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The EMS dictatorship of the EU
10-30-2011, 05:28 PM,
The EMS dictatorship of the EU
Quote:Brussels discretely prepares a coup d'├ętat in the 17 countries of the euro-zone.

A new treaty will allow Brussels to take unlimited money from the states' vaults to rescue the euro. The treaty must be ratified by the national parliaments before 31 December 2011.

Of course, the European Union does not want the citizens to learn about it.

On the internet they made available only one copy of the text of this treaty: in english!

(96,5% of the euro-citizens speak other languages!)

This new European Treaty has been signed 11 July '11. Curiously, not a single newspaper, not nationally nor internationally has spent a title on this treaty.

If this treaty gets ratified, it is the end of the sovereign democracies in the euro-zone.

Brussels want the national Parliaments to agree to the treaty before 31 December 2011.

If we hurry, we can still alert the public opinion and try to wake up the Parliamentarians in time!

Other countries:

On Google you can find out that in most of the euro-countries there is NO INFORMATION AT ALL about this treaty yet.

Help inform these countries!

The more euro-citizens are informed, the higher the chances to stop this dictatorship!

Do you speak spanish?

Do you speak italian?

Do you speak slovak?

Do you speak slovenian?

Do you speak greek?

Do you speak finlandish?

Even if you can only do so exceptionally, help translate the articles ESM, the new European dictator or ESM, a coup d'├ętat in 17 countries! and enable to send these informations around in the related countries.

The ESM is the new European dictator. Whenever it wants, and as often as it wants, it can simply request the euro countries to pay billions of euros within 7 days. They can ruin any government within a week!!!
And they are immune from any legal procedings!


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