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Let’s not Be Blackmailed by the War Cartel
08-25-2011, 06:29 PM,
Rainbow  Let’s not Be Blackmailed by the War Cartel
Let’s not Be Blackmailed by the War Cartel

by Tobias Salander, Switzerland

In the 19th year of the war, the states of the US-UK-Germany war alliance are facing bankruptcy. Yet, instead of transforming the military-industrial complex into a peace economy and making the economic power serve the people, the wars are carried on, even extended – and states like Switzerland are attacked, in order to raise money for the empty war chest. Instead of following the guidelines of international law, the belligerent states always follow the same pattern: Back in the 5th century BC, the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu advised his emperor accordingly in his “Art of War”. For the Roman Emperors it was a basic rule, the Renaissance philosopher Machiavelli recommended it in his “Il principe”, in the 20th century the old strategy ran under the alias of “Gladio” or “Strategy of Tension”, in the 21st century under the title “War on Terror” or, since Obama has taken office, as actions of “smart” or “soft” power. Times and fashions may be changing, the idea remains the same – it is called “divide et impera”, divide and conquer:
Divide and conquer

In case you want to subjugate others, in sheer greed for power and money, do work with deceptions, lies, distortions of facts and in cold blood. Build pressure from outside. But study meticulously the object of your greed as well; define the ethnic groups living there: What do they have in common, what distinguishes them? Then try to instigate one group against the other, possibly with some agents provocateurs. Some infamous action here, a murder there, home-made or by paid agents if necessary, some media amplification, and the thing gets going.

Disseminate atrocity propaganda, let one group call for help and present yourself as the rescuer in the self-provoked emergency. Let the media cover the intervention, conceal it neatly as a humanitarian act and obtain the recognition of the manipulated international public. Chaos may arise in consequence of the intervention and the local population may be under shock, which is actually desirable because it allows the implementation of far-reaching changes much faster – and without significant resistance. Finally, offer your helping hand to reconstruct the infrastructure you have destroyed, if possible with your own companies. With the help of dexterous media coverage, the movie industry and spin doctors skilled in psychological warfare, the country, bombed back to the Stone Age, is being rebuilt. Finally, the whole story is turned into a computer game to demonstrate children as early as possible how we can “help” all over the world while filling our pockets and maintaining a clean conscience.

NATO and the strategy of tension

After World War II, the US dominated Western alliance NATO acted according to the method sketched above. Giulio Andreotti admitted it at court in his day: Yes, we have tried to frighten our own population. Yes, we have killed and blamed our enemies for it. Yes, we called it the “strategy of tension”, we wanted to make our population call for a strong state, we wanted to bomb them into submission, yes, we have implemented “false flag” operations – but we were in good company: All NATO states had their own secret armies, all were led by NATO, partly by the American CIA, partly by the British MI6. Yes, also the Socialist Government of France had its US-led secret army and, yes, also Germany, etc. etc. In Franco’s Spain, the secret army was the Government itself.

Gulf War lies

And what about the Gulf War of 1991/1992? It all started with a lie, with tricks and fraud. After Saddam Hussein had received the West’s support for his eight-year war against Iran and had been all but invited by US diplomacy to intervene against Kuwait’s horizontal drillings into his own oil fields, the battue against the model state Iraq was triggered with the fabricated nurse story: a nurse was infiltrated by the PR firm Hill&Knowlton under a false identity to convince the public that murderers of premature babies can only be stopped by war.

Bombs and color revolutions

Or take the smashing of the model state Yugoslavia: The highly respected Third Way between capitalism and socialist planned economy had to be bombed away to establish a beachhead on the geo-strategically important oil and gas route into the Caucasus. Again lies over lies: The “Bread Queue Massacre” in Sarajevo, the alleged “Operation Horseshow” in Kosovo, the re-labeling of the Serbs, who had rescued numerous Jews in World War II, as the new Nazis, again managed by a PR agency, this time it was Ruder&Finn, whose Jewish boss James Harff has even publicly boasted of this coup.
And then there was the 3rd class stage play in Rambouillet. With the secret supplementary protocol, Annex B, Serbia was confronted with conditions which no sovereign state could have accepted. Serbia had to decline and NATO finally had a pretext for an attack – which nevertheless violated international law, of course.

And in case a war of aggression like the one against Serbia was not successful, they resorted to organizing groups within the country, which were paid, dressed in appropriate colors and sent off against the seats of government. Marketed as a democracy movement, under the cameras of the global media, these remote-controlled color revolutions brought down the governments in Belgrade, then in Kiev and in Georgia, but they had a hard time with Belarus and Russia itself – which earned the latter countries a reputation of being backward-oriented – simply because they would not subject themselves to the imperative of the Chicago Boys with their privatization ideology.

“Patriot Act” – today’s Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act)

After the false flag operation of 9/11, the democratic states of the West were gradually transformed through elimination of all opposition, surveillance and monitoring in “Patriot Act” style into crypto-totalitarian entities to enable them to subjugate other countries without interference of any opposition. Afghanistan and Iraq were openly flattened with bombs and then handed over to multinational groups for looting. Warfare against Iran, Syria and Lebanon was more clandestine. At the same time, many Latin American states succeeded in liberating themselves from the grip of the IMF and the World Bank and making a joint stand against the dominating power. The fact that this power reactivated its 4th fleet demonstrates only too well that the states’ independence and sovereignty are not accepted in Washington’s power circles.

The war alliance will have a hard time with Switzerland

And now, in the 19th year of the war, the Anglo-American war alliance is facing bankruptcy. What is more natural in this situation than extorting the money from healthy economies which have not yet given in to the dominating imperative?

The current attacks against the neutral and direct democratic Switzerland, the custodian of the Geneva Conventions and home to the International Red Cross, a successful model for a social market economy, follow the pattern described earlier – although currently without bloodshed and yet in the early phases of implementation.

With lies, distortions and undisguised threats, Switzerland is to be made ripe for attack. We can expect attempts to instigate one part of the population against another, to create and to finance radical groups and then to start howling in the media. There have been several attempts, hitherto without success. But the Swiss population is too well educated and too strongly rooted in the traditions of direct democracy, of upright and honest carriage, to be taken in by clandestine actions, manipulation and threats. It will expose them as what they are: criminal machinations of criminal elites attempting to collect money for a continuing subjugation of the world and creation of a “New World Order”.

Propagated by George Bush in 1990, a “New World Order” will meet the tough resistance of the Swiss population, just as the Nazis’ attempt to erect a “New World Order” in the 1930s met determined resistance of the neutral and protective Switzerland. Then, the motto of the watchful democracy ran “Against red and brown fists”. In 2009, the order of the day is “All for one, one for all, against US smart power, London City chutzpah and Merkelgermany’s arrogance”.

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