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BC Canada Slams Door on Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) via Referendum
08-31-2011, 03:39 AM,
Information  BC Canada Slams Door on Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) via Referendum
Quote:A Canadian Tea Party victory…
By Brian Lilley
August 29th, 2011

A victory for the taxpayers, a victory for the people, that’s the topic of tonight’s Byline.

We`ve been hearing plenty about the Tea Party in the United States for the last couple of years. They have pushed and struggled to take power back from the hands of those who run the system, those in it just for themselves and give it back to the people.

While the Americans continue to struggle, a similar movement here in Canada had a major victory late last week, one that was understandably overshadowed by other events.

The referendum to scrap the harmonized sales tax in British Columbia is a major victory for those who believe in the idea that you cannot tax without the consent of the governed.

In the American Revolution they popularized the idea of no taxation without representation. Too many Canadians still think that is an American ideal that has nothing to do with Canada. That`s just not true.

The idea that our rulers need to have the consent of the people to levy taxes is an ancient one.

In 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta in which he agreed that “ No scutage nor aid shall be imposed on our kingdom, unless by common counsel of our kingdom.“

He agreed not to levy taxes without consulting the barons and nobles who paid the taxes.

In 1689 the English Bill of Rights, a document cited in our own Parliament and considered a foundational document of Canada, said that there could be no taxation by royal prerogative.

That meant Parliament had to decide, that the people`s representatives, would have a say in any matter of taxation.

Gordon Campbell, the former Liberal premier of BC, campaigned on not increasing taxes and specifically on not bringing about the HST.

Right after the election, he changed his mind. He attempted to raise taxes by royal prerogative he didn`t even seek a vote in the legislature.

The experts do not like this of course, the fact that people rejected the HST.

The Globe and Mail sniffed that “ HST’s defeat in BC shows danger of ruling by plebiscite.“

Neils Veldhuis, an economist and VP at the Fraser Institute took to twitter to denounce the vote “ Defeat of #HST a crushing blow to BC’s competitiveness“

Veldhuis may be right and economically the HST may have been a superior way to raise tax revenue. In fact, raising consumption taxes and lowering income taxes is generally considered good economic policy.

But that`s not the point.

The point is that the people were told one thing by their supposed betters, that there would be no HST, no tax increase, and then those same people decided they knew better and changed the rules.

You can`t do that.

We need to take that spirit of BC and spread it across the country.

We need to make sure that when a politician says no to taxes and then changes their mind we show them the door.

Jean Chretien campaigned on scrapping the GST, he broke that and many other promises and we rewarded him with two more majority governments.

Dalton McGuinty promised no tax increases for Ontario and then brought in a health tax and illegal eco taxes, some of which are still being charged.

Stephen Harper promises to keep spending under control and yet spending under watch has increased dramatically.

We need to hold politicians to their word and when they fail to live up to their promises we should show them the door otherwise they will not fear you, only hold you in contempt.

The voters of BC showed that the people can fight back and they can win. Let`s move that spirit across the country.

And that`s the Byline.

Tea Party though .. I dunno, and I hate that label and all the flak that goes with it. Strange results with this referendum is that 52% voted against it, does that mean 48% wanted to get taxed more?

I did some research on this HST in BC in the past, so I'll share:

What’s Taxable under the HST and What’s Not?

A lot of repair, upgrade and retrofit services along with certain used sales were exempt from PST previously. I'd pay attention to any difference from the old PST + GST system in BC and stay vigilant if I was a BCer.

HST Credit Lies
(eg Family of Four (bottom graphic) "Saves" $160 with an added cap but For that formula to work they would only be able to spend ~$13K on taxable items - which leads me to presume they rig the results by assuming a lot of food consumption at home and no drawing on credit.
Chart Image:

BC GOV HST News Official Homepage

Curiously this lawyer is presiding as legal counsel over C-36 as well.

She states the following on the forced theft of the Excise Tax Act:

* HST implementation in Ontario and British Columbia occurred on July 1, 2010.
* The potential liability for unremitted HST or penalties for HST errors is now 13% (Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland) or 12% (British Columbia) or 15% (Nova Scotia) plus penalties and interest.
* Directors are liable for payment. Even if the company is bankrupt.
* The CRA is digging into old collection files and seeing what can be collected now.


For some reason the HST will take a year to overturn the current tax implementation scheme.
There are no others, there is only us.

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