prepare yourselves. When will this affair be taken seriously? If you make up your mind to work only on this law of affinity, each day, by your thoughts, your feelings, your words, you will be doing nothing but attracting the most harmonious, the most beneficial, the most luminous elements and your whole life will be transformed. Even here, in the Universal White Brotherhood, rather than understanding once and for all the path to follow, the new activities to embrace, the brothers and sisters continue as before to demolish their life and their health.

How many things I can still reveal to you on the subject of the seed! Try to read the twelfth volume, Cosmic Moral Laws, and you will see that all morality is inscribed in the seed. Why can a seed produce only the fruit of which it is the seed and not another?

Yes, it's impossible to obtain figs there where one has planted thistles. There you have the laws of morality, of cosmic morality: they are the laws of agriculture. But never, obviously, has one gone to seek them there. One has sought morality in books, but not in nature. That is why people delude themselves by thinking that in planting thorns, they will have dates, figs, apples, pears... That is to say that in planting evil thoughts and feelings, they will carry off a triumph. Morality, true morality, is not an invention destined to enslave people as many believe it to be. It is nature which created the laws and these laws are there, in agriculture. This idea is also expressed by the proverb, "He who sows the wind shall reap the storm."

So then, you must learn to attend to seeds, all Initiatic Science is there. The seed contains an entire potential life: plant it, water it, let the sun give it the Light and warmth of its rays, and you will see. All Creation is summarized in a seed, but who thinks about that? Even the farmers who plant the seeds and harvest the fruits of these seeds haven't understood the mysteries which are hidden there.

And in that seed that man gives to a woman, where are the indications that the child will have such and such a face and organs? They are invisible, but once this seed is planted in the woman's womb and watered with her blood, it develops little by little, and one fine day, what does one see? A magnificent child.

But if future mothers wouldn't content themselves with carrying their child while continuing the same prosaic life as before... if they knew how to concentrate on the child like the fakir who knows how to concentrate on the seed so as to infuse the akashic force into it, that most powerful of all forces, they would do wonders on their children. Obviously, this child would come into the world with the physical characteristics inherited from his parents, but inwardly he would have other qualities, other faculties, which he possesses already in potential, but which can really develop only if the mother, by a conscious work strives to accelerate the process.

This is why women, mothers, have a big responsibility. It isn't enough that they bring a child into the world who is capable of eating and walking and talking. In receiving that seed, they must concentrate, to work on it with that most powerful force of all forces to accelerate the evolution of their child, to make of him a divinity. Yes, mothers have an immense responsibility. How many mothers bring puny, sickly, criminal and handicapped children into the world? It's their fault and the fault also of the fathers who don't help their wives carry their children in the best conditions. They must be instructed: so that they know, both the mothers and fathers that, by her behavior, by her way of thinking, the mother acts upon the child who is going to be born and that she can make of him either a criminal or a benefactor of humanity.

Look now, all the young who steal, destroy, and take drugs! Well, it's the mothers who are responsible. You will say, "But no, it isn't the mothers, it is society, the political and economic situation..." No, if the mothers knew how to work on their children, nothing could keep them from becoming divinities; in spite of the seductions the threats, the disgraces, the downfall of society, they would remain like gold: non-corrodible. That's my opinion. Mothers have the greatest powers over the child who is going to be born. Whether they recognize it or not, that's another question. If they don't recognize it, it is because they are ignorant and they must seek instruction.

So then, my dear brothers and sisters, so many things to re-establish, improve and perfect! One is unconscious and lazy; where are those conscious, enlightened beings, capable of deciding to work for the Golden Age? You must register now, you must vote, you must participate. This is what I ask of you today: to participate in this grandiose work. Even if you have never set foot in a university, even if you are neither strong, nor rich, nor highly placed in society, you are terrific since you participate in this work. This is the new concept I am bringing you today. From the point of view of the majority of humans, what I am telling you is nothing at all, it's zero. For them the only thing worth doing is to shout, to lay hands on everything they can: money, positions, and honors. But according to the Initiates, the only thing worth doing is to participate in the work of the Universal White Brotherhood, for the coming of God and His Righteousness, for the coming of the Golden Age.

It's at that moment that you release celestial forces; it's at that moment that you are useful to all humanity; it's at that moment that you prepare the future. So then, have you understood me? Yes, you must participate!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, France, January 10, 1980

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