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10 Future Technologies That Already Exist
09-18-2011, 03:09 PM,
Video  10 Future Technologies That Already Exist
Quote:10 Future Technologies That Already Exist

Uploaded by alltime10s on 12 May 2011

From human organ printing to hologram TV, here are 10 technologies that come straight from the future.

#10 Printing Human Organs and Tissue
See threads on Printing Skin and Printing Food. Also see Pentagon Plan to Regrow Limbs: Phase One, Complete and the Hollywood movie Repo Men

#9 BigDog Robot Quadroped created by Boston Dynamics, NASA and Harvard.
Mention of Big Dog specifically here, here and here. Boston Dynamics also came up with the robot that jumps over big walls. I read there was another one that feasted on dead bodies too. Also kind of freaky is that you could create an entire learning army of robots that communicate in real time.

#8 Thought Controlled Prosthetic Devices controlled by a Neural Microchip Implant
This on the cusp of being the next interface after the Microsoft/XBOX Kinect phase with consumer interfaces such as the Neural Impulse Actuator (Brain Mouse). Also of note Intel Wants Brain Implants in Customers' Heads by 2020.. but what of the Minority Report scenario to predict Future Criminals that is already online in many cities in the US and worldwide including a fairly new system in Vancouver, Canada. I did a bit on mind controlled devices in the past.

#7 Wireless Power
Intel has been working on this technology for awhile. More on this on ConCen on the 'Magnetic electricity' discovered, Wireless Electricity is explained in short here and, of course, Nickola Tesla. Also see this thread on Wirelessly Powered Devices.

#6 Retinal Implants
Augmented vision and an embedded HUD display would come in handy for military and advertising purposes. Super Human Vision is here and check out this ConCen thread - on building the bionic human from 2006.

#5 Hologram TV
I played a 3D holographic video game back in the early 80s. My question is why has this been suppressed for so long after it has been commercially viable? Technology goes far beyond that now with tactile feedback with touchable holograms. Here is some more video of holographic technology in action.

#4 Cloaking Devices
We touched on this in 10 Real Star Trek Inventions back in 2007. For a bit more depth check out
Scientists Create Cloak Of Partial Invisibility, Us Deploys Cloaked Airliner?, Scientists Move A Step Closer To Being Able To Make Objects Invisible and Flirting With Invisibility.

#3 Hover Cars
Be prepared for accidents. People often point to the lack of flying cars but really that would be a meat grinder we have enough tragedy on the ground. Neat technology described in the X-Hawk, the $125K M200X volantor and the Terrafugia Transition which is really a flying plane/car. Of course this is fuelled by the Military UAV Industry.

#2 Exoskeletons
A prototype video and an informative article on the human exoskeleton is available here. Good reference to this and lots of other military technology can be found here.

#1 Force Fields
I saw a little something on this in Physics of the Impossible, not sure if it was in Season 1 or Season 2. It also is referenced in the torrent fed video Rothkugel - Most Secret - Das Geheimnis der Wahren Raumfahrt - The Secret Space Program (2004) and our monster request thread for Secret Space 2. Force fields can also be transitioned to force weaponry.

There are no others, there is only us.
11-18-2011, 07:34 PM,
RE: 10 Future Technologies That Already Exist
Here's another one... right up there in the breaktrough level as graphene (*). These materials will augment current technologies and push many on the brink into reality as well as opening up new innovations.

Quote:Breakthrough material barely denser than air
November 18, 2011 12:14 PM


Researchers at HRL Laboratories and the Composites Center at the University of Southern California have created what they say is the lowest-density material, a lattice of hollow tubes of the metal nickel.

Its volume is 99.99 percent air, and its density is 0.9 milligram per cubic centimeter--not including the air in or between its tubes. That density is less than one-thousandth that of water.

The metallic microlattice, as the researchers call it, could be useful for absorbing sound, vibration, and shock. Other possibilities, according to HRL: electrodes that could increase how much energy lithium-ion batteries can store and lower their manufacturing costs; air-cooling devices for computing electronics; and lighter-weight materials for automobiles, aircraft, and spacecraft.


Another notable property: When it's squashed, the tiny tubes buckle, but when the pressure is removed, it rebounds. A sample compressed to half its original height rebounds 98 percent of the way. That makes the material similar in some ways to elastomers that are a widely used cushion against shock.


The research was conducted for the United States' Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
Full Story:

But technology what a double edged sword (**).

Quote:Mission Statement :: HRL Laboratories and the Composites Center at USC

Established in 1995 and endowed with a generous gift from M.C. Gill in 2002, the mission of the Center is to address problems associated with the design, manufacture, and behavior of composites and composite structures. The scope includes the training of graduate and undergraduate students through sponsored research projects and through course instruction. Personnel within the Center provide a range of expertise that includes Postdoctoral Associates, outstanding scholars with specialized skills in mechanics, polymer science, and manufacturing technology.

Center personnel work closely with industrial sponsors, and recent industrial collaborations have involved the M.C. Gill Corporation, Airbus, General Electric, Composite Technology Corporation, HRL Laboratories, Raytheon, Cytec Engineered Materials, L'Garde Corporation, Bell Helicopter, NewBasis, HyperTherm Composites, and Northrop-Grumman.

What else could this US government subsidized multi-nationally privately funded breakthrough wonder material be used for?

None of these companies deal in space weaponry (***) at all, do they?


Plasma Energy and Anti-Gravity Applications - M.T. Keshe (*)

The Singularity: Five Technologies That Will Change the World (and One That Won't) (*)

Dr. Nick Begich: Technology is Humanity's Double Edged Sword (2011) (**)

Pax Americana and The Weaponization of Space NTSC ISO and XViD AVI (2009) (***)
There are no others, there is only us.
12-20-2011, 08:46 PM,
RE: 10 Future Technologies That Already Exist
PolygamousRanchKid Wrote:IBM's Five Predictions For the Next Five Years
Posted by timothy on Tuesday December 20, @10:15AM
from the ok-but-let's-revisit-in-5-years dept.

In each of the past five years, IBM has come up with a list of five innovations it believes will become popular within five years. In this, the sixth year, IBM has come up with the following technologies it thinks will gain traction:
(1) People power will come to life. Advances in technology will allow us to trap the kinetic energy generated (and wasted) from walking, jogging, bicycling, and even from water flowing through pipes.
(2) You will never need a password again. Biometrics will finally replace the password and thus redefine the word 'hack.'
(3) Mind reading is no longer science fiction. Scientists are working on headsets with sensors that can read brain activity and recognize facial expressions, excitement, and more without needing any physical inputs from the wearer.
(4) The digital divide will cease to exist. Mobile phones will make it easy for even the poorest of poor to get connected.
(5) Junk mail will become priority mail. "In five years, unsolicited advertisements may feel so personalized and relevant it may seem that spam is dead.

Human batteries where have we seen that predicatively programmed before? Some innovative implementations are already working their way into cultures in the developing world for the longer term soft sell.

Biometrics have pushed hard to gain mainstream acceptance and with fearmongering augmented by built-in flaws in infrastructure and commerce combined with invasive security practices - this technology appears primed for standard adoption. Steps have been taken to implement this in prisons, schools, ATMs, work, health care, airports, law enforcement, census data and travel. The goal being a global biometric database collating all the tentacles.

Brain scans can be done remotely and will likely be introduced into travel and prisons first, as per usual. Later it may prove central to a technocratic "justice" system to investigate past and future crimes.

The heavily subsidized + low end user price into digital indoctrination via cell phones and tablets is accelerating and trying to encompass people who normally wouldn't participate with the creeping requirement for banking, social services and work.

AI has advanced by leaps and bounds and collecting social interactions in applications like Facebook and Gmail is likely being used to construct a learning cognitive neural network that could operate nearly seamlessly in real time; like in an IM or social media for instance.. and maybe even in the meatspace with AI and a combination of holograms and/or robotics.

IBM's past predictions are entirely possible and sparely used but not widely adopted in technologies like 3D Internet, remote health care and "Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance." are well on their way to being deployed.

This reads more like an IBM (and affiliated cartel members') wishlist for products in development.

Related Thread:

The Singularity: Five Technologies That Will Change the World (and One That Won't)
There are no others, there is only us.

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