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buying silver
10-06-2011, 08:55 AM,
RE: buying silver
i'm just trying to get a little stash of it..not trying to convert my savings.
i started with 5 new eagles.
i think i will buy 5 a month or one a week.
i was wondering if i should save money and buy 5 at a time each month, or if i should buy something like 1 morgan or peace dollar, etc a week off ebay w/ free shipping. a diversity of coins would make things more interesting and might be benificial if the time comes when i have to use it. prices on ebay for junk morgans are going for about $4 over spot shipped. hans, you wouldn't buy these b/c weight per $? if i do buy junk i don't see the advantage of mint and condition premiums...i'm assuming this is just a collector market and i should strictly buy the most weight per $?

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