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Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
03-11-2009, 12:03 AM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
I've been noticing over the last few months the massive onslaught of New Age crap on the tracker. I'm not usually one to complain about such things, mostly because I'm not an uploader, (I live in australia and we still have to pay for uploading as well as having to put up with small data plans), however in my opinion it's getting pretty crazy.

Since when did learning the Kaballah or how great the cosmic christ is have anything to do with learning the truth of CONSPIRACIES?
03-11-2009, 12:12 AM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
You know I had the same complaints once, but I came to learn that the wisest and most knowledgeable truthers out there study both sides of the story. If you are so inclined, you could upload what you think should be uploaded, and ignore what others upload.
Peace take care.
[Image: Palestinian_Dawn_by_Palestinian_Pride.jpg]
03-11-2009, 01:38 AM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
spot on MG

it's all well and good blaming Masons, Illuminati, Zionists... or whoever for the shape of our world today (personally i do not) but if you're going to talk with knowledge and understanding, rather than from a bunker position, it's a good idea to study the origins of (and the truth within) things like the Kaballah and the mystery schools.

Vitam Impendere Vero
03-11-2009, 01:38 AM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
Quote:# Political, Religious or Conspiracy related material only.

if it doesn'f fit into the remit, most likely it won't be there for long.. If something religious like a torrent investigating the Kaballah isn't to your interest then I'd just do like MMG says and don't download it..

I don't really agree that we have become 'newage central' though :rolleyes:
03-11-2009, 03:03 AM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
Quote:I'm not usually one to complain about such things, mostly because I'm not an uploader,

What exactly are the existing uploaders to do? I mean there's only so many conspiracy films out there.
If Texe Marrs, Alex Jones, Anthony J. Hilder, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke et. al. put out a new film every month,
the tracker would always have a nice new non-new-age selection. As it stands, every single film made by guys
like that, we already have in duplicate.

I think the uploaders are merely filling in the gaps until the next big conspiracy flick comes out. The other option is
for the tracker to have little or nothing new for days at a time. What would you prefer?

Quote:Since when did learning the Kaballah or how great the cosmic christ is have anything to do with learning the truth of CONSPIRACIES?

I wont address the Kabalah, I've never read it. But to analogize using the bible instead, it is claimed "rich me wrote it to control the masses". That's a conspiracy dude.;)
03-13-2009, 08:04 PM,
Conspiracy Central = New Age Central
Over the last few months?
Try over the last couple years!!

But no, I agree with you. It's really starting to build up.......
When was the last time you went to a mainstream bookstore?

I continue to be blown away with the new age boom. A couple months back I was at a Borders and a Barns and Nobles.... and there were more Crowley books then i could count.... apposed to the couple books of his that used to conceal them selves on the shelves a few years back. A few years back, there wasn't even a new age section...... NOW there is! Either people want it... and are asking for it.... or it's being pushed.... and probably consecutively both! Needless to say, I left both stores with a knot in my stomach.

But to think that there are no conspiracies... or dark sides to religion i think is slightly foolish, but that's just my opinion.

I also agree with Mothandrust who previously stated the idea of the words “NEW AGE” being used no differently then the way the mainstream disfigures the words “conspiracy theories!”

Yet I also know a new religion has been in the forecast for quite some time! It will be the glove that fits the hand of one world government.

I'm thankful for people uppin what's out there. Keeps me aware of the momentum..... allows me to peer between the lines. Gives me the opportunity to think for myself.

I in no way mind folks venting, or simply bring up things that ruffle their tail feathers...... but to start calling this place new age central is sorta insulting and very 'tunnel vision' IMNSHO. Hardly 1 out of 10 torrents tote new age ideas.....


I don't prop, support or look up to Crowley..... but i'm sure as hell not afraid of him either.... or the new age movement.

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