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Youth 'cannot live' without web
10-14-2009, 08:52 PM,
Youth 'cannot live' without web
Quote:A survey of 16 to 24 year olds has found that 75% of them feel they "couldn't live" without the internet.

The report, published by online charity YouthNet, also found that four out of five young people used the web to look for advice.

About one third added that they felt no need to talk to a person face to face about their problems because of the resources available online.

The findings were unveiled at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

Despite high-profile examples of internet security breaches, such as the recent incident of phishing email scams, 76% of the survey group thought the internet was a safe place "as long as you know what you're doing".

"Probably the middle-aged are the most vulnerable," said Open University psychologist Graham Jones.

"I think children, teenagers and people under their mid-20s have grown up with technology and they understand it deeply," he said.

Charlie McDonnell is a 19 year old video blogger on YouTube - With 200,000 subscribers and more than 20 million hits overall, he is the third most subscribed to on the site.

He started in April 2007 while "procrastinating over exam revision". He amassed around 150 viewers until he made a tongue-in-cheek film called "how to get featured on Youtube".

His mother had no interest in the internet until he got started. Now he has shown her everything and she uses his hand-me-down old kit to make her own Youtube video logs.

His use of the net illustrates how sophisticated young consumers are.

"I never really look for news, I find out about stuff that interests me from blogs. I use them as a filter to find news that I find interesting.

Twitter's not very accurate - it's one person saying they saw something on one website - but it's good for getting information straight away," he said.

Mr Jones thinks it is the parents who need to become more sophisticated.

"One of the biggest problems for children is not that they are vulnerable but that their parents don't know what they're doing," he said.

It is a point Mr McDonnell agrees with.

"It's important that parents have full understanding of the internet and its risks - younger people need parental direction," he said.

'Digital natives'

The survey, funded by the Nominet Trust - a charity that encourages the safe use of the internet - looked at how the web influences the well-being of people aged between 16 and 24.

Its author, Professor Michael Hulme of Lancaster University, names this age group "digital natives" as they have grown up in an environment rich with computer and mobile technology.

"For young people the internet is part of the fabric of their world and does not exist in isolation from the physical world," he said.

Youthnet, set up by the broadcaster Martyn Lewis in 1995, runs websites offering advice, information and volunteering opportunities to young people.

"The need for a safer, trusted [online] place has never been greater," said Fiona Dawes, Youthnet's chief executive.

"Youthnet will be taking the insights of this report to heart as we plan the future of our services."
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10-14-2009, 09:37 PM,
Youth 'cannot live' without web

13 years of YouthNet.


'Go For It', a useful directory of young people's services, is published by Martyn Lewis CBE to reach out and inspire young people across the UK. Eleven companies each donate £4,000 for three years and YouthNet is granted charitable status.

YouthNet receives a £25,000 grant from the government to bring to life the Home Office's vision of honest communication to empower young people.

YouthNet's first website,, is launched with a database of 5,000 useful organisations. It quickly becomes a primary channel for young people looking for information, support and guidance.

The Home Office grants YouthNet £1 million to create a website to encourage volunteering, equip one-third of the Volunteer Centre network with computers and develop special volunteering management software (V-Base).
2000's Community section goes live, providing a forum where young people can chat and seek peer-to-peer support and advice.

Prime Minister Tony Blair launches with a database of 350,000 opportunities to volunteer.

YouthNet is chosen as the flagship charity of The Vodafone UK Foundation, which invests an initial £2 million enabling us to reach more young people who seek information, advice and guidance.
2002 now partners with 99% of the Volunteer Centre Network in England.

The Big Lottery Fund and The Vodafone UK Foundation invest a total of £1.7 million in our new expert advice service askTheSite.

The Home Office Active Communities Unit grants £1.3 million to re-equip Volunteer Centres and to build partnerships with 120 hospitals. This will add even more opportunities to volunteer to the existing 500,000.

The askTheSite pilot phase goes live with Samaritans, bss and a specially contracted team of advisors offering confidential advice on relationships and general health.

New askTheSite partners providing expert advice on: sexual health (Brook); housing (Shelter); mental and emotional health (SANELINE); legal, rights and money issues (Yare Valley & District Citizens Advice Bureau).'s first marketing campaign generates over 6,000 new registrations for volunteering opportunities over six weeks.

Fiona Mactaggart, Home Office Minister and Labour MP for Slough, launches's bright new look and feel.

The Vodafone UK Foundation commits further investment to YouthNet, enabling us to help reach young people via mobile phones, digital television and other new distribution platforms.

askTheSite joins BSkyB's 'Reach for the Sky' project and provides content for young people aged 11-19.

With the Institute of Volunteering Research, we become a research partner for the Russell Commission report. This report sets out exciting and ambitious plans to engage one million young people in volunteering and community action over the next five years.

askTheSite mobile alerts go live, ensuring young people can get their responses to questions as soon as possible.

Posts on discussion boards reach one million.

Having consulted with hundreds of young people throughout 2004 about how they access advice, we redesign and the 'new look' site goes live.
2005 provides its database of 700,000 opportunities to volunteer to the official Year of the Volunteer website.

askTheSite and the redesigned are launched at the Houses of Parliament. At the event, MPs and YouthNet's funders listen to one young woman's account about how using's services helped her work through her problems with self harm.

New Media Age magazine shortlists for the 'Best Charity Website' award.

We reach 16,000 registered users on's discussion boards, a rise of 34% since 2004.

Our content syndication partnership with goes live, with content provided from on: sex, relationships, drugs, money, health, legal issues, travel, work and study.

New askTheSite partner providing expert advice on drugs (Addaction). We now have seven partners.

The 10,000th question is answered on askTheSite. on mobile goes live. Young people can now access details of thousands of local advice agencies through their mobile phones.

We begin a startegic partnership with v. offers over 800,000 volunteering opportunities, and has over 150,000 registered volunteers.

We launch our online poster membership scheme.

YouthNet wins 'Best Use of Technology' in the Charity Times Awards and 'Community Project of the Year' in the Computing Awards for Excellence.

100 new articles were added to on mobile.

We launched a new Work and Study section of askTheSite, funded by Thales and with expert answers from BSS.

In partnership with the three other youth volunteer organisations of the Choose Action alliance, we developed and launched a Virtual Volunteering section on

The site hosted 'do-it in your local hospital' – a campaign to increase the number of hospital volunteers in England, funded by the Department of Health.

Almost 70,000 new volunteers registered with We also added a new resources section for our partner organisations to

YouthNet's a million for a million ball was attended by almost 300 guests and generated £300k to help reach more young people.

Our Respect? campaign went from strength to strength, earning a mention in the Department for Children, Schools and Family's strategy document Aiming High.

YouthNet, alongside UnLtd and CIVA, came together to found the Young Achievers Trust, which continues the legacy of the Whitbread Young Achievers Awards. YouthNet hosts the Young Achievers Trust Project Manager.

In partnership with The Foyer Federation, Rathbone and Skill, YouthNet wins a new three-year £5m partnership with The Vodafone UK Foundation, to empower and equip young people to make informed choices about work, study and training.

We were also awarded a grant of £1.5 million from The Big Lottery Fund towards the development of the National Volunteering Database over the next five years.

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