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The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates
09-05-2011, 10:13 PM,
Rainbow  The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates
The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates

Dean Henderson

(Part one of a two-part series excerpted from Chapter 18 of my book Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf…)

At the nadir of Four Horsemen/Gulf Cooperation Council/CIA petrodollar drugs for guns recycling scheme quietly sit the international banksters. Through every major scandal and behind every despotic regime stands a global financial oligarchy- ultimate beneficiary of the world’s addiction to oil, guns and drugs.

The oil wealth generated in the Persian Gulf region is the main source of capital for these bankers. They sell the GCC sheiks 30-year treasury bonds at 5% interest, then loan the sheiks’ oil money out to Third World governments and Western consumers alike at 15-20% interest. In the process these financial overlords- who produce nothing of economic import- use debt as their lever in consolidating control over the global economy.

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