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BPA Spikes 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Soup: Study
11-24-2011, 04:46 PM,
Exclamation  BPA Spikes 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Soup: Study
Quote:BPA Spikes 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Soup: Study
By Kerry Sheridan (Associated Free Press) Nov 22 2011

WASHINGTON — People who ate canned soup for five days straight saw their urinary levels of the chemical bisphenol A spike 1,200 percent compared to those who ate fresh soup, US researchers said on Tuesday.

The randomized study, described as "one of the first to quantify BPA levels in humans after ingestion of canned foods," was done by Harvard University researchers and appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association's November 23 issue.

"We've known for a while that drinking beverages that have been stored in certain hard plastics can increase the amount of BPA in your body," said lead author Jenny Carwile, a doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health.

"This study suggests that canned foods may be an even greater concern, especially given their wide use."

The chemical BPA is an endocrine disruptor that has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animal studies at levels of 50 micrograms per kilogram of body weight and higher, though it remains uncertain if the same effects cross over to humans, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

This study did not measure BPA levels by micrograms per kilogram of body weight, but rather by micrograms per liter of urine, so a direct comparison to the EPA-cited danger level in animals was not possible.

However, previous studies have linked BPA at lower levels than those found in the Harvard study to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity in humans, Carwile told AFP in an email.

BPA is found in the lining of canned foods, cash register receipts, dental fillings, some plastics and polycarbonate bottles marked with the number 7.

Seventy-five people took part in the study, eating a 12-ounce serving of either fresh or canned soup for five days in a row. They were advised not to otherwise alter their regular eating habits.

After a two-day break, the groups switched and ate the opposite type of canned soup.

A urine analysis showed the canned soup eaters had 1,221 percent higher levels of BPA than those who ate the fresh soup.

BPA is typically eliminated in the urine and so any spike is usually considered temporary. The researchers did not measure how long elevated BPA stayed in the body, saying more study would be needed to examine that question.

The US government's health and environmental agencies are considering whether "further action is needed to address human health risks resulting from non-food-packaging uses of BPA," according to the EPA.

France's Agency for Food Health Safety (Anses) in September called for tougher preventive measures, warning that even "low doses" of the chemical had had a "confirmed" effect on lab animals and a "suspected" effect on humans.

Preventing exposure to BPA among infants, pregnant or nursing women was a "priority goal," Anses said.

Meanwhile, the Harvard study authors said their findings should encourage people who eat a lot of canned foods to opt for fresh instead, and should serve as a red flag to manufacturers who use BPA to make cans.

"The magnitude of the rise in urinary BPA we observed after just one serving of soup was unexpected and may be of concern among individuals who regularly consume foods from cans or drink several canned beverages daily," said senior author Karin Michels.

"It may be advisable for manufacturers to consider eliminating BPA from can linings."

Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved.
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11-24-2011, 08:14 PM,
RE: BPA Spikes 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Soup: Study
Oh shit. 1/2 the food I eat in the winter is from a BPA lined can. Well off to the food bank to feminize and chemically neuter the poor.

They did ban BPA in Canada as part of the lubricant to shove the draconian anti-sovereignty, police every good in the country law in the disguised as a health safety legislation in Bill C-36 Which passed on my fucking birthday last year after establishing a dialogue with MPs and Senators for 3 years of my life to inform them they were installing the legal vehicle to instantiate the selling out Canada.

In a semi-related move I get a school of pharma educated doctor trying to push me statin drugs like Lipitor claiming my cholesterol is 2 points over their ever changing definition of 'normal' based on a single blood sample the size of a thimble done by the $180 Billion dollar a year 'free' health care system and I'm not even 35!

This same health care system has me babysitting a mother who is losing her mind with all the drugs she is on because they destroyed he thyroid with radiation and a father who is hooked on morphine since getting t-boned at an intersection along with statins and mood pills. Together they pay over $30,000 a year for their dope in our 'free' health care system funded by a Canadian government that decides how to spend 51% of every man woman and child's income. The same government that decided to buy 1300 'smart' bombs to destroy Libya.... oh man I'm just getting fucking started.

This same government that somehow decided to Spend $6 Billion to Cut global temps by 0.0007°C. Just $84 Trillion per degree! The same government that jumped on the ACTA bandwagon after 5 years of petitioning them not to and trying to at least get a public discussion (we did our own anyways) on their closed door meetings. The same government that brokered the wholesale sellout of everything and everyone in the fucking country from roads, to resources to perpetual debt from birth to death via the fake currency that people still somehow believe in despite the fact the illusion is plain to fucking see now that every bank in the world is set to crash and get bailed out by a global bank called the IMF whom which the Canadian government on our behalf recently doubled their investment into.

Oh and the BPA banned only applies to baby bottles, the same ones I fed my youngest son out of when I was working too hard at two jobs to have the time to do the research to know any better.

If the globalist grand agenda was to manufacture dissent towards national governments by playing your fucking political puppet show, mission fucking accomplished.


OK steam blown off. Moving forward. Eye on the ball.
There are no others, there is only us.

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