Poll: Is television mostly just garbage?
Yes. Avoid it and you'll be OK.
No. It is a poison which needs to be treated as such.
Neither. Television is mostly good.
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What do you think of television?
09-15-2011, 04:42 AM,
What do you think of television?
Most people who've turned off the box, and even those who still watch it, describe most of what is on it as "trash" or "garbage", etc. But is it?

I'm voting that it is far less innocuous than garbage, although the analogy is apt, for a reason I'll explain in a moment. I'm saying the more accurate term would be poison. Most of what's on TV today is harmful to the lives of its viewers. The damage lasts long after the initial viewing, and is cumulative.

Society allows us to throw many toxic items into landfill, merely because it is labeled as garbage instead of the more accurate term, "toxic waste". Labeling something as garbage means you can just throw it away and forget about it. Labeling something as toxic automatically alerts you to the fact that you should avoid it if possible, and deal with it carefully if exposed to it.

From now on, I'll use the word "toxic" or "poisonous" instead of just "garbage". From now on I'll refer to TV addicts not merely as "brainwashed", but as poisoned.

I think it's appropriate to use the most accurate term when talking to someone. It's also important to point out when they are using an inaccurate word.

Here's an example: ask yourself if what's happening in Iraq best described as a war, or an occupation? Then ask yourself: best described by and for who? The MIC and their media talking heads want to call it war. Most war historians would call it an occupation. Who do you trust? See what I'm getting at?

We usually aren't aware of the power of words - but the people who want to control you are very much aware...
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09-15-2011, 05:50 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
Nice differentiation between trash and poison.

It's really a mixed bag; and even though I've unplugged from the cable TV box I still get some select shows for entertainment and to keep tabs on cultural influences. I'm not getting into anything new but I'm playing out several waiting for them to end their run.

Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, Futurama, Dexter, Game of Thrones and The IT Crowd are the last series standing for me. Movies can be just as poisonous and/or garbage but I seem to be on a bit of a movie bender as of late.

I don't miss the commercials. On average you're getting about a third of your viewing time in commercials not counting the embedded advertising.

I really haven't paid attention to what is on TV but at a glace there seems to be a lot of competitions to get noticed and "watch people act like idiots" shows on.

I just watched Extras and the final episode pretty much sums up my opinion of TV.

But maybe it's the medium itself as the message. The technology that mimics brain patterns, hidden audio, subliminals, flicker rates, (in)audible hypnotic backmasking, maybe some two-way feedback mechanism... For my children I'm more worried about video games, sensors everywhere, 3D immersion and everyday tasks and habits being gamed psychologically to social engineer them than even the content delivered.

Then there is the fact that it commoditizes experience like paying for a pass to Disneyland but instead you pay with attention and time and the shaped habits that follow or the distraction from what you would be doing otherwise.

The content is the hook, the killer app the bait to get people connected with these devices and segue into the next level of programming influence.

It's way beyond TV. Look at the infrastructure. A internet enabled computer in every home. High speed wireless networks everywhere. CCTV at every blink. A cell phone in every pocket...

In response to the poll. Getting off of TV is a start but not nearly enough especially if you're simply migrating to the next railroaded rat maze.

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09-15-2011, 07:17 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
nice thread yeti... yeah i shut tv off over 9 mths ago... do internet for a few shows like tad, breaking bad, weeds, merlin (bbc), i know modern fam is propaganda but gloria is just too hot to not oogle over and i like O'neil also... but yeah most new shows are shit, it's the brainless who gravitate to them just to watch SOMETHING my wife is one of 'em. @ the new place she is whining all the time of no cable (we're in the stix bunker style lol) but she is getting internet smarter bout finding her tv fix online and yeah it'ts the way to watch shows now... with weeds and breaking bad i started after they were a few seasons in same with BSG, it helps to get invested in the story line to watch a season or two in it's entirety with no commercials and delays due to programing...
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09-15-2011, 12:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-15-2011, 12:08 PM by rsol.)
RE: What do you think of television?
I think we must consider the message not the messenger here.

TV is a medium. Its used in various ways for various reasons. To point out all that is bad with TV as a reason to switch off isnt really telling the full tale.

All media is subject to that which TV is. The internet is a good example as we are going through a passage of regulation favouring the big players. the internet will eventually be treated by the public and governments in the same way.

I think that newspapers probably share the fate of the internet in the idea of publishing. atm anyone can see what you do but not everone does. We have portals that guide you to the sort of information you wish to listen to. just like a newstand.

Eventually you will need a "publisher" in order to even really get a chance to be heard as search engines are refined by their relevance and advertising muscle.

This is the story of media. TV is just one tale...

TV has its uses and it has its demons, a friend to the lonely, a con artist to the vunerable. amoral, not good, not bad. it just is...
09-16-2011, 01:09 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
My argument is that most of the trash on TV is in fact poisonous. I really can't see how someone could argue that television is mostly good, especially these days.
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09-16-2011, 03:02 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
I think you are right, I want to change my vote to poisonous.
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09-16-2011, 03:41 PM,
RE: What do you think of television?
It all boils down to "who's in control", and that same question was poised to us in my first week at University for Media Studies, at the start of our Semiotics unit. Is it the public in control of what's on TV, or the Media in control? Or is it otherwise?

Sadly, a lot of those that watch TV are clearly heavily influenced by the advertising contained therein. And I don't need to point out any of the many studies done into the affects on our most vulnerable in society, our children.

Myself, I only have one standing show left is the final season of Smallville, and we don't watch it on TV, we wait for the DVD's for that one, and it's only due to my childhood love of the comics and old Superman movies. It's been so long since I paid any real attention to the box...bar maybe some kids shows (and CBBC/cbeebies from the BBC helps there, with a complete lack of advertising), but my partner, she still loves her telly! Barf
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09-17-2011, 01:40 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
(09-16-2011, 03:41 PM)Dunamis Wrote: my partner, she still loves her telly!

Ask her what percentage of TV is rubbish, and why she thinks it's rubbish.
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09-29-2011, 09:01 AM,
RE: What do you think of television?
it's been 11 years since i've watched ANY television at all. Zero. None.


I've STILL to this day NEVER seen a reality show...
eleven years ago they didn't even yet exist...

no regrets.... and no going back Grin

*i can entertain myself thank you very much.... and don't need or have the desire to watch TV.

Can you imagine the lack of influence this provides ? Kinda feels like freedom in a sense....

Eff television... i hope those of you that PAY for it figure out how not too in the future... and can break your chains.... Yeti might be right. Too each his own though i suppose....


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