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Britain enacts blanket ban on protests
08-30-2011, 12:19 AM,
RE: Britain enacts blanket ban on protests
The EDL still plan to have a rally without a march in London.. fuck only knows what's gonna happen there tbh but i reckon violence will be in the offing as it's their standard fare.
they reckon that as it's a "static" affair then they are noit breaking the ban on marches/protests.... i don't reckon they will have much luck there tbh

They EDL also plan to come up and "support" their Scottish counterparts ... the SDL the week after .
last time they did that they had to do a lot of running and hiding.
they got the shit kicked out of them for a change and the police hard to herd them away to safe spots and then bus them the fuck out of Edinburgh for their own safety.

it wasn't the anti fascists who did the majority of the application of boot leather to EDL/SDL anus either.... it was just Scottish people who hold them and their views in complete disdain.
We , as a general rule, don't have the level of racial tensions that those south of the border do and we don't hold much truck with those that would create those tensions.
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